Things I Love Thursday

No more stitches! which is obviously super good and the thing I am the most excitable about because the stitches were horrible and pulling. BUT the actually really good news aside from my healing going well, is that all three of the moles removed from me were not cancerous or even vaguely malignant so I don’t need another mole check for a year!

Anna who remains amazing and lovely, taking care of me when I need it and making me laugh and generally being the best other half I’ve ever… in fact I’ve never really liked the term ‘other half’ but in this case, I love that I have someone who knows me so well and who is so willing to work at communication and co-habiting.

Watching movies like Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice and Julie & Julia. Apparently I have a taste for movies with an ampersand in the title. In addition to watching 500 list movies, I have been loving comfort watching as well.

Comics: I’m really enjoying the comics I’m pulling at the moment, particularly the Robin Wars storyline and the Grayson title, they’re so funny, the art’s gorgeous and Dick Grayson gets to be himself.

Colouring in:

Comicssnek jennitalula

Honourable Mentions: postcards, new series of Face Off, friends moving to Auckland, discover weekly on spotify, long weekends back to back, catch ups with dear friends, comfy pants and chocolate.

Love Yourself ~ Justin Bieber for the song and for the awesome dance in the video

Lazarus ~ The late, great David Bowie, telling us goodbye


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