Things I Love Thursday


Mission Bay is probably one of my favourite Auckland things. It has ice cream, beach, mountains, boats, people walking dogs, tasty food and a real holiday feel to it. I also have some pretty important/great memories there so 🙂


On the weekend Anna and I went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Pop Up Globe Theatre on Saturday. I didn’t exactly know what to expect beyond ‘audience participation’ and seeing the scale of Shakespeare’s Globe. It’s a funny wee building, built out of scaffolding and full of hidey holes. I loved it! The play was spectacular, moving and funny and shocking as it should be. Favourite moments include Romeo hiding amongst the audience, the balcony scene, any time the Prince showed up and the moment when Romeo slit Paris’s throat and a police siren happened to sound right outside.


Mango is best cat.


Because we’re addicts, we went to Baristacats cat cafe again. This is their newest charge, a tiny three legged girl ginge called GG (after Jen Genie, because of Bowie passing). She’s super affectionate and likes to chirp. She also said ‘meow’ to me, like… exactly how meow sounds. I called her out on it ‘did you just say meow?’ and she blinked all innocent like.


Many cats.


Miss Molly Snugglington is either asleep like this, or super energetic and playful. It’s mostly the sleeping though.


Orson is maybe a bit big for this hammock, but whatever, she looks so comfy.

Roleplaying I got to play in the Tuesday game, and I used a character I’ve played in a couple of previous sessions and it was so much fun. Snoops for lyfe! Tonight I have Apocalypse World and I get to play my totally-not-Bucky-Barnes-what-are-you-talking-about? Quarantine character. I am excited to see if there’s retribution for the violent helping out I gave the Battlebabe last time…

Honourable Mentions:
Anna, Anna looking after me when I’m sick, codral cold and flu tablets, sleeping, the exceptionally good books I’ve been reading this year, story ideas, motivation to edit and improve games and short stories, powering through 500 list movies, rewatching Face Off and Ribena.

Mitchiri march!


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