The Lady Eve (1941)

The Lady Eve
Directed by Preston Sturges
Written by Monckton Hoffe based on the story by Preston Sturges
(number 365)

Here’s another movie I went into knowing very little about. It’s an old romantic comedy as it turns out, and very charming indeed.

The basic set up is con-woman falls in love with the mark and then is dumped when he finds out she’s trying to con her. Then she pretends to be someone else to mess with him and ultimately they end up together. It’s a funny movie, sweet ultimately but I enjoyed some of the standard roles being reversed. The naive, trusting and more vulnerable one was the man and the knowledgeable, sarcastic player was the woman. It sort of reminds me of Meg and Hercules in Hercules, I wonder if this was one of the inspirations for that relationship?

It’s all black and white, mostly filmed in interiors, some of them very lush. I can’t think of anything much to say about how it was filmed, so I’ll just go with it was good but didn’t blow my mind.

It’s one of the older films which still feels quite like a stage play in terms of how scenes are set up and how the actors relate to each other, but that’s neither here nor there for how much I enjoyed it. The costumes were great, just because it was such an elegant era.

Does it make me love the people? I love Jean, it’s hard to feel too much for Hopsie, because he’s so very bland. Like a Ken doll walking and talking. I did enjoy the sequence where he lost a snake and Jean freaked out.

Bechdel test: I don’t think so, actually. Jean is named, and there are some very minor other women who may be named… but I suspect she only talks to them about Hopsie, if she does talk directly to them. I might be wrong, but I checked on the Bechdel Test website and they don’t think it passes either.

Best line:

Jean: are you always going to be interested in snakes?
Charles: snakes are my life

State of Mind: Enjoyable, mostly sort of hard to write about… It’s a sweet romance, very standard sort of rom-com where there’s miscommunication and falling in love when you didn’t mean to – like 10 Things I Hate About You and…. basically every Shakespeare comedy play come to think of it. I’ll definitely watch it again, it was pretty funny, enjoyable watching Jean be so snarky and full of attitude.

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