Things I Love Thursday

Life is a bit hard right now, for various reasons. Hopefully with Spring properly blooming things will look up some more… anyway, maybe you need a bit of cheering up too.

This is a really important song about mindfulness and not letting anxiety take over your mind.

(I still haven’t watched enough Steven Universe but whatever.)

Picture is by the fantastic Latest Kate, who does a great line in cute animals with encouraging things to say. I bought me and Anna mugs of hers which arrived this week just at the perfect time.

Anyway, if you want more encouragement, my Love Yourself tag on tumblr is a pretty good place.

Spring is making blossoms happen and sprouts appear and the sunshine is lasting longer. It is very cold today but I’m hoping once the storm has passed we’ll be back to the lovely sunshine we had last week.

Honourable Mentions: Anna, Professional cleaner coming round to our house tomorrow, jogger chinos from Hallensteins (comfiest pants ever), my Instax camera, Japan Mart and the excellent foods from there, Pokemon Go, decluttering, Dance Moms, getting crafts done and awesome friends new and old.


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