The Last Seduction (1994)

The Last Seduction
Directed by John Dahl
Written by Steve Barancik
(number 331)

Another movie about slick criminals being all sexy and stylish and cool. (Do they all have the same soundtrack BTW?)

Perhaps unsurprisingly for the name, there is a lot of sex in this movie. There are lots of naked bodies, breasts, butts (male and female) and bodies moving together in the sexy sexy sex scene way. it’s very much in the vein of Fatal Attraction, shoulder pads and power suits and all.

Linda Florentino is fantastic as Bridget but I do wonder how a story like this would go if a woman wrote it, how they’d change how Bridget acts or talks. I mean, using sex as a weapon is absolutely legit, but I wonder if that’s all a character would do if written by a woman. I don’t think I would write a woman who only used sex to make men do what she wanted. This kind of character becomes something of a wet dream – this ball buster woman who sleeps with men at the drop of a hat, and then betrays them while looking cool and hot and it’s not their fault because every other guy around also wants her so bad. It’s like the opposite of the manic pixie dream girl except she’s the one who falls for the boy and possibly it changes her life? The cool hard dream vamp? The femme fatale that can be won over by a sweet country boy.

I do love the ingeniousness of the grifts she comes up with though. And when she tells Mike that the way to show commitment to their relationship is to knock someone off.

Oh hey, a mention of a trans person. The trans person is used as a worst case scenario for the good old boy who accidentally married her and then hated himself, refused to let her touch him. So that’s fun. At least Trish has some lines and isn’t killed, just showed as this horrible thing that happened to him. :/

Does it make me love the people? I mean, sure. Bridget’s great. She’s much more compelling to watch than George Clooney’s thief in Out of Sight. I liked it when she took cookies to the guy surveilling her. But ultimately my liking her felt like another of her scams. She’s pretty clearly a cold hearted sociopath who will calmly kill people in her way. I fell for her cool attractiveness as a character just as the men in the film do. Having seen the whole movie I don’t feel like this is the kind of movie which makes you love people.

Bechdel test: Hard. Bridget speaks to Mrs Renford about having cheating husbands killed, but we only get Bridget’s side of the conversation and never see Mrs Renford. I think probably this is a fail. Bridget pretty much only appears in scenes with men. OH, in Buffalo she exchanges words with Trish. That counts.

Best line:

Mike: I’m trying to figure out whether you’re a total fucking bitch or not.
Bridget: I am a total fucking bitch.

Bridget: I’ll show you my ass.
Harlan: What makes you think I wanna see your bony ass?

State of Mind: Slick and cool, just as it wanted to be. A little more interesting than the other slick cool crime films I’ve watched on this list. Hard to say if it’s one I’d particularly recommend or watch again. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s pretty rough, it felt a lot like Fatal Attraction if it was passed off as a cool crime movie.

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