Radio Days (1987)

Radio Days
Written and directed by Woody Allen
(number 313)

I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched a Woody Allen before. I’m very into this one, it’s hilarious, full of great music and very funny jokes. I know Allen is pretty problematic, but I think that’s hidden in a period piece. Instead you can just soak in the lush period costumes, settings and music and ignore the other stuff.

I watched this with Ellen, which was a nice nostalgia fest in itself from when we used to flat together and watch movies off this list. It’s a funny little film, more of a collection of stories rather than one over arcing plot. It stars baby Seth Green and a huge bundle of actors which had us constantly checking the imdb page to work out where we knew them from. The voice of Marge Simpson plays the mother! I mean. So many familiar faces.

The way the stories are set up I found myself thinking of memories associated to each song. Such as thinking of how lovely Amy Adams and Lee Pace sing ‘If I didn’t love you’ in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, or Mairzy Doats reminds me of Twin Peaks and of course John Barrowman performing Night and Day in De-Lovely. The overwhelming sense of nostalgia encompassed me, I really hadn’t expected that.

Does it make me love the people? Yes! It starts with little baby Seth Green and then every one in the family is adorable and then Sally the cigarette girl and yeah. It’s a movie all about how loveable perfectly ordinary people are, with all their silliness and flaws and squabbles. One of my favourite moments was the sister dancing and lip synching to a Carmen Miranda song and the uncle and father wandering in, grins on their faces. You can kind of imagine they’re about to make fun of her, instead they join in on the ‘ai yi yi’ back up singers and join in with her. It was so sweet, a family moment that felt so true.

Bechdel test: Yes, Bea talks to Ruthie who talks to Tess. Lots of lovely named women characters and they talk to each other all the time, sometimes about men and sometimes about each other and sometimes about the war or the radio.

Best line:

Sally: who is Pearl Harbour?

Tess: Boy, what a world… it could be so wonderful, if it wasn’t for certain people.

State of Mind: The end felt a little anticlimactic but overall I very much enjoyed it, sharp, witty script, brilliantly acted by tonnes of named actors. As I said the sets, costumes and music are all gorgeous, sumptuous and not a stitch out of place. Ellen was put out that they named the baby Ellen and then we never got to see the baby… But I was pleased overall. I liked this film and will happily watch it again. In fact I feel like I need to because the dialogue comes so quick, the stories move so quickly I’m sure I’ve missed stuff.

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