Publishing! and a big change…

Hey team!

Two big bits of news.

I’ve self-published my young adult novel, The Suburban Book of the Dead.


The Suburban Book of the Dead



Please go and purchase it!

It’s a story which I started because of this blog, many many years ago, when I was taking time off work to write. I did an exercise of ten minute story writing based on prompts from readers.

This ten minute story opened up interesting characters, and a setting I liked and some incredible potential. It was the first time I wrote a novel which just flowed out of me, the characters making their own decisions and surprising me.

It’s been a long, difficult road to get here, with lots of rejections and disappointments, but finally I decided to self-publish. This last month I haven’t been working. I was made redundant from my job, so I finally had time to chase up a cover artist, get my ducks in a row and self-publish the book.

It’s terrifying, quite frankly, but now it’s out there and people I know are buying it, and I’m very excited to see if I can make a little money off it. Even if I don’t, I’m happy, because it certainly wasn’t making any money sitting as a draft on my laptop with no one but me looking at it. Now it’s out in the world, and I’m hoping I’ll get some feedback on it.

So, what’s the other big bit of news? I’m moving to a new blog!

My movie reviews, writer guest posts and random updates from now on will be on Jamie Sands. Please head there, hit subscribe, and follow along my progress 🙂

Also if you’re interested in work processes, agile and scrum, I’m blogging about those topics over at Growing Agile sporadically.

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