Christmas is coming – did you bring your coat?

I am running my advent calendar again this year, check in on the tumblr for a new picture or gif every day.

I have started prep by making re-usable, Earth friendly fabric gift bags. I intend to make some paper ones as well, to make the wrapping paper I have a bit more recyclable.

I put up the teeny bright pink Christmas tree I have, and my flatmate has been opening windows on his Star Wars lego advent calendar. Chelle wrapped presents yesterday and put them by the tree. I love Christmas, and I can’t wait for it to be here.

Christmas Day advent calendar

I have given and received the presents.

I have eaten no less than seven different kinds of meat. I also ate a slice of cherry pie and a bunch of fresh cherries.

I had time for a nap in the early afternoon which was so deep and excellent that I woke up unsure where Lee was, where I was, what day it was and why I was in bed.

I have laughed and played and liberated a doll from its packaging.

It’s been a good Christmas. I have lots of new books to read and we have new TV to watch. I love my big, messy family and the way everyone is included.
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Christmas Eve advent calendar

Happy Christmas Eve everybody!

Had an awesome day, I started off cleaning all the things and doing the dishes. I also dropped into work to collect a package with some partial Christmas presents and finished those off just as the first guest turned up.

I’ve eaten too many cookies, candies and drunk too much fizzy stuff. I have sampled maple bacon fudge and received a number of lovely presents as well as given some presents which were much appreciated. Great day!

Now we’re trying out the game You Know Who sent me, which is the board game of Broken Picture Telephone, and it is awesome.
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Almost Christmas Things I Love Thursday

Christmas is a loving honest and charitable time. And though it’s never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket I believe Christmas has done me good and will do me good and I say God bless it!
~ Scrooge’s nephew Fred. (Muppet Christmas Carol.)

Christmas Christmas Christmas! Carols, cookies, trees, sparkles, people giving presents, TV specials, my niece and nephew staring at the decorations of the tree, people who give me fudge, love and togetherness.

Being off work! If I want to take some time to bask in the sun, I can. If I want to stay in my PJs until 1pm, no worries. Mmmmm. No more work til January 5th. Bliss.

New baby! The lovely Cal and Morgue have had their baby and she is adorable.

My brain is on holiday completely. I spent the day baking (got it all done, yes!) and I can’t think of anything else to add…except for this video:

And I guess you guys would like an advent calendar image, so here you go…
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Sister back in the country Wednesday advent calendar

I left the house early today to go to the airport and along with my parents, collect my sister and her family. I may have cried a little happiness tear or two when we saw her.

They hadn’t slept much, and the kids hadn’t slept on the plane much, but we went grocery shopping and to the mall, picked them up a cell phone and had lunch at KFC. I drove back around 2 (leaving them all to have a nap), stopping on the way for craft supplies and a new pair of polka dot ballet flats (so cute!) Also swung by Moore Wilson’s to collect a gift on sister’s behalf. Then I had a nap and I haven’t moved off the couch since…

But whatevs, you’re here for your pretty picture!
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So much rain today

So up until about 2pm there was heaps of rain in Wellington and then it stopped.

Can you tell that what with updating every day I’m running out of things to say? No? Good.

So I wore my “I kissed a vampire and I liked it” T shirt today. Yesterday I got some new DVDs out at the video store and we watched Adventureland. I still like it.

21 December, advent calendar:
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Monday’s advent calendar image.

I had an extreme case of Monday-itis this morning. Like you wouldn’t believe. I think all the rain added to it too. But this afternoon was better, consisting more of Cheerful Jenni. I have steak night to look forward to and only one more day of work for the YEAR!

So, here’s your Christmassy picture for Monday, December 20th 2010. Enjoy…

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crafturday advent calendar

Svend and Celeste and I went to Craft 2.0 and the Frank Kitts Market before it was too much craft, walking and heat and we had to stop moving. I got myself a cookie necklace, bunny earrings, a new Mary Poppins-ish bag (which I really really like) and a purple badge that says “Mend and Make Do” from the same original poster series as “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I also helped Celeste choose things for Christmas presents, so I feel virtuous and helpful.

Dixon St Deli forgot Lee and my breakfasts this morning, which was an inauspicious start to the day. However everything that has happened since has been pretty darn good, so that’s all right.

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PTA game ep 3

We had a new guest star, since Fraser had worked out so well: Sophie. She played Racquel – a bad ass ex-gang member who had narked out her former boss to the FBI when she discovered that the dope had something in it…something that made people…less than human.

The episode opened with John Dorian walking into the hotel room where Will and Helen were hanging out. They stare. He is dressed in a turkey outfit. He becomes affronted when they say he’s strange and becomes determined to keep on wearing it.

Next scene: Helen is driving, Will is sulking and John is in the back of the car in a turkey costume. The agents Smith and Cantrell and John meet up with Racquel in Shreveport, outside the museum. Smith has been driving and she does a screeching U turn to bring the car into a park. Racquel’s eyes widen. Will complains to Helen about her dangerous driving and she tells him off, saying if he will insist on sulking then he can’t complain about how she chooses to drive. They then turn to Racquel and introduce themselves and John.

Inside the museum Will and Racq pull out flashlights, Helen doesn’t need one. John is distracted by a door with a sign on it that says “Staff only, do not enter.” He goes in and finds a storage cupboard full of boxes. He is about to open one to see what’s inside when he imagine’s Helen’s face when she discovers what he’s done and thinks better of it.

In the Mummy exhibit Will finds an empty display which should have mummified cats or something. Racquel pulls out a divining rod to find supernatural energies and it points straight at Will.

They are then set upon by various mummified animals. In the confusion, Will switches to wolf form to better fight mummified baboons which are sneaking up on Racquel. Racquel turns and sees various large animals racing towards her and acts instinctively – she fires demon spine thingies at them all. Helen, seeing Racquel fire at her partner, steps in the way and takes a spine thing to the head. She starts malfunctioning.

Will shifts back to human, concerned about Helen. Racquel freaks out about him and about Helen, claiming that they’re freaks and not human. Will points out that she, herself, did some not so human things but she flat out denies it.

Will and John take Helen to a nearby morgue so that John can try fixing her. Coincidentally this morgue is run by Howard Masters, who just happened to be instrumental in the reconstruction and programming of Helen. She doesn’t recognise him though, or react when he calls her Annabel. Racquel freaks and decides to leave when Helen’s head is flipped open revealing complex computer machinery. Will goes after her and tries to convince her to stay, he and Helen recently lost another partner and he doesn’t want to be the cause of that happening. She calls him ‘wolf boy’ a bit and refuses to listen, saying it’s all his problem and she won’t have anything to do with it. Will loses his temper and storms back into the lab, Racquel goes to her car.

Will slams into the lab and glances at Helen, who is now awake and looks confused. He abruptly asks if she’s feeling all right and she quietly says ‘not really’. Will checks himself and talks to her like a real person instead. Meanwhile, Howard Masters and John are in the next room, fixing someone’s injury (or something, I forget.) Racquel comes back in, not wanting to let Suraya down. The agents come through to look at the bodies of the people who have recently died in odd circumstances.

In the side room John manages to activate some ancient Egyptian artifact, scarabs come pouring out of a dead body and a swirling vortex of evil opens up, releasing countless mummified and angry animals and a powerful looking Pharoah type dude. The agents leap into combat mode, Will shifting forms to wolf again, which turns out to be a bad idea since weird dead animals which are half pottery aren’t really bitable. Racquel is completely bad ass, climbing walls and scurrying around on the ceiling with her demon powers. Helen shoots to kill, although the things are already dead…John takes refuge on top of a locker, but the things are climbing for him. Howard hides in a body drawer, and when it is forced open by the fight he takes notes, trying to ignore all the craziness.

John had given the artifact to Will but Will ends up throwing it back to him, overwhelmed by baboons. “You started this, you finish it!”

John takes the amulet or whatever it was and leaps at the Pharoah. In response the pharoah’s mouth opens wide and he swallows John. This appears to all be part of the plan though, and the pharoah splits open and the vortex closes. John stands triumphant in the middle of the wreckage.

The final scene is a montage of happy family togetherness. Will has brought John, Helen and Racquel home for his family’s Thanksgiving celebration. It’s a very large, homey, loud affair with kids shapeshifting into puppies and scampering around the table. Will’s brother is there and Will notices his father watching him with something like suspicion, or maybe it’s just concern.

Will's brother

Racquel and Helen have a bonding moment on the porch outside, away from most of the noise. They share a bottle of whiskey and talk. Two wolf cubs are doing loops around the house, one chasing the other, until they are caught up by another uncle and put into the dog house for time out. John is having fun with the other cubs, learning the True Meaning of Thanksgiving. Will is the subject of much aunty speculation as to which of the women he brought home is The One.

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