Christmas is coming – did you bring your coat?

I am running my advent calendar again this year, check in on the tumblr for a new picture or gif every day.

I have started prep by making re-usable, Earth friendly fabric gift bags. I intend to make some paper ones as well, to make the wrapping paper I have a bit more recyclable.

I put up the teeny bright pink Christmas tree I have, and my flatmate has been opening windows on his Star Wars lego advent calendar. Chelle wrapped presents yesterday and put them by the tree. I love Christmas, and I can’t wait for it to be here.

Advent calendar 2011

Hey guys!

This year I have a Tumblr for my annual image Christmas advent calendar. Follow it or bookmark it for all the lovely Jenni advent love, it’s here.

That’s here.

Yes. You love it.

Christmas Day advent calendar

I have given and received the presents.

I have eaten no less than seven different kinds of meat. I also ate a slice of cherry pie and a bunch of fresh cherries.

I had time for a nap in the early afternoon which was so deep and excellent that I woke up unsure where Lee was, where I was, what day it was and why I was in bed.

I have laughed and played and liberated a doll from its packaging.

It’s been a good Christmas. I have lots of new books to read and we have new TV to watch. I love my big, messy family and the way everyone is included.
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Christmas Eve advent calendar

Happy Christmas Eve everybody!

Had an awesome day, I started off cleaning all the things and doing the dishes. I also dropped into work to collect a package with some partial Christmas presents and finished those off just as the first guest turned up.

I’ve eaten too many cookies, candies and drunk too much fizzy stuff. I have sampled maple bacon fudge and received a number of lovely presents as well as given some presents which were much appreciated. Great day!

Now we’re trying out the game You Know Who sent me, which is the board game of Broken Picture Telephone, and it is awesome.
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Almost Christmas Things I Love Thursday

Christmas is a loving honest and charitable time. And though it’s never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket I believe Christmas has done me good and will do me good and I say God bless it!
~ Scrooge’s nephew Fred. (Muppet Christmas Carol.)

Christmas Christmas Christmas! Carols, cookies, trees, sparkles, people giving presents, TV specials, my niece and nephew staring at the decorations of the tree, people who give me fudge, love and togetherness.

Being off work! If I want to take some time to bask in the sun, I can. If I want to stay in my PJs until 1pm, no worries. Mmmmm. No more work til January 5th. Bliss.

New baby! The lovely Cal and Morgue have had their baby and she is adorable.

My brain is on holiday completely. I spent the day baking (got it all done, yes!) and I can’t think of anything else to add…except for this video:

And I guess you guys would like an advent calendar image, so here you go…
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Sister back in the country Wednesday advent calendar

I left the house early today to go to the airport and along with my parents, collect my sister and her family. I may have cried a little happiness tear or two when we saw her.

They hadn’t slept much, and the kids hadn’t slept on the plane much, but we went grocery shopping and to the mall, picked them up a cell phone and had lunch at KFC. I drove back around 2 (leaving them all to have a nap), stopping on the way for craft supplies and a new pair of polka dot ballet flats (so cute!) Also swung by Moore Wilson’s to collect a gift on sister’s behalf. Then I had a nap and I haven’t moved off the couch since…

But whatevs, you’re here for your pretty picture!
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So much rain today

So up until about 2pm there was heaps of rain in Wellington and then it stopped.

Can you tell that what with updating every day I’m running out of things to say? No? Good.

So I wore my “I kissed a vampire and I liked it” T shirt today. Yesterday I got some new DVDs out at the video store and we watched Adventureland. I still like it.

21 December, advent calendar:
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