Things I Love Thursday

Weird in Wellington continues to be amazing. Is it wrong that I want to stick something totally random out on out balcony to attract his attention and maybe make it onto the blog? Maybe? Also he has made me notice the little things around me more. I was always prone to notice street art of the stencil or mural kind, but suddenly I’m seeing all these stickers everywhere…

I’ve been going running again and I have to say, I don’t actually love it yet. BUT I love that I am doing it and that it will get easier the more I get back into it and that soon, soon, soon it will be fun again. I’ve gone every second day since Wednesday last week. Except I was lazy and stayed in bed on Tuesday but then we played high impact team supercharge laser force for half an hour for team building and that definitely counts! I was dripping after that I can tell you. The post-run stiffness is easing off and although I’ve had some trouble with lactic acid in my ankles that’s slowly improving too.

I don’t know why, but I really love entertaining. You know, having people in my house. I am currently planning a Thanksgiving dinner for Saturday week and I’m having excellent fun looking up new recipes on foodgawker and making my mouth water as I imagine delicious turkey and other foods. Mmmmm turkey.

Honourable Mentions: My friends and my family, articles that encourage me to keep on Dreaming the dream, Museum lets you play every video game ever, karoke (Yeah, I shredded my throat singing Dream On again but I got applause so I care not!), got tickets to see Harry Potter 7 tomorrow night woo!, reading good books, making the effort to submit my writing, the PTA game my Tuesday night gamers are playing, Lego minifigures, fooseball, Chrome’s gmail checker, new books, milky bars, eskimo pies, weather hot enough that I can wear my sundress and that my new regency dress is ready for hemming!

swing class

Tonight we re-learned the jig and did some stuff while jigging…follow turns mostly. Then we learned the Mooch which is a bit like Russian dancing except much more sedate. There was some good pointers on leading and following too, and I feel more confident about how to follow better.

Then we learned crazy legs. And everyone in the class got the giggles and I discovered that when I do crazy legs in a swing out my free hand shoots up into the air of its own accord and waves about or points and I can’t stop it!


Oh and there’s no Wednesday Writing Wupdate today because I’m revising/redrafting at the moment and there’s nothing to report really. Except that I’m quite close to submitting a short story to an American magazine…fingers crossed for me.

CO: Supernatural

swing class

I didn’t want to go because I went all emo and PMS-y after work, but we did go and we learned another way of getting into the tandem charleston called ‘the seatbelt’ and we learned a ‘side walk charleston’ and another jump! We did Russian jump from in tandem charleston, which you can probably imagine, involves the follow jumping up and sticking her legs out in a side split, or as close to as you can. The lead kicks on leg to the front, in between hers. Looks awesome and is really good fun.

Swing = fun and love


  • Thinking about what my accomplishments might be. I was asked this yesterday and found it very hard to answer. I ended up saying that my accomplishments were: finishing writing a novel, maintaining a large and varied circle of friends (so managing relationships), organising a wedding. I�m sure I have more �accomplishments� but it�s just not a word I really use a lot to describe things I do. Maybe I should have said I was good at painting, playing piano and reciting poetry? Those are the Austen lady accomplishments aren�t they?
  • Rediscovering Nick Cave. I used to listen to him all the time but then I phased him off my MP3 player. Earlier this week I saw a post on an lj community and the poster had said she was listening to the Mercy Seat, so on Wednesday afternoon I had a Nick Cave fest and listened to all my favourites. Favourite lyrics �Anyway I�m not afraid to die�
  • low impact parenting photos.
  • Swing (I know it comes up pretty much every week, that�s because Thursday comes right after Wednesday and I learn dance on Wednesday nights. It�s too fun, I really want a bunch more of my friends to learn it so that we can have dance offs! This week we learned how to get into tandem charlestons, which is when the lead is behind the follow and you both do the same steps. We also learned two turns while in that move and how to get out of it again. Lee hasn�t quite got it yet, but with practice I�m confident it will be all good.
    Also, things that would have never happened previously: �someone has compared you to a friend on facebook and thinks you are a better dancer�. Oh yeah.

  • Good books. I’m reading Peeps by Scott Westerfield, which is a much much much better teen vampire book than Twilight, plus I’m learning about parasites by reading it. Which is kind of gross, but I’m kinda loving it. I know, I’m such a geek.
  • Photos, ordering photos online at snapfish and editing the ones from the Windy Lindy to be sepia and oval framed and….aw, they’re going to look so neat!

Honourable mentions: Watching all the video we recorded on 48 hour weekend, looking for bloopers, reading the blogs of: my friends, Gala Darling, Meg Cabot, Neil Gaiman in absentee, other total strangers. Listening to music featured on Rock Band, remembering the old days (comedy night at Indigo), day dreaming…

I’m dreamin in the morning
I’m dreamin’ all through the day
and when I dream I know that it’s ok
Im dreamin’ in the evening
I’m dreamin’ all through the night
and when I dream I know that it’s alright

~ Weezer

Swing ball, Hellboy 2

The ball was, as predicted, fine. I was still more shy than I normally am, and I wasn’t brave enough to ask any men to dance, but the dancing I had with Lee was fun and my dress looked good and my seams were straight and my shoes adorable. Lee danced more than I did due to the slight lack of leads, and he seemed to have fun.

It did emphasise to both me and Lee how little swing steps we know though, and it does get boring after a few songs just doing the same thing over and over. Need to go to more classes!

On the walk to the ball we went across the wharves and saw a shooting star! It was neat. On the way home we saw drunk teenage girls. No penguins at all. It was a very beautiful night actually, still as anything, just very cold.

Have some neat photos.
This morning I wrote most of the ‘girl and guy finally kiss’ scene from the end of WtWTCH? which I got so wrapped up in I was still in my pjs when Chelle and Jase came over. After a hasty shower on my part, we all went out for Yum Char, which was yum and then to see Hellboy 2 which I liked.

The guy from Bros was awesome as the evil elf, and the girl playing his sister was great too. I kept thinking about Neil Gaiman all the way through, and actually parts of it were like Mirrormask. It was a similar sort of film to the first one, good action, scary monsters, jokes, romance. It wasn’t the Greatest Film You Will Ever See but it was entertaining.

I also really liked the soundtrack and now have ‘can’t smile without you’ stuck in my head.

PoF: Sunday
CO: sleeping


Somewhat Swing this week….

  • New shoes click on product, womens, vintage and then scroll down to ‘Phiz’ in chocolate brown. So cute! They are for me to wear to the Windy Lindy, which is this Saturday, which I am very excited about!
  • My new dress, which we collected from my Angel-in-law on Monday night. Lee wasn’t immediately enamoured of my fabric choice, but I love it to bits.
  • Learning new dance moves, we started a level 2 class at Full Swing last night and it was awesome to learn all new partner-dance stuff. We did some swing out variations with ‘compression’, which is more or less when you lean into each other, a new six count move called ‘sugar pushes’ which is another lean in dance move, feels very weird when you’re starting out and doing it slowly but it looks good when you’re going a bit faster and actually moving to music. You can kinda see them here. We also bid a basket move called a ‘crossover’ and a neat six count which I don’t know the name of but involved the lead grabbing the follows hips from behind and spinning her backwards. Good fun!
  • Dancing with different leads. It’s really nice to dance with a taxi who you know has been doing this for years, and have them realise that you’re keeping up and that they can improvise a bit, and then you keep up with the improv and then they tell you that you did perfectly. *bliss*
  • Having fun dancing to cool music. I really like this bizarre (and presumably well known) song called ‘Cement Mixer’. Its lyrics are very very silly indeed. (“Cement mixer, putty putty”)
  • Charm school tomorrow night! I am so excited about this, we got an email with a list of all the things we need to bring. Must check if I kept my velcro rollers or if they were thrown out when we moved. I suspect the latter.
  • Synchronicity. In an interview yesterday the applicant said ‘I’ve realised you can either have a career or you can be a writer.’ I find that very true indeed. If I had to work overtime, be on call, come in to fix stuff on a day off, I’d never get any writing done. I’m happy the way I have things now I think, I’d like to have more time during the day to write, but I just can’t afford it.

Honourable mentions: In Bruges being released in New Zealand 06/11/2008, this worth photoshop contest that mixes fine art and movie imagery, socks, doing the laundry, snuggles and Holy crap these are the best My Little Pony mods in the world ever. Want the Batman and Robin ones!

PoF: swirl of the world
CO: I can smell delicious dinners

Things I Love Thursday

  • Having ‘inside people’ at the library. It rawks to have someone looking out for books that you like and reserving them for you. I have in my hands, well, not literally because I am typing right now, but in my possession, the brand new Alice book, Almost Alice . I wonder what the last one will be called? Finally Alice? Alice for Damn Sure now? Forever Alice seems likely. The last Princess Diaries book is going to be called Forever Princess in the States.
  • Stashes of tasty (read: junk) food in my work drawers so that I can snack at will. Especially chippies and Beuno bars. Om nom nom.
  • Feeling motivated to write, thinking of new avenues I could try, getting stuff written and increasing the digital word count.
  • Dreaming about summer, the sun is getting higher in the sky and it�s staying up later. Summer…summer is coming… I want to spend time lounging on the grass at Waitangi Park reading and eating ice cream.
  • Imagining various futures for myself, seeing myself in different jobs, or imagining what I�d do all day if I was working from home as a writer (Dr Phil break, housework, etc).

Honourable Mentions: Matt and Debbie�s new version of the Entertainment Weekly Twilight cover….so good so good you will in fact LOL. New downloaded songs on Rock Band, improving at Swing dancing – learned two new moves this week in a �private lesson� uhm, reverse turning Charleston, where both partners turn out instead of in and something called a Johnny Stop (I think) which is super cool and fun and ends with a stomp.

PoF: black and tan
CO: throat soreness, I hope it’s not another sickness