Things I Love Thursday

C. Spike Trotman‘s talk from xoxofest about succeeding in indie comics even though everyone told her it wouldn’t work. Inspiring on lots of creative, kickstarter, indie levels:

Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. My third time reading Fangirl, and this time aloud to Anna who is loving it, and we both keep laughing. Carry On is kind of a spinoff/sideways sequel ish thing and I am looooving that too. Rainbow is such a fantastic writer ❤

Rainbow's End Night Rides when it's really quiet! Anna and I were right in figuring long weekend + Armageddon + rainy day would mean less people at the park and our waits for rides were minimal, and we got to see a fire dancing show! Also I got a candy floss which was not only substantially bigger than my head, but it glowed!

all hail the glow cloud

Armageddon was also fun and I got to catch up with some friends. Saw lots of super cool cosplays, bought some really great merch, got a bit ragey at the crowds and overall found the experience a bit draining, but fun!

My little herb and vege garden doing really well


Honourable Mentions: Seeing people using playlists I made on Spotify, watching Glee, playing Rock Band, eating homemade donburi, colouring in, Heroes for Sale comic shop, new books, writing motivation and energy, my workmates and the lovely, wonderful and sweet Anna.

Alarms in the Heart ~ Dry the River

Letters from the Sky ~ Civil Twilight

Things I Love Thursday

I had a really truly wonderful holiday in the Gold Coast with Anna. We went to so many theme parks, and it was so hot and we ate awesome food. It’s always good to be travelling with someone who’s bravery in the face of extreme roller coasters is of a similar level to your own, too 🙂

jennitalula hall of justice


Rides are one thing but stories are quite another, while I was away in the States I read The Shining and really enjoyed it and now I’m reading Dr Sleep which is the sequel and holy crow but I am loving it. Like, LOVING. I can’t wait to find out what happens, so I want to get this blog post finished…

Call me a glutton for freak outs but I do enjoy the No sleep reddit for creeptastic stories which *may* be true, as well.

Honourable Mentions: Lovely friends, funny stories from roleplaying games past, delicious dinners at Hummingbird, amazing cocktails at Hummingbird, snuggles, souvenir photos, soaks in hot spas after a long day of walking, laughing, crashing out and lovely wonderful friends.

Look at this amazing spinning chocolate cake !

I adore the angry resistance of the cat in this cat vs harness video

And for tunes, Hazard, a lovely 90s flashback for you from Richard Marx

and because Halloween is coming..

Things I Love Saturday

Some weeks, man. Am I right?

This was a week. You shall have to forgive me for this being published on a Saturday morning, but here in bed with chocolate ready to eat and heaps to do but time to do it in I feel a lot more like making this list than I did after work on Thursday.

Anna. Having my girlfriend around puts me into this instant state of calm. I don’t know how she does it, or if it’s anything that she does at all, but nervousness and my usual constant worry buzz of my brain just sort of fade away and I relax. I adore her ❤

Books: I’m reading some very excellent books at the moment but this week I put them down and started to read the Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot because I just wanted the comfort of them and I’m really loving it. Most of the way through the first one and I suspect I’ll read them all over winter. I also bought a very excellent comic called Rat Queens which is about a violent, rude and drunken group of D&D style adventurers who just happen to all be women. I’ve read the first section of the first volume and I love it.

Baths: it’s getting colder which means baths, plus I’ve been stressed out. A hot bath takes all the tension out of my legs, arms and torso (not necessarily my shoulders and neck, but it helps) and allows me to fall asleep a lot easier. I bought some cheerful citrusy bubble bar from lush and mmmmm so good.

Dance Central on kinect: come on ride the train… heheh I love playing this game. It’s silly good fun and exercise which I need and I get to feel totally ridiculous which, to be honest, is pretty good for the ego. Reconnecting with inner child, etc.

Honourable Mentions: My Sheriff’s secret police hoodie, chocolate easter eggs, hot seafood chowder and warm crusty bread, Chester the pillow kaiju, my windows tablet, a tidy room, decluttering, crafting projects, new warm socks, my lovely family and my fantastic friends.

Summersong ~ The Decemberists (not that it’s been very summery this week, but…)

How about you? What are you grateful for today, after this week?

Meeting Alan Davies

jennitalula alan davies

Okay so this was one of those times where I failed to be cool, calm and collected in the face of someone famous. People off TV are impressive because you see them and in your head you go “Oh my god, he looks just like he does on TV” and then without even realising it you’re actually shaking and then they look up at you and out loud you just kind of laugh all high and breathy and say “I just love you so much!” and the famous person nods because they’ve heard this a thousand times and you realise you’re going to be lumped in with a thousand other identical fan experiences from the celebrity’s point of view so you try and think of something unique and witty to say.

So you tell them that you were the one who yelled something out during the show and they made fun of you for eating an ice cream, and then the celebrity’s like ‘oh, well, good for you’ and then you have to spell your name and they sign it and you’re rude to keep on talking to them, or take too many photos.

Anyway. It was cool, and he seemed like after doing two hours of stand up like maybe he didn’t really want to keep on talking which I understand.

The up shot is I have another book signed by the author and that makes me happy.

Things I Love Thursday

Compliments! Who doesn't love a compliment? I have been complimented on two things this last week which have made me very happy. 1. My singing voice. Steve said he thought it had levelled up, or… something. Anyway, it was improved he said and I'm proud of that. 2. The newsletters I write for work. Complimented by someone in the biz even, from a whole nother website, heh.

❤ Pink Smog by Francesca Lia Block. The book about Weetzie Bat before she was Weetzie. Excellent, excellent stuff about being 13, love it.

❤ Clean things XD Okay so I am still mildly obsessed with laundry. But the weather hasn’t been so good this week soo…. I’ve had to clean things inside the house, which is still good actually.

❤ Paddling pool!


Honourable Mentions: Trips to the beach, snuggling under the covers and falling asleep, dreaming, getting things done, a nice healthy lunch, soft fuzzy soft toys, new Face-Off episodes, getting paid, bright colours, late Christmas presents, excellent roleplaying and truly connecting with someone.

Please share your own list below, mine feels a little short this week, heh.

Wisdom from “A Secret Garden”

“thoughts – just mere thoughts – are as powerful as electric batteries – as good for one as sunlight is, or as bad for one as poison. To let a sad thought or a bad one get into your mind is as dangerous as letting a scarlet fever germ get into your body. If you let it stay thereafter it has got in you may never get over it as long as you live.”

Picture sourced from Lights and sparkles.

“Everything is made out of Magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, badgers and foxes and squirrels and people. So it must be all around us. In this garden – in all the places.”

~ By Frances Hodgson Burnett

Things I Love Thursday

Holidays! Being on holiday at a beach resort on a tropical island does wonders for your stress levels. When your day goes: sleep in, eat buffet breakfast, lie in sun, swim, lie in sun, eat lunch, lie in sun, swim, sit and drink, eat dinner, sleep…well, it’s easy to let go of your worries.

Kid loses dad at Comic Con, goes to superheroes for help.

I read The Secret Garden and now I’m re-reading A Little Princess and I realised something awesome about the lead characters and the overall message of the books. It’s all about appreciating what you have, enjoying the world around you and practicing gratitude. Actually the Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie books have similar themes, no wonder I feel so upifted when I read them.

Honourable Mentions: home made lasagne, playing Dance Central with Conan, laughing, Dale’s superhero game (shit got real! I love my character!), rewatching Vincent and The Doctor (best ep of Dr Who ever), sharing photos, my niece in her new ballet outfit, buffet breakfasts, cinnamon rolls, check shirts, pretending to be The Master and no one knowing about it, rocking out to Robbie Williams while driving and writing silly stuff.

Oh and David Tennant as a faux-Criss Angel.

Collection of neat things for Sunday

Little Fellow by Erik Delvigne

“I think he’s to be envied. He’s getting brains, beauty and a heart of gold in me.”
“It’s well we know how to take your speeches,” said Aunt Jamesina patiently. “I hope you don’t talk like that before strangers. What would they think?”
“Oh, I don’t want to know what they think. I don’t want to see myself as others see me. I’m sure it would be horribly uncomfortable most of the time.”

– Phil and Aunt Jimsie in Anne of the Island

My latest fabric haul from Spoonflower. Doesn’t that picture make you want to create?

Awesome YA books

Love is Hell

…is a book of short stories including some personal favourites of mine Scott Westerfeld and Melissa Marr. The collection is themed Love is Hell which means you know that it’s more about the course of true love running less than smoothly. I enjoyed them. There was quite a spooky ghost story to start the book, and I particularly enjoyed Westerfeld’s perfect world school assignment romance where kids elected to experience some of the crap humans had to put up with in the past, such as the common cold, or sleeping. Overall, good light fun.

As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

Classic teen supernatural romance, except this time it’s human girl/Djinn boy. I really liked this. It alternated points of view between the two leads, which was really nice for seeing the changing way they felt about each other. It was pretty light, pretty fluffy and I’m not too sure I endorse the ending, but the book as a whole is cute and a good read.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

OK so. Unlike the other two this is not a light or fluffy read. This is the story of Sam, who has an ordinary school day (she’s one of the popular mean girls, but painfully aware of her geeky roots) and then dies. Then she wakes up on the morning of her last day, like a horrible version of Groundhog Day where she’s not sure what she has to do to get out of the time loop and save her own life…It’s very compelling.

I loved the way the author showed you scenes from multiple points of view and as Sam learned more about her actions and the consequences, she saw how they impacted everyone around her. Very good, very life affirming, and if the romance was kind of obvious, I forgive it for being sweet and believable. There were a couple of missteps in the telling of it (notably the italics where Sam addresses the reader directly) but otherwise I was really into it and read the last third in a day. Highly recommend this one.

Awesome YA book

So, I picked this book up from the New Books shelf in the Young Adult section of the library because it had a sexy cover.

Crash into me by Albert Borris.

I was all, ‘who is this pretty boy with the lips and the androgynous girl holding onto his arm like she owns him?’ and then I read the blurb and saw this was a book about suicide. Some days I would have put it back on the shelf because of that but something about the premise: four teens make a pilgrimage to various famous suicide’s graves before all killing themselves…I dunno. It sounded like it could be fun.

I started reading it at the library, taking breaks from writing my new novel when my wrist got sore. (I write at a fast pace.) The narrator, Owen, was endearing. Something about his shy demeanor and the way he described the other Suicide Dogs just felt very real.

I ended up reading the whole book in about a day. I mean, it’s short and all, but it was also very involving and I was desperate to know what happened. Issues explored include: being a gay teenager, getting drunk/alcoholism, rebelling from your parents, family, first love, sex and expectations for the future.

I don’t want to say too much about the actual plot because spoilers, but it was jarring when one of the characters pointed out to the Cobain-obsessed one that she wasn’t even alive when he died…well, I felt a little old. But whatever. The author is a counselor, so he knows what he’s talking about and it shows. Excellent book for a first time novel I have to say.

Awesome book, I give it two thumbs up and I might read it again before I return it to the library.