Things I Love Thursday

It’s really hard for me to focus on normal things when I have toothache, so I know I’ve been crankier than normal this week but I still have things to be thankful for.

Like this ridiculously cheerful song we had on a James Galway record when I was a kid…

Netflix being in New Zealand is so super awesome because I can stream stuff directly in my TV now. It’s annoying that the range of media isn’t the same as the American version of Netflix but it’s still full of some great stuff. Anna and I have been enjoying Sword Art Online 🙂

The most beautiful sentences in English literature is rather a nice list.

My mum had no projects to do and I had too many so she’s made me a flannellette quilt and it arrived this week. It’s so snuggly and warm, just in time for the colder weather coming on. I love my mum!

Honourable Mentions: cuddles from Anna, happy news from friends, panadeine, crafting, Monster High, seeing movies out at the cinema, lots of cinema snacks, music and laughing.

The gorgeously ridiculous cast of Welcome to Night Vale bringing some queer to Mississippi

Things I Love Thursday

I have had a stressful few weeks, and to be honest I’m a little disappointed in my own ability to cope when things aren’t easy to sort out or don’t happen just exactly when I want them to. I guess it means I have some stuff still to work on, which, well, isn’t a surprise. Anyway it means I have to work a little harder to think of things I’m grateful for and it means that the things I’m really thankful for I am really, really thankful for.

❤ Wonderful friends who drive me places when I need to be driven places (you need a car to buy a car <.<)

❤ Car yards who give me a free loaner car until my car is ready to go.

❤ Opportunities where I thought there weren't any.

This picture wrinkled my brain until I had it explained to me...

I've got this mad urge to watch Ice Princess again…

❤ Suraya is blogging every single unsolicited thing which is said to her, which I think is brave and wondrous, not easy reading but great.

❤ Fantastic Party King Thranduil cosplay

❤ Being able to accept a road trip to Auckland with just a couple of days to go

Honourable Mentions: My lovely girl, crafting, sleep, crazy dreams on nyquil, Jeeves and Wooster, music, great books, tacos (Blair makes awesome tacos – pass it on!), baking tasty treats, sunshine, ice cream and making awesome Lego sets up.

Kitten therapy:

Phillip Phillips with Alive Again

Things I Love Thursday

Most successful handmade Christmas presents ever – merit badges! I was really pleased with how these things came out before Christmas, they didn’t take too long and it was fun coming up with designs, but the best thing about these badges is that the people I’ve given them to are using them and wearing them. Example…

Looking forward to travel! Next month I have a two week trip to America (L.A, Portland and San Fran) and then I’m back for a week and then a week in the Gold Coast and I’m a bit nervous and a bit excited. I had an interesting serene dream about travelling and seeing whales and generally I feel good about my upcoming adventures.

Aaaand flying up to Auckland tomorrow to see Anna! Yay :3

The Film Festival was a really good one for me this year. I was a little afraid of seeing this one film. The Babadook and it indeed was very scary but it was so incredibly well made and interesting I really rate it. I’ve been telling people to see it all week.

Honourable mention: Ice creams, new music from movie soundtracks, decluttering, crafting, a new giant TV screen, comics, my fancy phone, catching up with old friends, taking people to movies and new Monster High dolls.

1936 army boys on LSD

A very cool flashmob of the circle of life

Things I Love Thursday

SpoonChallenge is a challenge I signed up to for Spoonflower where you do a picture a day. I have done two so far and it’s quick and easy and I like seeing what other people have done.

Excellent film festival movies which surprise me and move me. I’ve seen some really great stuff!

Decluttering is going strong. I’ve donated to the women’s refuge, filled bags of recycling, taken good hard looks at my DVD and book collections and spent time tidying the stuff that’s left behind as well. I’ve given things to people I know will use them which is very satisfying, like free cycling around my friends.

Honourable Mentions: Hot baths, roleplaying games which are awesome, reading Anna stories, hot blackcurrant, tacos, spending time with my awesome friends, sleep and burgers.

I challenge you to watch this and not be smiling by the end…

This modern Les Mis looks amazing and I want to see it and also star in it somehow

Things I Love Thursday

It’s coooold. Which means the litany of things which keep me warm is going to be added to the Things I Love Thursday list. Here goes: Electric blankets, heaters, flannelette PJs, snuggly soft slippers, warm blankets and dreaming about snuggles with Anna.

Change… okay so it’s not easy, and it can be painful and weird – but it’s also very essential. Imagine what we’d be like if we never changed? So, I’m in a bit of a state of change at the moment but I’m choosing to embrace and celebrate it. Just in a very low key way, heh.

I had a very lovely weekend with my parents and catching up with Luke and Sam – out for dinner with my folks and then a drink and the Grand Budapest Hotel with Sam. It was excellent and I wish to do it again. Also sardines on toast on Mother’s Day morning = yummo.

Looking forward to two new games, which is quite exciting – Roleplaying! I’ve been feeling like I don’t have enough going on atm so this will be a nice change.

Honourable Mentions: Lovely real estate agents, Lego, reality shows about singing, ice cream, good films, tacos, chocolate bars, pinterest, doing epic amounts of craft win and pretty pretty fabric.

I started watching Look Around You and it’s great. But it reminded me of one of my all time favourite 48 hour films… How to Deal with the Situation:

Tori music lifts my spirit. Father Lucifer ~

Things I Love Thursday

wooooo I’ve been busy!

I really like this a lot:

Roleplaying: I’ve had some very excellent emotional roleplaying lately. Fall, and Ellen’s post-Narnia trauma game. I love that I have people I can trust so much to get emotionally deep into a game with. I am forever thankful.

Hunger Games movies Okay well, they’re not exactly fluffy bunnies and candy floss, they’re stressful but so very good. Beautiful and emotionally and yeah. Okay I cried all over the place, but I also enjoyed them an awful lot.

Dr Who madness

In the run up to the 50th anniversary there’s been so much neat stuff and so many people celebrating the fandom. It’s been a lot of fun, and last night me Steve and Norm went to a 3D screening of the special at the Embassy. It was awesome, I dressed as Captain Jack.

capt jack jennitalula

Mindfulness of emotions vs body. My body responds to my emotional state, and to stress. I’ve realised that the pain in my neck is largely because I clench my jaw, so lately I’ve been concentrating on breathing deeply (when I remember) and letting go of stress, which means the pain in my shoulder has been getting better. Emotions and bodies, man.

Honourable Mentions: Georgie Pies from Maccas, tasty ice creams, a cold refreshing drink on a hot day, waterproof boots on a rainy day, hayfever meds, aloe vera tissues, new creative ideas, costumes, laughing, christmas mince pies, excellent books and snuggly warm monster pajamas.

Using siri to get a date:

Song which is dark and poppy and I love it, This Could Be Love by Alkaline Trio

What are you thankful for at the moment?

Things I Love Thursday

jennitalula reading at the launch

Book launch. It really was amazing to have that happen, something I’ve always dreamed about. Awesome. Achieving dreams for the win!

Vines can be awesome. Check it: Batdad.

Public Holidays and the short weeks they create and also having Bryn to watch Downton Abbey with.

jennitalula newt

Halloween is awesome and I love costumes. I went with Newt Geiszler from Pacific Rim this year.

Honourable Mentions: Candy! Halloween cookies! movies! Sleeping, visiting my parents up the coast, going to see awesome movies (Prisoners and About Time) and eating ice cream.

Things I Love Thursday

Roleplaying Fright Night on Saturday was excellent fun – and also I have been having a twitter rp experience inspired by a comment I made about Wolf Among Us and we seem to have drawn in another player and it’s making me really, stupidly happy every time I get a reply.

Wolf Among Us It’s been a while since I had a video game which sucked me in like this, but this episodic mystery based on the Fables comics by Bill Willingham is freaking amazing. I love it. It changes based on your choices, so I started playing the first ep again using the nicest possible choices to see what is different.

Sunshiney days and fresh laundry. This was my weekend. I washed sheets, clothes, quilts and duvet cover, and set my duvet out on the line too to be aired and sunbaked. Everything smelt so freaking good when I brought it back in. Ellen laughed when she saw me sniffing a quilt but she saw why when I convinced her to sniff it as well. So… so good.

So there’s this social media music website This is my jam and through that I can see what my other friends who are on there are listening to. And because of that I’ve found She & Him which is Zooey Deschanel’s band. They do the cutest videos and their music is all sixties style love songs and I love them. (Also I just realised that they gender swapped their version of “Baby, it’s cold outside” which means it’s the man trying to demur and the woman being suave and seductive, and I find that neat.)

She & Him ~ I could’ve been your girl

Also I just started listening to The Creepshow who do a similar style of song but all about horror and they’re amazing too.

Honourable Mentions: Humans of New York still, always, making CD compilations for other people, watching good TV, the fact that people actually said my flatties and my Jurassic Park video was funny, awesome new literary t shirts, forward planning for Christmas presents, craft and sleep.

Also… a bit of schadenfreude (I’d be exactly the same in this situation, which is why I don’t go to these kinds of things)

And a little reminder for all my lovely friends and readers:

Jurassic Park

My flat is awesome.

We watched Jurassic Park and then we were making jokes and suddenly the plan to remake it with my lego minifigures and various toys from around the house became real. We made up a script, Ellen did excellent casting work with my minifigs collection and we set up on the dining room table with my handicam and made a film.

This is the result of about an hour’s filming and several hours of editing. (My sincere apologies for the sound blowing out during the dinosaur attacks, we’ll do better next time, we just got really excited!)

Ellen as Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Samuel L Jackson, various dinosaurs
Blair as the T Rex, sick triceratops, Hammond and Nedry
Jenni as female scientist, Jeff Goldblum, children and random hissing

The script was collaborative, I did the filming and editing. The title cards are by Blair as is the music from garage band.

Things I love Thursday

sorry I’ve been busy this evening and wasn’t able to get much out for this.

Rock Band! Now that there is more space in the lounge, I have rediscovered Rock Band. Ellen, Blair and I made a Lego Rock Band called Night Vale Interns and so far we’re doing very well, Ellen has taken to the drums like a duck to water.

I have really awesome Flatmates.

Honourable Mentions: Lovely online friends, lovely real life friends, reading excellent books (Joyland by Stpehen King), chocolate, stickers, delicious burgers, warm shirts, sweater vests, Welcome to Night Vale fanart, organising things, new shelves and warm feet.

Dancing Qveen

This is why I love Delta Rae