movie 498 on the list is Werner Herzog Lars Von Trier’s film that caused a lot of scandal, a lot of people walking out of the cinema when it was screened in the local film festival.

I was afraid to watch it, but then my personal circumstances made me feel pretty crappy so I figured this movie wouldn’t make me feel worse.

It’s a beautiful film, visually. Strange and unsettling, an alien landscape of trees and mist to reflect the mental turmoil of the central two characters.

Willem Defoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg do an amazing job, it’s a two hander film and they carry it beautifully. The slow descent into something like madness.

There’s an unsettling line drawn between women and evil, but… I dunno. It’s hard to tell if it’s something the film maker intended or if it’s just this particular story. There was the familiar ‘women are of nature’ kind of trope as well with the birds helping her out at one point, deer watching and apparently she could summon hail?

Heh. I dunno, maybe I’m desensitized after seeing a bunch of other movies (The Piano Teacher, Hard Candy, Dogtooth) or maybe it’s my mood, but I don’t think it was the worst/most shocking movie ever. Then again I haven’t watched Saw yet…

That said, there’s no reason anyone should have to watch this. I don’t imagine it will change anyone’s lives, and it certainly didn’t make me love the humans depicted in it. It was more like dispassionately watching their breakdown.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I might though. I may even watch it again as it is aesthetically pleasing and the soundtrack was pretty cool.

Maybe I should rate these, but I don’t know what scale to use heh. No, I know. State of mind in the reaction phase.

State of Mind: shell shocked, confused by the ending, impressed with the visuals, dispassionate.