Things I love Thursday

Getting sick again is less than ideal, but I’m taking heart in knowing it’s not as bad as the sickness I had a couple of months back and pretty sure I only need the one day off work, so that’s something.

Spring is near! The days are getting longer, the cows in the park have calves, there are daffodils and tree blossoms popping up all around. It makes the spate of morning car frosts easier to cope with, really looking forward to it being Summer again.

Lego building !

jennitalula jokerland

Anna and me watched some foodie movies on the weekend – Julie and Julia and Chef, and then Anna got determined to recreate the grilled cheese like you see in Chef. This is awesome because it means grilled cheeses, and also because she’s got it down. We had amazing Anna made grilled cheeses for dinner.

Honourable Mentions: Anna <3, hot ribena, office dog pats, visits to the Chocolate Boutique in Parnell, craft, finishing books, getting work done on my manuscript, laughing at the notes being so very spot on, friends and ghost stories.

Maybe it's because I can feel Spring coming but I've been seeking out new music lately, here's some of my favourite picks:

Ghost Town ~ Adam Lambert

Unbroken ~ Bonnie Anderson

Golden ~ Travie McCoy featuring Sia

Things I Love Thursday

What if there was infinite time in the day to do whatever you wanted? Like, probably you’re just gonna nap and blob out right? But what if there was infinite time and infinite motivation and energy? How wonderful would it be? I dream.

Team building – watching The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and eating Japanese snacks, playing board games, having lunches and laughing with workmates, it’s an awesome thing.

Skin of Fire last week was incredible, then on Saturday Anna and I went to see Walking with Dinosaurs, which I have seen once before but I was pleasantly surprised with how little I had remembered and then that they’d updated the dino designs to include feathers and fur. It was awesome. Plus I got candy floss as big as my head and a brachiosaurus 🙂


I had a two Mr Whippy day. Started with this guy and then I had a single flake choc dip after dinner …


Honourable Mentions: Rewatching Glee, takeaways, my car, movies, naps, making Anna smile, new books, re-reading Asterix, exciting new creative projects and wonderful friends.

two of my fave songs mashed together in an intense aural bomb blast of awesome:

Things I Love Thursday

As a lover of the film Boyhood, I was quite pleased to find that Ethan Hawke had actually compiled the ‘black album’ featuring the Beatles solo work but mixed in with each other. The list ishere so you can try and assemble it yourself.

Lions who know what’s what in the car tour section…

Beach! Summer! Sea! Swimming! Friends are neat and it’s especially neat to go to the beach on a hot summer’s day with them. Plus the water at the beach is so warm up here! Blisssss. Must try and do it again more before summer stops being so warm.



Look maybe it’s a bit on the silly gooey coupley side, but I have been making Anna packed lunches to take to school and I’m really enjoying packing them and knowing she’s getting a good lunch. I especially like how appealing they look some days… (also I am maybe slightly obsessed with lunch boxes)

jennitalula packed lunch

Exciting weekend planned which I’m counting starting right now because tonight I’m going to Skin of Fire, then tomorrow at work we get a treat movie for being a good squad, then I have dinner with friends old and new and on Saturday we’re going to Walking with Dinosaurs!!! DINOSAURS! EEeee I can’t wait. I’m a little sad to not be going to Buckets of Sand, which I always love, but I think I have enough fun stuff to not worry about it too much on the day.

Honourable Mentions: Anna, cuddles with Anna, laughing til I cry, reading aloud, people coming to me for advice, delicious takeaways, crossing movies off my 500 list, pretty music, fancy pens, considerate drivers in rush hour, new mix CDs, movies which pass the Bechdel, sorting stuff out in the house, the thought of my new kindle winging its way towards me, publishing games and sending love out into the world.

Nostalgia track, which I knew really well thanks to my parents playing it in the car when I was a kid, rediscovered via the ‘black album’ – My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

Things I Love Thursday

Via some genius I follow on twitter I found this collection of tweets imagining the Harry Potter characters as modern 20-30 somethings. It’s harsh and painful and brilliant an I adore it. #MDHP, give it a read.

Book Riot is just a really great website and I am not sure why I didn’t know about it already, lots of interesting looking articles about books and reading.

My cellphone food pictures collection is steadily growing and I find that it’s very fun for me to look through and enjoy the memories of great food I’ve had. It’s also great getting a great meal and going ‘I have to photograph this for my tag’! Haha I’m a total dork.

Milse, Tanuki’s + the Abbey , speaking of great food. Milse, Tanuki’s and the Abbey are officially my favourite Auckland restaurants. Please see below for our handmade bombe on a stick (two flavours of gelato in a white chocolate case and covered in soft meringue- to die for, plus blueberry tart thingie and handmade chocolate.

jennitalula milse

Powerade – there are so so many bad things about having a stomach bug, such as pain, frequent bathroom stops, feeling like whining is a valid life choice and figuring you might as well start marathoning Friends on netflix… but being brought cold green powerade by your love or the supermarket delivery people isn’t one of the bad things. Powerade is like nectar of the gods when you’re ill and dehydrated, it’s sweet so your messed up taste buds won’t make it bitter and gross and your body needs the salts and the liquid so it’s win win.

My Anna took good care of me this week when I was sick and I adore her.

Honourable Mentions: Grooveshark playing my station, fresh fruit and vege from my local grocer, Katamari Forever, friends, facebook stickers, sunshine and steak.

I feel I’m a bit late to ‘Take me to Church’ by Hozier but good lord it’s a fantastic song

Things I Love Thursday

❤ Travel! I am in America right now. It's only my second time visiting and I was pleased with how much I remembered about San Fran, but disappointed in how poor my sense of direction is. My phone's GPS has been very handy, and I have been buying all the things. It's great.

jennitalula cable car selfie

❤ My best friend Sophie. Look, it's not that I was getting weird after a few days on my own in a big foreign city, it's just that it's good to have someone else to talk to. And she motivates me to do a bit more than I might otherwise. And she has brilliant ideas such as 'let's go to Baskin Robbins' or 'let's go to that Whiskey bar'.

❤ Postcards! I really love finding awesome postcards and buying them but then I don't always want to let them go to people back home. Because the postcards suddenly become mine. It's a bit of a problem, but on the up side I have bought lots of awesome postcards and people will receive some of them.

❤ Food. I've had remarkably good luck on this trip with food, yesterday I had a fantastic beef and cheese taco and some Texas BBQ pork ribs, in San Fran I was staying in Japantown and got some exceptional ramen. It's been delicious and for the most part, not fast foody.

❤ Books! I have located many a fine bookstore on this trip and managed to buy a book or two at most of them. This is less than ideal when it comes to repacking and travelling to another city but whatever, books are awesome and I'm excited about my purchases. Powell's City of Books is an exceptional place and I love it there. It was in fact, overwhelming with its size and selection, but I loved that about it. I may have to go back and buy the tote bag with the 'Perks of being a wallflower' quote on it.

Honourable Mentions: skype so I can keep in touch with my lovely while I'm over here, getting IDed nearly every time I buy alcohol, comfy T shirts, new socks, being horizontal in a comfy bed after a long haul flight, deep talks over rye and bourbon, lovely friendly Americans and looking forward to XOXO starting tonight!

Things I Love Thursday

jennitalula pandas

Red Pandas. Now, I know I’ve done this encounter before but it wasn’t any less magical the second time! It was rainy and cold but apparently red pandas like that kind of weather, and they knew it was food time and came down in preparation for us. In fact they were climbing all over the log seats and impatiently standing on hind legs while we got ourselves sorted. It was wonderful, made so much more enjoyable because of Anna’s excitement at meeting her favourite animal ever.

Delicious food. It’s wonderful to have someone to share incredible food with. Top pick from this week was dinner at Hummingbird. We shared a fresh bread + smoky butter entree, then I had kedgeree and it was freaking delicious. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly cooked bit of fish and the spiced rice was perfection as well. Although we were full we split the chocolate mousse for dessert and it was divine as well. I think I have a new favourite restaurant.

Midwinter Christmas, especially during the coldest bit of Winter. Lots of shared food, catching up with my family and stuffing myself full. Good times.

Oh look more pandas…


Road tripping even if it was dark and sometimes windy and scary, it was fun driving up to Hastings after work last night because Anna and I sang along at the top of our lungs to loud music and made jokes about place names, listened to the new Night Vale and it was awesome.

Honourable Mentions: Having my beautiful, fun and sweet girl staying with me for more than a week. Made going to work a bit harder, but coming home to her was some kind of wonderful…seeing movies at the cinema, massive spa baths, hotel rooms, shopping sprees at Kmart, watching top 40s on MTV, catching up with Luke and Sam and showing them Anna, good whiskey, sleeping in, snuggles and laughing until you cry a bit. Also going to a wedding tomorrow and that’s pretty exciting!

How great is this video?

Also also the audio book version of Baby Teeth is now available for purchase. I did some recording for this, so if you’d like to hear my dulcet tones reading you should totally go and buy it.

Things I Love Thursday

An incredible weekend with a wonderful girlfriend. Highlights include: breakfast at Drexel’s, high tea at Martha’s, BBQ at Uncle Mike’s, the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular, a drive in movie, watching more Veronica Mars and gah, yes, I had a wonderful (delicious food filled!) weekend.

Photos of the larp where I played a cop. I love how you can track me losing my patience with all the lying over the course of the night.

I keep remembering things about Webstock and feeling inspired all over again.

I started using handkerchiefs instead of buying tissues. I feel pretty good about this choice. Less trees killed, less rubbish created and a barely noticeable increase in my laundry.

Progress on my (final) rewrite of my first novel.

A lovely song from a terribly emo band ;p

Kaleidoscope Eyes by Panic! At the Disco

Honourable Mentions: Thursday summer markets, a week of catching up with people, being so happy I cry a little, planning for the future, making excellent lists, naps, clean fresh washing and chocolate.

Isn’t it a lovely night? ~ The Decemberists
(Look I’m completely addicted to this whole album, okay? okay.)

Sunday Crafting

More cross stitch food. I guess this is my thing now?

jennitalula steak

So I finished my steak dinner cross stitch, and put it into a wee frame from Trash Palace.

jennitalula steak

The good thing is that I have another frame exactly the same which I can use for another food cross stitch.

I have already got this far on my taco…

jennitalula taco

After the taco I’ve run out of ms paint pictures of food, so I should probably… move on to something else, or maybe draw some more food which I can then turn into food cross stitches. What do you think?

Things I Love Thursday

Bircher muesli for breakfast. It’s like… it calms me down. It’s a really good start to my day because it’s filling and delicious and my body knows it’s good food so I feel healthy and light and yeah, calm.

Roleplaying Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s really satisfying to kill your friends. On Tuesday we played the second half of our In a Wicked Archipeligo game and my rebellious slave got free, started a revolution and killed the blood hungry goddess (Celeste) and the priest of the other god, who had kept me enslaved (Steve). It was a good arc and the story was shaped right and damn, there was some great roleplaying in there.

The Ender’s Game movie and the controversy around Orson Scott Card is generating some interesting discourse. I am really not sure where I stand on this, because I feel like… I wouldn’t want someone judging my writing based on my personal views, but then not giving money to someone awful is pretty important too. I love the story and I am desperate to see the movie, so I’ll probably go the donation route.

Something more silly… turkeys!

Speaking of donations, I like this idea to Miss a meal in May and donate to Kaibosh instead. They do good things.

Honourable Mentions: my new Boom! sweater, crafting, videos from the video shop, having ideas for stories and getting writing done, support and love and friendship, excellent music and good things to read.

No hipster music this week because I haven’t been exploring new stuff, but this is important…

Things I Love Thursday

I’ve been busy busy busy this week with work and gaming and I don’t even know what. I had my first Double Down burger from KFC and it was freaking delicious. Yes. I said it. It was awesome!

I saw X-Men First Class on the weekend and I am extremely thankful that it wasn’t another X-3 Final Stand or Wolverine Origins. It was actually a good movie. The chemistry between Erik and Charles was off the charts!

I am completely and utterly obsessed with images of Jake Gyllenhaal at the moment. This is because of how much I love my new roleplaying character Nate. Anyway, there’s lots of pictures of Jake looking either goofy, sexy or half naked and those all work really well for Nate.

Ever since I watched the True Blood season 4 teaser which used it, I’ve been listening to and loving Burn the Witch by Queens of the Stone Age. That beat…so hypnotic.

Urban Numina ep 4 is on its way and it was really, really fun to film. I think because me and Josh got to play Dance Central for so much of it! Plus, it’s the first ep with the new fancy camera so it looks nicer…


I don’t think I linked on here to the third ep, which is terribly rude of me, just because I’m not in it! So, here watch ep three:

Honourable Mentions: legwarmers, long skirts, new coats (red and wool), Wreck this journal, coloured pencils, blankets, electric blankets, Gilmore Girls and exercycling, feminist Hulk, making jokes, yawn and stretch contests, going out with my lovely friends, making new lovely friends and playing imaginary people on Facebook.