Things I Love Thursday

Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms

“The following products have been shipped:
1 x Rock Band 4 Band in a Box Bundle (PS4)
1 x free Microphone Stand”


On the weekend I went to the Tinderbox conference for children’s authors and illustrators, and it was a really solid, really useful thing for me to have done. Despite being sick as a dog with a cold which turned into a chest infection, I took copious notes, did some networking and made myself a really practical to do list for publishing.

I have started on my to do list by making myself an author page. There’s not much on it right now, but please like it and watch along as I put my journey into high gear. I also signed up for GoodReads so if that’s a thing that you’re on, add me there too! There’s a chance I will also make an author blog but… I’m aware that I already talk about my writing on here, and also it’s possible all these things may take my attention away from actual writing, which wouldn’t be ideal. I haven’t decided.

Also the convention gave me a massive boatload of story and project ideas, so that’s aces as well.

I’ve been playing this browser game called A Dark Room and goodness me but it’s compulsive. I’m so close to finishing I can taste it but I can’t quite beat the last challenge…

This is my jam is dead which is a bit on the sad side, but they’ve done a pretty neat archive.

This is a pretty great vid on where to start with Batman comics (she mentions a couple I hadn’t read, so had to order, heh)

Honourable Mentions: Sunshine, sprouting seeds, birds, antibiotics, good books, electric blankets, lego and my lovely Anna who I miss terribly but she gives me a smile every time she messages me and she keeps on buying me presents so I’m even more excited to see her next week because presents!

Could Have Been Me by the Struts

You ~ Keaton Henson
(it gave me feels about last year’s big Monsterhearts ship)

Things I Love Thursday

Getting stuff done, such as sewing things and publishing games. On the weekend I published Spooky Four Things on the weekend for pay what you want, and at the time of writing this blog post 33 people have purchased it! Most of them got it free but I stand to make a total of .81 American cents! Haha its not about the money though, it’s about all these awesome 33 people who bought my game. Very exciting.

Birthday! I got presents, people said nice things to me, I got attack hugged in the workplace kitchen, I had an excellent lunch with some awesome people and an excellent dinner with a different group of awesome people and my girl organised a barbershop quartet happy birthday serenade down the phone. Lovely!

Books > I have a bit of a book addiction, I’m not going to sugar coat that. But on my birthday I dreamed about the Little Golden Book Library books that we had when I was a kid and I really missed them when I woke up. So I went on the amazing Trade Me and found three out of four of them. They arrived today, and I just read my way through the Bedtime stories one 🙂 So cute!

My girl, because we can be open about feeling crap, and we can tell each other anything and we share cool stuff like books and food and I can skype her and she’s totallllly adorable.

jennitalula log flume

Honourable Mentions: Chucking things out or donating them to people who will use them, facilitating Fiasco, trailers for awesome movies, getting close to the 100 movies blogged mark on my 500 movies list, pretty Monster High dolls and the Flight of the Blueberry cocktails at Hummingbird. Actually all the food at Hummingbird. It’s my favourite restaurant.

Gerard Way’s new song Millions

Break from Rock Starring

I got a letter back from parliament. It pretty much said, ‘thanks for writing, we’ve passed it to the Climate Change Issues Minister’. So, potentially it’s been read by someone in John’s office and someone in the Climate Change Minister’s office. How exciting.

My mission to get my Christmas shopping done has been a success, barring a $10 gift for a work party and random people I may have forgotten I am done. I feel good having got it all out of the way, now I can concentrate on awesome Christmas crafts and baking!

I’ve been keeping on keeping on re-drafting Kiki, not really any news there. Will go hard tonight and tomorrow afternoon, try and get it finished. I’ve been finding lots of places to insert more dialogue, so I’ve been working at that (dialogue is more interesting after all) and I find that dialogue is easy to put jokes into. Hopefully they are jokes that are funny.

I’ve also been having fun entering the competitions on iCiNG’s 13 days of Christmas. Trying to think of dodgy stuff for name plate necklaces and who exactly, is my hair inspiration is kind of fun.

Copyblogger delivers: Inigo Montoya’s guide to commonly misused words is valuable reading, although a bit American English centric.

I learn separately through Hix and Cleolinda that Fables has been taken up by ABC and they have confirmed they are making a pilot. Also, volume 11 seems to be out. To the bookstores, as fast as lightning!

An added functionality on Rock Band 2 is the ability to make playlists when you’re playing on your own or with friends in quickplay mode. I did the best ever rock concert performance this evening once Lee went out. My setlist was: The Kill, You Oughta Know, One Way or Another, Livin’ on a Prayer and More than a Feeling. I followed up with some Chillis for good measure. It was amazing, if I do say so myself.

PoF: grey jeans returneth
CO: anything but work on my manuscript!

Wednesday Writing

The title is a misnomer. I didn’t do any writing today. Instead I met my sister, mother and little niece for a trip to the zoo. It was neat to see niece’s joy at the different animals and there were heaps out and about. I got the best picture of a sunbear basically ever. Niece is also very good at roaring (lions and tigers are her favourite animals.)

After that I whizzed around various shops looking for specific items: cheap but nice quality tshirts for making into Twilight stuff to sell online, some sort of display folder for all the postcards Giffy has been sending me (ended up with a ring binder and clear files….), advent calendar with pictures and not chocolates (will have to go to LQ Whitcoulls for that one) and a paint palette. Took a while because I went to the Warehouse to see if they had any A5 scrapbooks. (They don’t).

By the time I got home it was 4.30 and I had a nap. I have managed to proof read a little but then I wanted to look at my zoo photos and get some ordered from snapfish.
Plus my blog updating has been teh slack, so I felt guilty.

Our roleplaying campaign of PTA The Other Side finished last night after a two episode season finale. My character managed to get a pretty good cliff hanger, so did Steve’s. I shall add quotes and summaries in a seperate blog entry. Anyway, it was epic and cool and true feelings were revealed and failed to be revealed and it was everything you want in a psuedo-comedic fantasy drama. I think. Plus it turns out that the Hellsing soundtrack fit the climax of our show perfectly.

Rock Band 2 continues to be awesome. We have unlocked Alanis Morissette “You oughta know” and downloaded a whole Foo Fighters album and I love to sing “White Wedding” and “Monkey Wrench” and the drums are good and challenging after the break I had from them and guitaring is hard, but I’m learning. Slowly.

PoF: In case of zombies
CO: It’s ok not to have done more writing

Stuff got done

I made this banana bread and it is freaking awesome. I used brown sugar instead of white because I’ve used up all my white sugar with all the baking I’ve done lately, I think it made it even more delicious! It took ages to bake (I’ve never made ‘loaf’ before) but man, hot from the oven this was banana bread ecstasy.

I also managed to finish part one of a project for Star. I wrote a blog entry on Twilight for the library teen website. I’m not sure how much of it they’re going to be able to use but I feel like I did a good entry. I balanced the better things about the series with the things I have major issues with. I have two possible follow up blogs, one for each main character but I don’t know if they’ll want them.

I got a huge packet of postcards and goodies from Giffy (and one from her beau) which was great fun to read. I love the pictures and how Giffy signs each separate even though it’s really all one letter and the way she thinks of me when choosing postcards (18th century gowns ohyes.) Much love to my Giffy and her beau.

Lucky timing resulted in our copy of Rock Band 2 being delivered while I was home for lunch reading Giffy’s mail. I met the courier and brought it up and tore it open and assembled the drum kit and then….went back to work. I just couldn’t think of a decent reason to call in sick for the afternoon. Heh. On getting home this evening though I got it all up and running and Lee and I have played Eye of the Tiger, Hungry Like the Wolf and a few more. We made up a new band “Random Floor Katana” using the time honoured method of ‘things we can see in the lounge’ and I re-created Lenore Goldfish and Bekah for the new game. Lee made Le Edge because he insists on naming his Rock Band sprites after famous guitarists but with his name incorporated. There’ s a new older looking male face option so I also made Bruce Willis.Awesome sauce. The new drum kit is lovely, quieter pads, wireless and a metal bass pedal being the main awesome.

I love this Google maps Cloverfield trail.
CO: TwilightRockBandWritingProcrastination

Tuesday movie

Another movie that made me sad, thematically very similar to The Savages was And when did you last see your father?

This movie is bound to come back, seeing as how it stars Jim Broadbent, Colin Firth, Juliet Stevenson and Gina McKee (who was in Notting Hill). It’s a movie about living with an overwhelmingly blustering, loud, embarrassing, overbearing Father and coming to terms with losing someone you both love and hate.

Jim Broadbent is diagnosed with terminal cancer in the start of the movie, and son Colin Firth moves in to help his mum care for him. Much of the movie is flashbacks to childhood and the various good and bad moments that make up a life. Family secrets are explored also.

As you would expect from the cast, it is very well acted and really a fantastic movie. Mostly lighthearted, the theme of death is still present most of the time and it becomes very emotional indeed.
Highly recommended.

Then I came home and we borrowed Rock Band and started a new band called Daddy Issues 2.0 in honour of Veronica Mars and the movies from the past few days. And since we’re unlocking songs for our PS3 we played a lot of low tier songs incredibly well. I drum with Jenni Talula, an anime fairy and Lee made another guitarist called Lee Clapton. Fun times.

I have the next few days off work, and although the weather is shockingly bad I intend to enjoy them very much.

To do: Tshirt surgeries for Trade Me
Rock Band practice, working on getting to expert level on drums
Lots of writing of novel
Visiting parents
Writing up some roleplaying stuff
Visit Te Papa?
Attend Film festival day time screenings
See The Dark Knight

Lee has my cold. It is affecting him pretty badly…I won’t say he’s malingering just yet though, because I remember that Thursday and Friday last week I wasn’t feeling that crash hot.

PoF: not up
CO: fun time holiday!

Shrewsburies. (Entry 1200)

Lee said that when he was a little kid he thought shrewsburies were a real berry and that’s what the jam in the biscuits was made of. My sister liked shrewsburies more than me so I was always slightly resentful when we got them because it meant she was getting her way.

I was generally disappointed that you can’t pull the biscuits apart and lick at the jam in the middle. What is it about that jam? It’s like sugary red glue. I just tried to pull one apart and you still can’t do it, the biscuit just crumbles.

Saturday was awesome fun with craft day and Rock Band. I didn’t manage to get any writing done in the morning like I meant to, but I did clean the house and do washing so it’s all good. I also was made to watch some Top Gear and it was actually pretty interesting. (Highlights from the one where they drive across America in cars costing less than a thousand dollars.)

I’m steadily getting better at drumming on the hard level although some songs are yet beyond me.
Today it is very cold outside but I had a beignet and got a stack of books out from the library so it’s not too bad. I managed to write six new pages today and I intend to write some more after this break.

PoF: warm
CO: printing photos using snapfish. So cheap.

PS. Giffy, and anyone who is interested, I have uploaded photos of my IKEA-ised wardrobes and a pic of the way my wardrobe’s rail looks. You can see ’em here.

Saturday’s a good day

Saturday is everyone’s favourite day of the week, am I right? If you don’t have to work it’s a day for catching up with your loved one(s), running errands, sleeping in, chilling out and doing whatever you like.
Yesterday was a good example of a perfect Saturday for me: Got up lateish and skype chatted with overseas Giffy. Picked up Margie for a road trip up the coast, breakfast from Nada bakery (delish garlic and cheese roll, Patrick from Spongebob gingerbread man), chatting about the 48.

Arrive at Matt and Debbies and get into some hectic but low key pressure wise filming of silly cheesey movie about gamers and dice. I got to be a person who treats their dice mean to make them roll better, an OTT vampire LARper (is there any other kind?) and a sexy lady who is attracted to men with dice. I also got to wield the camera for a few shots, which made me happy and increased my desire for my own wee video camera.

After the filming we headed back in to Wellington to visit with my brother, sister in law and niece. It was really nice to catch up with them and play some Boom Blox on the wii. Yummy vege lasagne and salad (good for me, given what I’d had for breakfast) and ground almond chocolate cake.

We spent the evening just chatting about books, TV, movies, random stuff. It was neat. Got home late, read for a while and then zonked out sleep.

Now to the shower, for our weekly brunch outing! Oh but first, check out this neat collection of the rooms famous authors work in:

Writer’s rooms. It makes me happy.

PoF: Onesie, slipper boots, hooded robe, duvet. I am teh warmzors.
CO: The movie we made yesterday will be online tonight!

How’d I do?

Make myself some pants from a tshirt so I can wear ’em to swing dancing., so I figured out the pattern and it worked and is cool, but they’re a little too fitted. They’re basically short leggings…Not sure I’m gonna wear ’em.
I may make them again with a bigger leg and have shorts that work though.
Write some more and type some more. I certainly did typing. I am a little scared to write new stuff because I’m up to a sex scene….which is a very silly thing to be scared of, but I keep thinking ‘how much should I write? How much detail should I go into? What words should I use for the…you know. Bits.’ and then I do something else instead.
Film some movie! Woop woop. Yeah well, we didn’t get any of the Boffo script filmed but that’s mostly because hardly anyone showed up and then my new printer wouldn’t print the Boffo logo.
Have a bath. Yes, but my Mum called and I had to get out a little early. May have to have a make up bath tonight. Can’t believe how cold it is!
Take photos of self in onesie for online sharing/humiliation…. photos are on facebook.
Eat salads! (Had two yesterday cause I am so good.)
….pass. Oh wait, I had potato salad on Saturday! And um, waffle salad yesterday.
Practice swing with Lee so that we get some exercise.
….this one also did not get done but I had an attack of the ‘can’t be bothered’s yesterday afternoon and retreated into a duvet and Gilmore Girls season seven. I will try and get some practice in tonight, Lee willing.
So, not too bad all up.

Another busy day at work, although I got to peer interview someone which is good fun.

I am reading Maddigan’s Fantasia by Margaret Mahy which was also made into a TV series and I’m battling it. On the one had I’m not enjoying it that much and it is frustratingly drawn out and overly episodic, so much so that I can pinpoint where TV eps end and begin. But on the other hand it is a compelling universe (post apocolyptic future meets Carnivale but for kids) and I do kind of want to know what happens and it is somehow comforting to read. Maybe it’s because I’ve read so much Mahy in the past.
I’ll probably finish it, since I am over half way through now, but I really wish I was reading a much better book. Like maybe Ironside again.

In Rock Band related news we’re unlocked Rio, Rekyavek, Tokyo and Sydney and I am now obsessed with a band called Coheed and Cambria whose songs are all set in the world of the writer’s sci-fi/fantasy series. The songs are epic and catchy and they are just so geeky I can’t resist them.

PoF: cold
CO: cold nose