Things I Love Thursday

When you’ve been laid up in bed two days it’s kind of hard to see the bright side of things, especially this morning when I really legitimately wanted to go to work but my head got fuzzy when I stood up for longer than the length of a shower.

Also there was a huge earthquake last week and it freaked me out.


There is still a lot to love.

Flatmate-Date with Ellen to Mother Brown’s and then Te Papa for the Warhol exhibition. Quite in love with two of his works now which I hadn’t been familiar with before the exhibit: Silver Clouds installation (giant silver pillows some helium filled, in a room with fans blowing. And his picture of Keith Haring and his boyfriend cuddling. I adore Keith Haring so much ❤

Spreading the Welcome to Night Vale virus love. It’s just a really good podcast guys! I loooove it.

My bedroom: Okay it’s not perfect, but what I have realised is that I’m happy to spend extended periods of time in here. I have lovely big windows that let in light and a view of trees and the sunset (right now) and I can hear birds chirping. The room keeps heat in relatively well and I have enough room on my bed to spread out the larp props I’m working on and still take a nap if I want to. Environment means a lot to me, especially when I’m sick, and I have a good one here ❤

Reading: It is such a simple thing. But when I don’t want to be upright and I can’t quite sleep yet, reading is the best. I have a lot of books on the go at the moment, but really enjoying re-reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Good old dystopian YA novels, eh?

I do not love distances much, or goodbyes but I am so grateful for skype, and for instant messaging. My Jess ❤ it makes her a bit closer.

Catching up with people and sharing my travel photos. I love to do it. If anyone wants to experience my travel photos, I’m only too happy to share 🙂

Honourable Mentions: Vicks formula 44 chesty cough syrup, my Pacific Rim action figures, new fabric, clean laundry, flatmates who cook, creativity flowing, new friends. Mumford and Sons, Welcome to Night Vale fan art, silly roleplaying and orange juice.

Things I Love Thursday

dalek wedding

dalek wedding

There was a Dalek wedding on my desk today. My not-so-secret Santa got me a mini red Dalek army and a little Amy Pond. I had some fun setting them up and taking photos.

I only have one week off over Christmas, but I am reallly looking forward to it. Sleeping in and mooching around and doing craft and writing (yes, writing!) and going to the beach.

Honourable Mentions: Christmas caramello santas, Christmas cookies, plans for Christmas, Christmas larps which inspire Lol wolves for Yule, pretty sunshiney weather, wearing shorts, dresses and watching Jake Gyllenhaal movies.


For the end of the day I lined them up in front of my My Little Ponies line. Don’t they look good?

Things I love Thursday – the someday edition

I have lots of things I’m looking forward to… Let’s start with those things which are in my immediate future: ~ Christmas and time off over Christmas week.

~ Someday I’m going to Australia, hiring a van and seeing as many of these as I can.

~ Someday I will own a lovely house with polished wood floors and lots of light and bookshelves. It will have a nice large lounge for gaming in and a lawn and garden for having people over on sunny days.

Honourable Mentions: Watching romantic comedies with Chelle, this buzzfeed, stuffed mushrooms from Tan’s Takeaways, awesome presents from work, Christmas specials, the surrealism of the Christmas parade, sunshiney days when it’s actually warm, wrapping gifts and seeing the stars at night.

…. and meeting a lion: (four of them actually)