The Lagoon is full of sharks

A few weeks ago this happened on a Friday. I wasn’t sure immediately what it was for, but it turned out to be Greenpeace raising awareness of how shark finning is still legal in New Zealand and gathering signatures for a petition.

2013-09-13 12.02.27

2013-09-13 12.03.02

It looks awesome, but shark finnning is a serious thing… the whole industry is corrupt and horribly cruel to sharks. I love sharks. You can read more about it at the forest and bird website here.

2013-09-13 12.03.06

2013-09-13 13.09.27

mapping your own brain

Throwaway comment today from the lovely Caitlin in relation to a dream I had last night… she said she wanted to go to an amusement park based on my brain.

I kind of like the idea of mapping out your brain in the manner of an amusement park. I may try and draw a map or something, but for now a little self reflection.

Based on my dream this morning, the shopping section of the Jenni’s Mind park would be decorated with sparkly fish kites and there’d be people dressed in sequinned fish person costumes advertising the shops and drawing people in.

There would be lots of movie and TV themed attractions, but.. that kind of thing’s already covered in existing amusement parks. Suffice to say, if I was building this tomorrow, there’d be Pacific Rim and Welcome to Night Vale districts.

Monsters, lots of strange and cuddly monsters and fae, vampires and werewolves, giant monsters and giant skarks and weird stuff going on. T Rexes, dinosaurs. Maybe a Jurassic Park style boat ride where you go past dinosaurs, that would be cool.

Some kind of emo teen supernatural romance themed section of the park. People could sit around in cafes and moon at each other, or go to the beach and stare moodily into the middle distance.

But the overall theme of the whole park would be love. I try very hard to frame my interactions to people with love, and it would make sense that the whole park would encourage people to feel good about themselves, and to treat other people well. There would be quotes on pavers in the footpath, like in Jack Kerouac Lane in San Francisco, places where you can connect with strangers like this and places to make collaborate art and crafts.

Heh, funny little exercise but interesting challenge to my self perception.

Christmas Parade photo

Today I moseyed out into the sunshine and went to watch the Christmas parade. I took my camera so I could get a couple of photos of my mother in law marching with the Air Force band. They were right near the end of the parade so I took some other photos too. I’m really pleased with this one:

I was watching Dorothy and the other denizens of Oz approach and I was looking at her pointe shoes and wondering why…then she handed the leash for Toto over to the Tin Man and started dancing. She did pirouettes, leaps, lots of the prettiest ballet moves. It was awesome.

Also, I found Wally.

Things Jenni Likes

I I were to make a wish list of things I wouldn’t mind being gifted for my birthday, it would look a little like this:

❤ The Threadless book.

❤ A new dress or vouchers for Paper Bag Princess or the Recycle Boutique.

❤ My Mighty Ape wish list is full of stuff for any budget, and I chose those things so you know I want them.

I would also appreciate something you made yourself, something you painted, things which enable me to make stuff (fabric (vouchers for Spoonflower!), buttons, embroidery thread, etc), new stripey or patterned socks, Lush bath goodies, cute or clever T shirts, photos, weird/cute jewellery and hugs.

Here’s a very pretty version of my Felt wishlist:

Lush products what rock

Not a lot has changed since I blogged my all time favourites, a lot of them are still current. However I have tried new things so here we go..

Avobath bath ballistic was recommended to me by one of the women who work at Lush. She must have noticed my sniffly nose. Its made a of a lot of avocado but it smells of bergamot and lemongrass. In other words, refreshing and charming. It’s also got some tiny glitter particles through it, so you come out shimmering just a bit. Lovely. The fumes clear your nose a little. Soothing.

Toner tabs. It was a Q one, which I think is specially marketed for men, but they gave it to me when I told them that my skin type was both greasy and dry. You basically steam your face over it and it comes out all lovely and smooth. BUT the awesome thing is that you can then keep the water and stick it in a jar in the fridge and that’s your toner for the next couple of weeks. The tabs are only like, $3 so that’s cheap skin care. My face has been much clearer and smoother since I started using these.

Emperor of Ice Cream buttercream bar. You pay for a big chunk and then cut it up into smaller pieces and rub it on your body in the shower. I know I went on about this again but I much prefer the smell of it to their other buttercreams and I love using it in winter, when my skin gets all dry and awful.

Veganese conditioner. I’m still using I love juicy for my shampoo, but this is now my conditioner of choice. It’s lighter than American Cream so my hair doesn’t get ooky again so soon. It smells awesome, all lemon and delicious and it really wakes me up in the morning. My hair after it is soft and silky and tangle free (except for the bit on the left hand side of my head which loves to tangle.)

English Garden bath ballistic. They were sold out of it at lush which is why they recommended avobath to me. It’s green and it’s full of pretty dried flowers. It’s completely luxurious and relaxing. I loved it.

Seasonal releases that I love include: Satsuma Santa bath ballistic, Candy cane bubble bar and snow fairy 🙂

So, how about you guys? What are your favourites? Or rather, what are you using right now?


I attended Craft 2.0 yesterday with Star, Rachel and Sally. It was a good one, although it turns out that Star and I are bad influences on each other and we egged each other on. I bought two badges made of teeny versions of old books (Titled fabulously Supernatural stories for boys and Monster book for girls.) I got a little zippered purse made of a vintage vegetable print tea towel and some lovely hand made soaps. But the best thing, the thing we had to go back for was the velveteen rabbit.

He has a lovely realistic rabbit shape, all big round butt and weeny feet. The fabric is an incredibly soft piled fur of that lovely colour in between grey and blue. His feet and ears are lined with soft satin and he has a fluffy white tail.

The eyes are small, just french knots really, but I like the way it looks. The woman who sold him to me had run out of big bags, so we put him into a bit too small paper bag with his head and ears poking out. Star laughed because I was carrying him around under my arm and absently petting his head like he was a real pet. He’s just so soft!

The lovely lady’s business is called The Grin Factory. Check out the rest of the range from The Grin Factory here. It looks like she’s just getting started selling stuff on felt, at the moment there’s just a few little squirrels and mice available. I quite want one of those big dogs and a giraffe with a scarf. So cute!

Look at the way his ears stand! So adorable!

I had three envious comments on the way out of the fair “Oh, you bought the velveteen rabbit!” Apparently I wasn’t the only one who coveted him. I was a little worried that Lee would complain about me bringing home yet another soft toy but he greeted velveteen rabbit with a smile and hasn’t complained once. Thank goodness.

So yeah Fizzgig, Gizmo, Blankies Owl and Trogdor have a new sibling. Also today I found my tiger hat again. Yay tiger hat!