Things I love Thursday

Acceptance. I think we all take this for granted – and I think it’s very easy to hide yourself, to hold back because you’re not sure what people will say.. if they will think less of you in some way, or you may feel betrayed – that you won’t be accepted for your whole self. Or that maybe, people prefer the idea of you rather than the actual you. (I’m sick, so this may not make sense). The point is, that when you open yourself up and show yourself to someone and they come back to you with acceptance, it is probably the greatest feeling in the universe. Accepting yourself first, and then having the ones you love accept you. It’s easy to forget to do!

Dawes – Love is all I am

New CDs. I may be a little bit in love with purchasing CDs so that I can play them in my car. This week First Aid Kit arrived and I’ve been blissing out on them a bit the past couple of drives.

Larp! Running them, being in them, getting excited about them, writing fic about them. It’s all fuel for the imagination, provides a bit of espacism, some seriously interactive entertainment and a fantastic way to connect with people. Either people you already knew or your friends you’ve known ages.

Smash! Chelle and I are enjoying the second season very much… want more… also The New Normal because it’s lovely and funny and feelsy by turns.

Honourable Mentions: Flannelette sheets, vicks vaporub, valerian root pills, laughing, photos of myself in costume, running successful larp, deep connections with friends, pinterest for inspiration, warm scarves, funny dreams, finishing books and starting new things.

Alt-J Dissolve Me

She makes the sound, the sound the sea makes, to calm me down

Good advice

I had a brilliant piece of advice yesterday, and it gave me a sense of calm and comfort.

A ship is safest in harbour
but that’s not what it is designed for
you are free on the open seas

The first bit of the quote is more or less attributed to Grace Hopper, a real admiral who also (apparently) coined the term bug for things going wrong with computers.

My workmate sent this to me, with the little addition of his own on the end.

Don’t be afraid, don’t hide who you are. You should not be afraid to care, to show people who you are. Or to be vulnerable… although that can be the most frightening thing in the world.

Be brave and open, do what you want to do…what you dream of doing.

Things I Love … Monday

Because after work on Thursday I flew up to Auckland, I forgot to finish this post. Then the weekend was kind of really busy so you get my list today.

Nesting! I have new rag rugs, a new pink and yellow patchwork printed duvet cover. I have been tidying and organising in the new flat/Giffy’s house and generally settling in.

Knowing myself better, understanding things and growing as a person. I think most of this I’m doing on my personal tumblr

The Weezer concert on Friday night was amazing. Mind blowing with just how friendly and personable Rivers Cuomo is when performing. The concert went back through time, starting with songs from the Red album. They did their big hits up until the intermission. After intermission we got an adorable narrated look at old photos from when Weezer started out, then they came back and played the whole blue album from start to finish.

Honourable Mentions: Skype <3, Tanuki's Cave esp mashed kumara balls coated in toasted almonds, karaoke, giapo "kiss kiss" gelato, bargains at Dress Smart (Peter Alexander!), expressing my emotions, concert merch, gorgeous sunny day strollin in Devonport, black out curtains, waffles for breakfast, taking my time to get ready in the morning (holiday hotel luxury right there) and feeling inspired to write.

To all my wonderful, supportive friends:

Things I Love Friday

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

awkward family photo under the tree

awkward family photo under the tree

Staying with my parents was relaxed and awesome, and so warm! Hot enough to swim in the sea and although I have a summer cold which meant my energy levels weren’t up where they should have been it was awesome. Especially getting to catch up with Sam, Luke and the girls.

Road tripping with Ellen. She had the odd moment of yelling ‘scary clown!’ while I was driving, but other than that she was an excellent person to have riding shotgun and we had an awesome amount of fun. She introduced me to my new favourite christmas song:

We made lots of plans for living together at Giffy’s too, which is exciting.

My Totoro onesie.


It just makes me really, really happy.

Honourable Mentions: sharing knowledge (taught Ellen sock monkey making on Christmas Day), coco pops chex, fresh juice, Wreck It Ralph, photos which make you laugh, ice cream on the beach, talking with children, swimming in the sea, thoughtful gifts and feeling accepted.

Wisdom from “A Secret Garden”

“thoughts – just mere thoughts – are as powerful as electric batteries – as good for one as sunlight is, or as bad for one as poison. To let a sad thought or a bad one get into your mind is as dangerous as letting a scarlet fever germ get into your body. If you let it stay thereafter it has got in you may never get over it as long as you live.”

Picture sourced from Lights and sparkles.

“Everything is made out of Magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, badgers and foxes and squirrels and people. So it must be all around us. In this garden – in all the places.”

~ By Frances Hodgson Burnett

Collection of neat things for Sunday

Little Fellow by Erik Delvigne

“I think he’s to be envied. He’s getting brains, beauty and a heart of gold in me.”
“It’s well we know how to take your speeches,” said Aunt Jamesina patiently. “I hope you don’t talk like that before strangers. What would they think?”
“Oh, I don’t want to know what they think. I don’t want to see myself as others see me. I’m sure it would be horribly uncomfortable most of the time.”

– Phil and Aunt Jimsie in Anne of the Island

My latest fabric haul from Spoonflower. Doesn’t that picture make you want to create?


I love my Wreck This Journal and I’m going to keep going on about it until I’ve finished it. In the meantime this page has had a lot of attention on Tumblr, and I figured you non-Tumblr folks might like it too .

So, what would your sign say?

Point of Fashion: slightly confused
Current Obsession: creating things!

Post 48 hours 2011

Our 7th year of making movies in just one weekend, and I feel like I have learned so much and at the same time, I know nothing at all.

Speaking of being deep and mysterious, I went through a lot of emotions this weekend, most of them random and uncalled for. I was able to ignore the negative stuff and focus on the good stuff. The way our team works together, the way that people pull through for each other and pitch in to make a tangible thing at the end of the weekend.

Friday night we got the call, just on 7pm. We had been given Road Movie for our genre. The character was Billy Young, an ex-bully, the prop was a bent bit of wire, the line of dialogue “What have you got?” and there was a required film effect: a freeze frame ending.

This year I was head writer again. My team was me, Hannah and Dale and we worked together in a new and very effective way. Hannah pitched a solid way to put the film together and between the whole group we came to a great approach to the story. We were able to leave the big team brainstorm at 8.30pm, and we settled into my spare room quickly. We talked through what we thought was *really* happening in the story and what we had to remember it. We collaborated on the first scenes and then fell into a routine: Dale and I talked through the beats and what should happen and when. Hannah, on the laptop, took care of the dialogue.

We read through it a number of times, edited back, sorted out the finer points and were more or less done by 12.20. I sent Dale and Hannah home, took a break on tumblr and did two more polishing passes on the script. It was pretty darn great. I headed into bed around 1am and got to sleep around 40 minutes later. I woke up again right at 4.44 for a while, then managed to sleep again until 6 when Lee’s alarm went off. I headed into Indigo City for the organisation and we decided to head out to Fraser’s Dad’s place to start filming. I managed to stay there for about half an hour before I started to feel a driving need to sleep and drove home.
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Friday thought

I’m feeling a bit better today, last night I watched Singin’ in the Rain which is a guaranteed mood lifter. Then this morning I remembered that the way you be happy is you live for each little moment and enjoy every little thing you can and you don’t worry about things.

I feel a little stupid for forgetting that, but I think I needed the wallow.

A little wisdom from my favourite Doctor helps too.