Things I Love Thursday

Last year I bought myself an instax camera and loved it to bits. Then, before I left Wellington, I bought a ton of film for it on Ali Express… mindfully, I had it on hand when I had people over for my birthday and for pre-Christmas stuff and took photos of as many of my dear Wellington friends as I could. Then, in the few days I was staying with my folks after moving from Newlands I stuck them all in a notebook with all the photo booth images I’ve also saved over the years.

A couple of times since I’ve moved I’ve felt lonely, thinking of the people I left behind. It’s a good thing to do, I’ve found.

OTACHI - WIN_20150210_210024

The notebook is a recycled/upcycled School Journal… and inside there are old pages of school journal and this is how it looks on the plain pages where it’s just photos.

OTACHI - WIN_20150210_205936

It’s a very reassuring book to look through.

Friends! Having spent much of my first few weeks home based, these last couple of weeks I’ve made an effort to catch up with friends, started a new roleplaying group and generally felt like I’m a bit better socialised. New friends and old, it’s a good thing 🙂

Japanese mecha a reality!

…also I love that video because it was filmed at Miraikan which I remember really loving when we visited it in 2012. I’ve been really missing Japan, I’m so hyped to go back but I’m not sure when I’ll actually manage it.

Plans and directions for my writing and my various projects on the go or stalled. It feels so good to have a road map. Now I have to focus on making time and motivating myself to actually follow the road map.

Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk. It’s best.

Honourable Mentions: Four ‘new’ Spice Girls tracks!, realising that what you really want is to listen to Under the Pink by Tori Amos and then listening to it, finishing up the dishes, getting to sleep early/sleeping late in the morning, strawberry milk, finishing good books and comics.

Pretty Belle and Sebastian track…

Beck ~ Unforgiven
I went to listen to his album after it won the grammy and it’s really really good !

Things I Love Thursday

Holy crow my brain is scrambled. I have been thinking about packing, and packing, and worrying, and organising and worrying about packing and … well, I am really glad that the movers have now been and taken most of my stuff away. Now I just have to donate/sort the last of my stuff and actually move!

Only one more day at work, and it’s a day of mostly meetings and then a big Christmas party, so it should be a good day.

Then it’s one month off to move and settle and enjoy summer and Christmas and I’m super psyched about that.

I’m sad about leaving work and my friends, but I know I’ll see them again and we had awesome gelato in the awesome sun on Tuesday 🙂

trademepeeps Jennitalula

Honourable Mentions: delicious tacos, awesome secret Santa gifts, chocolate, my real pine Christmas tree, rewatching Scrubs, skype with my girl, new music and truly awesome roleplaying.

Also I really really love my new car.

Night Air ~ Jamie Woon

Things I Love Saturday

Some weeks, man. Am I right?

This was a week. You shall have to forgive me for this being published on a Saturday morning, but here in bed with chocolate ready to eat and heaps to do but time to do it in I feel a lot more like making this list than I did after work on Thursday.

Anna. Having my girlfriend around puts me into this instant state of calm. I don’t know how she does it, or if it’s anything that she does at all, but nervousness and my usual constant worry buzz of my brain just sort of fade away and I relax. I adore her ❤

Books: I’m reading some very excellent books at the moment but this week I put them down and started to read the Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot because I just wanted the comfort of them and I’m really loving it. Most of the way through the first one and I suspect I’ll read them all over winter. I also bought a very excellent comic called Rat Queens which is about a violent, rude and drunken group of D&D style adventurers who just happen to all be women. I’ve read the first section of the first volume and I love it.

Baths: it’s getting colder which means baths, plus I’ve been stressed out. A hot bath takes all the tension out of my legs, arms and torso (not necessarily my shoulders and neck, but it helps) and allows me to fall asleep a lot easier. I bought some cheerful citrusy bubble bar from lush and mmmmm so good.

Dance Central on kinect: come on ride the train… heheh I love playing this game. It’s silly good fun and exercise which I need and I get to feel totally ridiculous which, to be honest, is pretty good for the ego. Reconnecting with inner child, etc.

Honourable Mentions: My Sheriff’s secret police hoodie, chocolate easter eggs, hot seafood chowder and warm crusty bread, Chester the pillow kaiju, my windows tablet, a tidy room, decluttering, crafting projects, new warm socks, my lovely family and my fantastic friends.

Summersong ~ The Decemberists (not that it’s been very summery this week, but…)

How about you? What are you grateful for today, after this week?

Long Haul Flights – a guide to making it super awesome.

I have had a few awesome things happen this week. This is about my decision to take a last minute trip to the States to meet Jess. I am leaving in two weeks(!!!) and that means I get to plan a massive trip, and work out the best way to handle two long haul flights.

I asked my friends for advice and was pleased to find much of the advice was things I already planning, things I’d worked out on my flights to and from Japan. But it’s always always good to get these things confirmed. The number on tips, for making your time on a plane the best they can be are as follows:

-> Aisle seat. Obviously useful for getting to the bathroom, and for getting up to wander about. Unfortunately I am a devotee of the window seat. I love to look out the window, and you can kind of lean against the side of the plane when it comes time to doze off. Most likely I’ll be in the window seat and climbing over people when I need to pee, but I’m okay with that.

-> Enjoy it! Seriously! Get into the mindset that this is a chance for you to chill out, gorge yourself silly on TV shows and movies and silly video games while people wait on you and bring you snacks and drinks! – excellent tip from Jackie. Mindsets make such a different to your experiences, if you go in expecting 15+ hours on the plane to be a Hellish time, well then… chances are it will be a self fulfilling prophecy. But if you frame it like a chance to catch up on movies and tv, take whatever things the flight attendants offer and just plain have fun, the flight’s going to be a lot easier.

-> Kindle/iPad. Save weight in your case and read as much as you like. I don’t have a tablet, but I do have a kindle, it’s loaded up with books and I went and added in the Harry Potter series and Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series as well, because sometimes up in the air you don’t want to challenge yourself too much and something you already read is the way to go.

-> Warm socks, comfy pants and a blanket or scarf. Keeping warm is always a priority for me, since I have lizard blood and get cold easily. I had a great outfit for my Japan flights, loose track pants, a soft long sleeve t shirt and a t shirt over the top, plus hoodie. I shall be reprising that outfit for my upcoming flights I think.

-> Identifying your luggage. This is essential, and I’ll be having some fun this weekend with fabric paint and my plain black rolling case.

-> Take your own headphones. I love my sennheiser noise cancelling phones, but I was trying to work out if they’d be too annoying to travel with or not. The number of people who suggested I take my own solved that dilemma for me, so I’ll be bringing them along and at Frank’s suggestion I bought a converter so I can use ’em on the plane.

-> Neck support. I know some people are torn on these things but I got a pretty good inflatable one in Japan which made it easier to be comfortable and sleep on the way home.

-> toothbrush, a little moisturiser to allow yourself to freshen up. I bought some travel wipes from Kathmandu which I’ll also use for cleaning hands and the tray table and things around me, just because why the hell not? I might decant a little moisturiser as well and my toothbrush will be in my carry on as well as some floss. Little things can make a huge difference to how you feel.

-> Bring your own snacks. I’m going to spend as much of the flights asleep as I can but I think I will still stash some chippies, muesli bars and chocolate to tide me over. I seem to remember one meal on the way to Japan that was far too late being served for my liking.


Now my biggest challenge is working out the best bag for my carry on. My laptop now is bigger than the one I could easily slip into my backpack last year so I’m going to try it on a few different things. I may end up attempting to make my own with many small pockets for things like headphones converters and things, but we’ll see! Maybe I have something I can convert in my vast array of bags I already own.

I may blog about my ultimate carry on kit, when it’s done.

Other tips from my wonderful friends: Get up and move regularly and keep hydrated. Worth taking your smartphone charger in carry on. Some planes have USB ports at the seats even in economy. Don’t have teeth pulled on day of departure. “Make fists with your toes.” Take the cabin luggage weight restrictions seriously – but know what you’d throw out if you are over the limit. To help sleep phenergan, eyemask & earplugs. Ditch your shoes ASAP!

Have you got any tips for long haul flight not covered above?

This too shall pass (into love)

A lot of people I know have been having a bit of a rough time. May (and some months before it) hasn’t been the kindest, and I’ve been activating a few coping methods for myself, some of which I had never used before and some which I hadn’t used for a very long time. Then last night I wrote this thing which… I think needs to be shared. I’ve edited it some to make it less Jenni centric.

This thing that is getting you down, aggravating you, irritating you? No matter what, or how it happens, the days that you have to endure it are numbered. They will run out and something new will happen, it will pass on or cease to be such a bother o you. It’s hard to remember sometimes but it’s true. This too shall pass.

Your loneliness too, sleeping alone and uncuddled, this will pass away and you will have peace. At some point, you will find someone, or someone will find you, or cross over the world to get to you and you will have them to hold, kiss, snuggle. The time is slipping away, they are getting closer.

remember to breathe

remember to breathe

Imagine, if you can, that the universe (or God, or whatever you happen to believe in) loves you. Imagine the universe will give you the best things you can, the things you most want if you trust in it. I can trust that.

Framing your interactions with people with love is one of the ways I can help the universe bring me what I need. It’s pretty easy, you just think to yourself ‘if I was showing this person my love, what would I do?’ and then you do it.

Framing things this way makes me patient, and forces me to be understanding to the other person. By doing this I can be successful, interesting and loved in return because the more love you send out the more you get back. I know it may sound kooky/new agey/silly but we’re all human beings and we all have the same basic needs. The basic desires to love and be understood.

It’s easy to snap at people, or be negative, or focus in on your own issues, your own suffering, but that is never fulfilling.

Think instead of the things you most want and trust in the universe to bring them to you. Do the best you can in the mean time.

I like to remember as well that I am surrounded by love and I find that the easiest way to remember that is to live it. Send out, give your love, react with love and act wit love.

Good advice

I had a brilliant piece of advice yesterday, and it gave me a sense of calm and comfort.

A ship is safest in harbour
but that’s not what it is designed for
you are free on the open seas

The first bit of the quote is more or less attributed to Grace Hopper, a real admiral who also (apparently) coined the term bug for things going wrong with computers.

My workmate sent this to me, with the little addition of his own on the end.

Don’t be afraid, don’t hide who you are. You should not be afraid to care, to show people who you are. Or to be vulnerable… although that can be the most frightening thing in the world.

Be brave and open, do what you want to do…what you dream of doing.

How to: be grateful

Optimism isn’t always easy. When you’ve had a day where everything seems to move against you and you have forgotten exactly what it’s like to feel powerful, or together, or cheerful…

That’s the most important time to work on it.

As I just said to Karen, if you’re sinking into despair, try writing a list of things you’re grateful for.

Start small. What’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast? The feeling of sliding into fresh sheets and going to sleep, the movie which will always make you smile? The smell of your moisturiser or your favourite shower gel?

Think about the people around you, the people you can laugh with, the people who understand you, who share your interests and who know and accept you.

Make a list, not just in your head but somewhere you can refer back to. In a notebook or somewhere online, where you can start adding up these little things and these precious people and then hopefully the list will start to grow.

As you think of things you love and enjoy, hopefully more things will spring to mind: the smell of fresh laundry, sun kissed and aired, the lyrics of a song that makes you feel stronger, projects you can finish or do with a friend, buying fish and chips for dinner instead of cooking. Watching cute cats or music videos or something from a comedy channel on youtube, singing out loud and finding a recipe that you love.

Breathe deeply and look over your list, read it again.

Keep doing it until you feel calmer, and then do it again tomorrow. The next day too. It gets easier and easier, I promise you.

2012-06-27 16.36.01

(photo by me, sunset from up on Boomrock)

Meeting Alan Davies

jennitalula alan davies

Okay so this was one of those times where I failed to be cool, calm and collected in the face of someone famous. People off TV are impressive because you see them and in your head you go “Oh my god, he looks just like he does on TV” and then without even realising it you’re actually shaking and then they look up at you and out loud you just kind of laugh all high and breathy and say “I just love you so much!” and the famous person nods because they’ve heard this a thousand times and you realise you’re going to be lumped in with a thousand other identical fan experiences from the celebrity’s point of view so you try and think of something unique and witty to say.

So you tell them that you were the one who yelled something out during the show and they made fun of you for eating an ice cream, and then the celebrity’s like ‘oh, well, good for you’ and then you have to spell your name and they sign it and you’re rude to keep on talking to them, or take too many photos.

Anyway. It was cool, and he seemed like after doing two hours of stand up like maybe he didn’t really want to keep on talking which I understand.

The up shot is I have another book signed by the author and that makes me happy.

Things I Love Thursday

Compliments! Who doesn't love a compliment? I have been complimented on two things this last week which have made me very happy. 1. My singing voice. Steve said he thought it had levelled up, or… something. Anyway, it was improved he said and I'm proud of that. 2. The newsletters I write for work. Complimented by someone in the biz even, from a whole nother website, heh.

❤ Pink Smog by Francesca Lia Block. The book about Weetzie Bat before she was Weetzie. Excellent, excellent stuff about being 13, love it.

❤ Clean things XD Okay so I am still mildly obsessed with laundry. But the weather hasn’t been so good this week soo…. I’ve had to clean things inside the house, which is still good actually.

❤ Paddling pool!


Honourable Mentions: Trips to the beach, snuggling under the covers and falling asleep, dreaming, getting things done, a nice healthy lunch, soft fuzzy soft toys, new Face-Off episodes, getting paid, bright colours, late Christmas presents, excellent roleplaying and truly connecting with someone.

Please share your own list below, mine feels a little short this week, heh.