L’Avventura (1960)

Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
Written by Elio Bartolini, Tonino Guerra and Michelangelo Antonioni
(number 293)

Gorgeous sixties fashions, thin and disaffected beautiful Italians and complicated relationships. I actually found this movie a lot more accessible than I feared it would be. It was hard to track down in the first place, no torrents, not at my local library – I had to hire it from Aro St Video and then it arrived on a week where I had very little time to myself to watch it. Finally I watched it on a bright but misty Sunday morning while Anna had a much needed sleep in.

it’s a but of a slow film and very much about the characters – how unhappy they are, how they deal with Anna’s disappearance, how they lounge about on the volcanic island looking concerned.

The locations are gorgeous, very alien – the weird shapes of the volcanic islands they tour through, the slopes all looking rather like an old sci fi movie. The gorgeous sixties helicoptor which looks now like a work of art to me. The men lounging around in all in one lounge suits, the women in strange gathered at the neck wrappers made of lace. Stylistically gorgeous. The plot is a little less engaging.

Essentially it’s a movie about mood. It’s a movie about rich people being sad, being sad in beautiful clothes in stunning locations in Italy. I’m not sure I can recommend it..

The scenes where dozens or even hundreds of men appear just to stare at women are truly horrifying though, n

Does it make me love the people? I dunno, they’re all sort of horrid aren’t they? I mean, yeah it sucks when your friend disappears but drowning it out with a sad love affair doesn’t really make you a good person. They’re all a bit rich, disaffected and solemn for me. I guess it could have been a more engaging treatise on humans dealing with loss but it didn’t quite grab for me. Maybe because I kept wanting the women to kiss when they were alone together in their bedrooms and boudoirs.

Bechdel test: Yes, over and over. Early on Anna and Claudia talk about how actually there wasn’t a shark and Anna made it up. Claudia and Patrizzia and Giulia all talk about where Anna has gone. Lots of named women named characters 🙂

Best line:

Corrado: Giulia is like Oscar Wilde. Give her all the luxuries and she will manage without the little necessities.

State of Mind: It dragged, and the people are pretty repulsive. I was happy when it was over, but the styling is brilliant and it’d definitely a beautiful movie. One that you could happily have stills from as art up on the wall. But yeah, I maybe didn’t need to watch a two and a half hour movie to know that rich people can be sad.

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