Things I Love Thursday

My Sweater Vest. Last Friday I had a sudden and passionate need to own and wear a sweater vest. I blame this on a couple of things, fan art of Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale, my love of Blaine from Glee and… it being a mild winter? So, I got a sweater vest and a shirt and yeah, I love it.

Roleplaying Confusion was on Saturday and I played a double feature of Monsterhearts and then Monster of the Week and it was bad ass and awesome and I loved both my characters and it was a great group. Definitely recommend it if you get a chance, I believe they’re doing it again at Kapcon.

Doing absolutely nothing okay so earlier this week I was pretty sick with a bad cold and I spent all of Sunday and most of Monday in bed. There’s something awesome about not having to do anything. I watched some tv, read some books, listened to Night Vale and napped. Resting is awesome.

Craft Oh and I got some craft done too. Finishing projects is like a wee instant boost of self esteem. And then giving the project to someone who appreciates it is so satisfying.

Honourable Mentions: Stretching my neck and getting a satisfying clunk or click out of it, hot milo, Pacific Rim merch, Pacific Rim, Welcome to Night Vale and introducing Blair to Community.

On Top of the World ~ Imagine Dragons. This song is just so freaking happy…

(Imagine Dragons are playing in Auckland the day after my birthday… siiiigh I wish I had money)