Things I Love Thursday

No more stitches! which is obviously super good and the thing I am the most excitable about because the stitches were horrible and pulling. BUT the actually really good news aside from my healing going well, is that all three of the moles removed from me were not cancerous or even vaguely malignant so I don’t need another mole check for a year!

Anna who remains amazing and lovely, taking care of me when I need it and making me laugh and generally being the best other half I’ve ever… in fact I’ve never really liked the term ‘other half’ but in this case, I love that I have someone who knows me so well and who is so willing to work at communication and co-habiting.

Watching movies like Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice and Julie & Julia. Apparently I have a taste for movies with an ampersand in the title. In addition to watching 500 list movies, I have been loving comfort watching as well.

Comics: I’m really enjoying the comics I’m pulling at the moment, particularly the Robin Wars storyline and the Grayson title, they’re so funny, the art’s gorgeous and Dick Grayson gets to be himself.

Colouring in:

Comicssnek jennitalula

Honourable Mentions: postcards, new series of Face Off, friends moving to Auckland, discover weekly on spotify, long weekends back to back, catch ups with dear friends, comfy pants and chocolate.

Love Yourself ~ Justin Bieber for the song and for the awesome dance in the video

Lazarus ~ The late, great David Bowie, telling us goodbye

Things I Love Thursday

C. Spike Trotman‘s talk from xoxofest about succeeding in indie comics even though everyone told her it wouldn’t work. Inspiring on lots of creative, kickstarter, indie levels:

Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. My third time reading Fangirl, and this time aloud to Anna who is loving it, and we both keep laughing. Carry On is kind of a spinoff/sideways sequel ish thing and I am looooving that too. Rainbow is such a fantastic writer ❤

Rainbow's End Night Rides when it's really quiet! Anna and I were right in figuring long weekend + Armageddon + rainy day would mean less people at the park and our waits for rides were minimal, and we got to see a fire dancing show! Also I got a candy floss which was not only substantially bigger than my head, but it glowed!

all hail the glow cloud

Armageddon was also fun and I got to catch up with some friends. Saw lots of super cool cosplays, bought some really great merch, got a bit ragey at the crowds and overall found the experience a bit draining, but fun!

My little herb and vege garden doing really well


Honourable Mentions: Seeing people using playlists I made on Spotify, watching Glee, playing Rock Band, eating homemade donburi, colouring in, Heroes for Sale comic shop, new books, writing motivation and energy, my workmates and the lovely, wonderful and sweet Anna.

Alarms in the Heart ~ Dry the River

Letters from the Sky ~ Civil Twilight

Things I Love Thursday

Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms

“The following products have been shipped:
1 x Rock Band 4 Band in a Box Bundle (PS4)
1 x free Microphone Stand”


On the weekend I went to the Tinderbox conference for children’s authors and illustrators, and it was a really solid, really useful thing for me to have done. Despite being sick as a dog with a cold which turned into a chest infection, I took copious notes, did some networking and made myself a really practical to do list for publishing.

I have started on my to do list by making myself an author page. There’s not much on it right now, but please like it and watch along as I put my journey into high gear. I also signed up for GoodReads so if that’s a thing that you’re on, add me there too! There’s a chance I will also make an author blog but… I’m aware that I already talk about my writing on here, and also it’s possible all these things may take my attention away from actual writing, which wouldn’t be ideal. I haven’t decided.

Also the convention gave me a massive boatload of story and project ideas, so that’s aces as well.

I’ve been playing this browser game called A Dark Room and goodness me but it’s compulsive. I’m so close to finishing I can taste it but I can’t quite beat the last challenge…

This is my jam is dead which is a bit on the sad side, but they’ve done a pretty neat archive.

This is a pretty great vid on where to start with Batman comics (she mentions a couple I hadn’t read, so had to order, heh)

Honourable Mentions: Sunshine, sprouting seeds, birds, antibiotics, good books, electric blankets, lego and my lovely Anna who I miss terribly but she gives me a smile every time she messages me and she keeps on buying me presents so I’m even more excited to see her next week because presents!

Could Have Been Me by the Struts

You ~ Keaton Henson
(it gave me feels about last year’s big Monsterhearts ship)

Things I Love Thursday


my XOXO motivation is pretty concrete, which is super awesome. This week I rebranded my indie games company and launched a new domain and blog for it! If you’re interested in games, game design and tabletop, please check out Scary Monster Games.

Anna, I’m still ridiculously happy to be home with her. I sleep so much better in our bed and I get cuddles all the time. What a cutie she is. Also she just tried to ask me for her keyboard but the only noun she could think of was ‘potato’. The end of term is hard, yo.

Spotify and the awesome music it streams to me, and that I can play at home through my boom.

Planting, I can’t really have a proper garden but I can have

Honourable Mentions: PS4, Disney Infinity, sunshine, laundry drying quicker, soft warm blankets, cuddles, Scotchmallow bars from See’s Candies, lots of people at work happy to see me back, new comics, getting editing done, Life is Strange and new Blu Rays.


Panic! at the Disco ~ Hallelujah

Things I Love Thursday


Spring! On the weekend we went and visited the calves (little moos) and the lambs (lambies) in Cornwall Park and it was pretty awesome. Plus, you know, blossoms, daffodils and warmer weather.


Colouring in! I love that colouring in for adults is a thing now. I started on my hipster colouring book and did this ‘You are Awesome’ page. It’s a good message to remember.

America! OMG I fly out tomorrow! There are plans for adventures and I shall be taking photos and omg. It’ll be intense I think, but I am looking forward to being in late American Summer and catching up with the cool people at XOXO and some of my States friends in other cities as well.

Anna! I’m really going to miss her on my trip, I’m dreading that. But it’s really good that I am so sad about being apart from her, and it will make the homecoming at the end of the trip not sad at all but joyous. It’s great to have something that important to me 🙂

Writing! well, more to the point, editing. This week I called the marvellous Lee Murray about what kinds of questions I should be asking my editor about my manuscript and she was amazingly super helpful and encouraging, and then I called my editor and got three pages of notes and advice on what to do with the novel going forward. It feels really good! I am going to not at all think about my novel while I’m away though, if I get writing inspiration I’ll write new things and have a creative play instead.

Honourable Mentions: chocolate milk, waffles, candy, new books, catching up with friends, new Face Off episodes, music, vegetables, delivery foods, postcards, decluttering, cleaning out and sleep.

I am so great

Taylor Swift’s new music video for Wildest Dreams is also pretty great

Things I Love Thursday

This tree is full of sparrows

This tree is full of sparrows

Spring!There’s flowers and blossoms and lambs and calves in the park at the end of our road. It’s brighter in the mornings and it’s not as cold and I am generally very happy about all this.

jennitalula blossom

Anna because she is cute, funny, clever, beautiful, talented and kind. I’m so glad I moved in with her ❤

There's a website called menulog and it tells you all the restaurants which will deliver to you. Thanks to that website Anna and I got delicious curry for dinner last night. I like food that comes to the door.

Studio Ghibli movies. Anna and I watched The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness documentary and we got inspired to watch all the Ghibli in our collection. We’re watching alphabetically and have got to Spirited Away, plus I just got copies of the Wind Rises and Princess Kaguya which will be fun to watch.

Honourable Mentions: Lovely supportive friends, successful roleplaying with lots of laughs, pretty songs, overflowing with stories, getting things planned for travel to the States next week.

Under the Milky Way ~ The Church

Make You Better ~ The Decemberists

Things I love Thursday

Getting sick again is less than ideal, but I’m taking heart in knowing it’s not as bad as the sickness I had a couple of months back and pretty sure I only need the one day off work, so that’s something.

Spring is near! The days are getting longer, the cows in the park have calves, there are daffodils and tree blossoms popping up all around. It makes the spate of morning car frosts easier to cope with, really looking forward to it being Summer again.

Lego building !

jennitalula jokerland

Anna and me watched some foodie movies on the weekend – Julie and Julia and Chef, and then Anna got determined to recreate the grilled cheese like you see in Chef. This is awesome because it means grilled cheeses, and also because she’s got it down. We had amazing Anna made grilled cheeses for dinner.

Honourable Mentions: Anna <3, hot ribena, office dog pats, visits to the Chocolate Boutique in Parnell, craft, finishing books, getting work done on my manuscript, laughing at the notes being so very spot on, friends and ghost stories.

Maybe it's because I can feel Spring coming but I've been seeking out new music lately, here's some of my favourite picks:

Ghost Town ~ Adam Lambert

Unbroken ~ Bonnie Anderson

Golden ~ Travie McCoy featuring Sia