Things I Love Thursday

Visiting Wellington this last weekend, I made an effort to see as many people as possible, first at work meetings and party and then on Saturday morning with a tasty brunch at Mama Brown’s, then family catch ups, hanging with Luke and Sam and on Sunday, catching up with the old Sunday Monster of the Week crew for a game before flying home. It was really awesome to see so many people, and get all the catch ups but man I was tired when I got home. Anyway, I love my friends!

jennitalula photos

I love Anna, because coming home to her on Sunday night was really good and I felt myself get calm in a way I didn’t quite manage over the weekend.

Animals, by Bob Fossil on the Mighty Boosh

Honourable Mentions: Comics are good right now, roleplaying, vegetarian lasagne, watching The Voice, heaters, hotel rooms, new Blu-Rays, random impromptu shopping, fresh new white T shirts, hanging out and watching movies, umbrella keeping the rain off me and keeping the lounge relatively clean.

A blast from the past, Daft Bodies with Faster, better faster, stronger

Cruel and Beautiful World ~ Grouplove


Things I Love Thursday

Today has been a day of exceptionally good feedback. The kind that takes your imposter syndrome and kicks it in the stomach and it goes flying out the door. I mean, it’s a slightly panicky feeling but it’s also a very good one. I had a very good performance review at work, which emphasised that I am actually good at my job and enjoying it and then I came back from lunch to an email from my manuscript assessor with 9 pages of useful notes, and the comment that it’s worth putting in the work because this story is interesting and engaging and she enjoyed reading it! And of course, the assessor is a high profile Young Adult novelist who I happen to be a fan of, which just makes it so much more awesome.

I am very happy 🙂

Friends who make time to see me when they visit Auckland, last weekend it was James and this weekend it’s Blair! So lovely.

I really love this literary road trips of America map

Baby gets glasses and smiles so wide when she sees her mama, so freaking cute.

Sometimes you just need to watch For the Birds:

Honourable Mentions: Old friends moving up to Auckland, wrapping up my Monsterhearts game with the praise of the players, strawberry milk, antibiotics, sharks, chocolate, ice creams and heaters.

Spotify is slowly winning me over, mostly with lovely curated playlists. I’ve been in there saving songs and making my own playlists that I guess they know me well enough for a weekly curated playlist just for me. Anyway, it gave me this gorgeous song this week and my goodness. It’s so lovely.

Anything for You ~ Ludo

Fantastic kinetic sculpture (esp good to watch with Brian Eno’s 1/2 from Music for Airports playing, which makes sense since the sculpture is in an airport)

Things I Love Thursday

I had some really good news today, which is that my young adult novel has been chosen for a manuscript assessment through the NZ society of authors. I very nearly didn’t send it it (there’s a blog post coming about that) but then at the very last moment I did and now it’s been selected! What this means is it will be looked through by a professional and I’ll get a bunch of feedback and generally it will be one step closer to being published! It’s super exciting and a nice ego boost to me, since I’m constantly feeling I’m not a ‘real’ writer.

Find Momo is a really fun game. And cute 🙂

Fancy new Field Notes turning up in my mail box…

jennitalula field notes

Lunch with Steve and Marguerite. I’ve really missed these two! I must try and visit Christchurch, although that will have to wait because…

I got accepted to XOXO again! Sophie and I have both reserved tickets, now we’re just trying to work out finances, etc. Watch this space, but I may be returning to Portland come September.

Honourable Mentions: Google sheep view, Late night shopping at St Luke’s, swimming and the steam room and spa after, limited edition rocky road snickers bars, warm socks, electric blanket, sleep, making lunches for Anna, Anna, Anna trying on ball gowns and getting craft done.

Kid Theatre presents Magic Mike: Warning! The Magic Bird song may get stuck in your head…

(Jimmy Fallon cannot handle the smoulder)

Cecilia and the Satellite ~ Andre McMahon in the Wilderness

Things I Love Thursday

My amazing Anna who gets me better than almost anyone else I’ve ever known, who listens and understands and is kind, clever, caring, gorgeous and sweet and I adore her.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam]

Staying in a haunted hotel last week was pretty brill, as was seeing the glow worm caves at Waitomo. it’s pretty breathtaking down there…


Remembering that I have a whole tonne of minutes on my phone plan and my phone is actually capable of making calls and talking with my mum 🙂

I found lots of neat videos on the interwebs this week, such as:

The coming out song!

or stuff like this guy dancing all over Chicago (really love that song)

Or my workmate trying to organise a robot sumo league, inspired by this video:

Mindfulness lesson from Daily Zen

Eat My Lunch has been getting a lot of press this week, and rightfully so. A brand new venture where you can order a packed lunch for yourself, and on the day they deliver it they also deliver one to a child who has turned up to school without a lunch. Brilliant stuff. Our free lunch this week at work was this, and it was really tasty, so I’ve signed up to get a delivered lunch every Friday from now on, meaning every Friday there’s one kid who won’t go hungry because of me. It’s a good feeling 🙂

Honourable Mentions: Monster High (tv show and dolls), snuggles, Moustache cookies, slowly getting the hang of spotify, sleeping through a day to keep off a head cold, soft pjs and laughing.

Things I Love Thursday

Wellington. It was nice to get back to the capital, see some of my friends, drive familiar roads, go to some of the best restaurants and even get some gaming in.

Instax photos they’re so fun!


plus it’s nice to have pics of the people I love.

Easter chocolate reduced to clear. I don’t think I need to explain this one but I get really excited about the cheap chocolate.

Honourable Mentions: mum’s home cooking, reading Jacqueline Wilson books, getting craft done and having great craft ideas, pizza, hot dogs, BBQ chicken and snuggles with my darling girl.

Old song but I’ve only just watched the video, it would be nice if the girl was wearing a whole outfit, but Ed’s little smile which shows how much he’s enjoying the dance makes it quite lovely.

Self image and beauty, loving yourself in a TED talk. Important things to think about re: relating to the girls and women in your life and self esteem.

actually the best thing I found out from watching this video is that searching ‘proana’ on tumblr brings up an ‘are you okay?’ message and numbers for help lines. Which is unexpected and I am into it.

Things I Love Thursday

This is so happy making!!!

Beginner’s Guide to Meditation. It’s really seriously long, but Tim is about as down to Earth and cynical as they come and his writing is magnetic. Mostly linking here so I’ll have it to refer back to because I’d love to understand meditation more than I do.

Catching up with friends. Even if all we do is watch a movie or whatever, time with friends is important for my little extrovert heart.

Selfies with elephants…


Exploring the Auckland zoo! I hadn’t been for a few years and it was a lovely hot sunny. I promise you this baby giraffe didn’t look so pissed off in real life, but the picture is so hilarious I had to share it all the same. Hippos! Rhino! Rando birds! Flamingos!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Gigs in Auckland aggregator my dev gave me and it’s pretty great and I loved the

Honourable Mentions: camero cremes, packing lunches for my Anna, snuggles, reading Jacqueline Wilson books, Dick Grayson comics, kaiju, soft new pjs, looking forward to going back to Wellington over Easter, Easter chocolate, the sound of rain on my umbrella, kisses and a clean house.

Okay so this is song is everywhere and it’s because it’s really good and a great song, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson:

Things I Love Thursday

Video heavy this week 🙂 I have found a lot of awesome vids and they are glorious.

This film maker having a conversation with his 12 year old self is beautiful

Kate Beaton’s Germany comics are great.

I discovered the minute physics channel and it’s brilliant:

My lovely dev sent me this video: drunk man sings Seal to his cat !

Honourable Mentions: Photo booths, good news, gaming, new friends, rewatching Glee, LCR chocolate milk, chocolate bunnies, corn nuggets, Wellington people visiting and making Anna smile.

My teenage music playlist