Things I Love Thursday

I went back to zen habits today and I like this. It’s about practicing self confidence. I love it. This one is also great.

I still love Pacific Rim. Have seen it 4 times now. And the fandom has some pretty hilarious things happening.

Honourable Mentions: Fresh Up big fizz Juicy Orange, Tacos Thursday, catching up on TV and watching old X-Files, craft, visiting and drives in the sun, more light in the early morning, an excellent session of FATE world building which promises to be an excellent game, sharing ridiculous jokes with my flatmates, talking about things that matter and talking about utter nonsense.

I’m late to the party with it comes to Belle & Sebastian, and I’m okay with that. This is the song which I’ve had in my head and on repeat for the last few days…

And even older, this song has moved me since I was a kid and it first came out. The thing is, it’s cheesy and it’s 80s… but the message is kind of amazing. You have the power to change things, you have the power if you take it.

Don’t be silent, don’t live with fear… use the power within you.

(also bagpipe solo.)

My list is a bit short today, I’m blaming that on it being cold and me being hungry. Add a thing or a list of your own things below?

Things I Love Thursday

My Sweater Vest. Last Friday I had a sudden and passionate need to own and wear a sweater vest. I blame this on a couple of things, fan art of Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale, my love of Blaine from Glee and… it being a mild winter? So, I got a sweater vest and a shirt and yeah, I love it.

Roleplaying Confusion was on Saturday and I played a double feature of Monsterhearts and then Monster of the Week and it was bad ass and awesome and I loved both my characters and it was a great group. Definitely recommend it if you get a chance, I believe they’re doing it again at Kapcon.

Doing absolutely nothing okay so earlier this week I was pretty sick with a bad cold and I spent all of Sunday and most of Monday in bed. There’s something awesome about not having to do anything. I watched some tv, read some books, listened to Night Vale and napped. Resting is awesome.

Craft Oh and I got some craft done too. Finishing projects is like a wee instant boost of self esteem. And then giving the project to someone who appreciates it is so satisfying.

Honourable Mentions: Stretching my neck and getting a satisfying clunk or click out of it, hot milo, Pacific Rim merch, Pacific Rim, Welcome to Night Vale and introducing Blair to Community.

On Top of the World ~ Imagine Dragons. This song is just so freaking happy…

(Imagine Dragons are playing in Auckland the day after my birthday… siiiigh I wish I had money)

Things I Love Thursday

Pacific Rim! The monsters, the Kaiju are so beautiful. The robots, the jeagers are fantastic. The soundtrack deep and moving and yeah I just love it. I love the way it makes me feel, and how freaking cool the whole thing is. I have ordered t shirts, stickers, the novelisation and two action figures. I regret nothing.

Finishing projects. I feel like I add this in quite often, but the fact of the matter is that it is incredibly satisfying and I get to be proud of myself and people say nice things. So, I really truly love finishing craft, especially great big quilts, and knowing that it’s done.

Tacos Thursday! I love my flatmates, they cook much more often than I do, and Tacos Thursday has quick become an excellent and delicious tradition.

Roleplaying. I hadn’t tabletop roleplayed for a while and then I had a session of Golden Sky Stories on Saturday night and a game of Fall on Sunday. Both were excellent, if very different. I had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the Shakespeare larp I’m in on Saturday.

Honourable Mentions: My Jess, Netflix, new DVDs, reading about cool new movies in Empire, hanging washing out on the line, my totoro onesie, photographs and my new job.