Film Festival post 2

On Tuesday I went to see Love is Strange at the Penthouse and it was exceptionally good. It’s measured but not slow, and the fantastic performances made it feel immersively real. The little ordinary annoyances of living and the utter devotion of the lead couple.

Fred Mollina and John Lithgow were wonderful, and I adored Patricia Arquette in it. The problem with this movie is that I loved all the characters too much so the end made me cry a lot. It hit me hard in the long distance relationship/missing my girl feels.

Friday I ditched out of the work party even though I was rocking a Gerard Way costume and saw The Darkside. I didn’t regret this choice.

The Darkside is what happened when Warwick Taylor put a call out to Aboriginal communities and asked them to share their stories of encounters with ghosts and the spirit world. Then he got Aboriginal actors to perform the stories to the camera. It was amazing. It was spooky and beautiful and sad. I sort of believe in ghosts and I sort of don’t, but I believed that these people had real experiences.

Definitely recommend if you can track it down.


It’s always odd to see a clearly biased doco, because you listen to the ‘doom doom doom’ music and hear the voice over say ‘and this happened!’ and I think to myself ‘yes, but…’

There were a lot of ‘yes, but..’s while I watched this film. I mean, I don’t think anyone would agree that some of the things the teenagers were describing were bad, but I couldn’t help but think that she’d only interviewed a tiny sample and shown us the most shocking things, where most experiences would be pretty much fine.

It was a very well shot doco but the bias never went away, and she touched only lightly on too many things.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya was on Saturday, and I had a lovely friend-date/catch up with Sam since I had a spare ticket. It was a really horrible day weather wise, so we had comfort food at Joe’s Garage and a hot drink at the Embassy and really enjoyed this film!

It’s one of the last movies which will come out from Studio Ghibli and all the art is based on ancient Japanese ink and watercolour paintings. It’s truly beautiful and I highly recommend it.