Things I Love Thursday

milky way

Very long exposure shot of Milky Way from Chile by Nicholas Buer.



Anna and I went to Auckland Armageddon for Sunday afternoon. I had a lot of fun cosplaying with her as Cecil and Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale, and we were both very excited when people recognised who were being. I also had a lot of fun taking pictures of other cosplayers and perusing the booths, catching up with some of the Auckland people and so on. Plus, I got to see Richard Dean Anderson talk and that’s pretty magical.

Cat petting simulator of greatness. I mean, it’s really satisfying even though it’s just text.

Remembering xoxo

which links directly into….

Hank Green’s xoxo talk, Kill your dreams!! I know that doesn’t sound like a cheerful or inspiring talk but I found it incredibly cheerful and inspiring, give it a watch!

My car broke down this week, which isn’t at all a good thing but there are some good things I got from the whole experience. Such as, I learned more about how engines work, I discovered that there’s a number of people in Wellington on a Saturday night who are happy to offer to push your car if it breaks down, that my mechanic is pretty darn great and how to steer a car which is being towed. Thanks to Richard for the tow up the hill! It was terrifying XD

Also catching the bus means I’m noticing more flowers and blossoms and colour on the hillsides as I commute and that’s awesome.

I’ve been using ThinkUp which I learned about at xoxo. It harvests information from your social networking use and reports it back to you, such as highlighting if you’re swearing a lot, or talking about yourself all the time or not sending links out. It’s kind of a cute and limited way of being mindful about how you are presenting and what you want to be doing with your social networks. The creator of ThinkUp, Gina Trapani, suggested it was a way to make networking better and I think it is helping me with this.

Honourable Mentions: My mum is awesome and is making me a quilt, my dad is awesome and helped with the car engine, My darling girlfriend, snoozes, getting crafts done, sharing ice cream, good roleplaying experiences, cakes with friends in nice cafes, public holidays and making good decisions.

The Pierces’ new song ~ Creation