GM Guide: SKMTFM Emo quotes

Bored of the quotes that came with the game? How do you find new quotes to use in your games of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon?

My favourite method is extracting a line or two from an emotional song. Most love songs are pretty sad and have stuff in them that can be used. For example the song “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars has a few lines ripe for extraction and re-use. Like “am I a fool/ who sits alone/ talking to the moon?” would be especially good for a game involving werewolves. Or you could use the opening lines “I know you’re somewhere out there/ somewhere far away /I want you back” is a good all purpose quote that could be used in most games.

Or look at Katy Perry’s Firework, it’s an uplifting song, but it has examples of bad stuff in the verses. “Do you ever feel already buried deep/ Six feet under scream/ But no one seems to hear a thing“. Sounds pretty emo doesn’t it? It’s best to choose the parts of songs which don’t rhyme, because they sound more natural spoken. Unless of course, you want your players to be spouting couplets, which would be awesome if the characters were all poets or something,

30 Seconds from Mars have a good line in OTT lyrics “Come break me down/ bury me / bury me“. “Your promises, they look like lies/ Your honesty, like a back that hides a knife,” or “It’s a beautiful lie / It’s the perfect denial / Such a beautiful lie to believe in.” I was really pleased when my emo playlist threw up Beautiful Lie just as a dark fae was telling his human lover that there was nothing weird going on with him

You can also look to movies and television for inspiration. Here’s a good one from the first episode of Friday Night Lights: “Life is so very fragile. We are all vulnerable. And we will all at some point in our lives fall. We will all fall. We must carry this in our hearts. That what we have is special.” Of course, that’s quite long for a quote, you might want to break that up some.

From movies there are the big lines that everyone remembers like “I can’t seem to quit you,” and “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” Just watch a couple of movies set at a high school and you should get some more.

Then of course, there are quotes from sessions of the game you have played. If anyone out there has some delicious actual play emo lines to share, please do so in the comments!

For inspiration Tickle-Me Emo.

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Actual Play Report- Silver Kiss

Sophie and Giffy were the supernaturals; Taylor and Kylie, Sam and Conan were the humans; Tami and Raife. The supernaturals were were-jaguar half siblings (same Dad, different mothers) and the humans were both cheerleaders.

Giffy and Sophie quickly established a pack order: parents, then Kylie, then Taylor. He at least was higher than the kids also in their family of half siblings and multiple wives. Raife had a twin brother, Chet, who was pretty similar except a bit more emo, a lot less popular and not gay like Raife. Tami was an only child with absentee parents.

Raife was quickly shown to be a social butterfly, friends with everyone and somewhat stuck catering to Tami who was top of the social ladder and rather demanding. He waited for her after cheerleading practice and when they came out they headed up to watch the sunset on the hill and then off to the one burger joint in town for dinner. Raife texts ahead to Bobby, the head of the fencing team: Hey B, the Queen is coming.

Kylie and Taylor had just arrived in town and headed to the one burger joint for food. They were sitting in Tami and Raife’s usual booth by the window and talking about starting school the next day.
Kylie: How do you already have a letterman jacket?
Taylor: I’m good.
Kylie: No, but HOW? We haven’t even been to school yet!
Taylor: They sent it ahead.
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GM guide: The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon

Since my game is now out on its own in the Big Wide World, people may in fact be planning on running games of it. I figured now would be a good time to do some Game Master guide type entries so that people can learn a bit more about how I run the game. Part one: Parents.

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So, as a GM one of the most useful tools I have for creating conflict in a game of Silver Kiss is Parents. Parents are freaking useful for ruining teen player character’s plans, making them feel stupid or inadequate, giving them a foil to be emo against and bringing the anger.

Specific ways of having a parental unit insert themselves include:

  • Demand time with the teen. e.g. “We never see you…” or “We have a skype appointment with your mother which you have to stay home for.”
  • Complain about the choices they have made in character creation. e.g. “I don’t know why you waste your time on cheerleading when you could really use that extra study time…”
  • Ask difficult questions. e.g. “How did you get that black eye?” or “What’s that mark on your neck?” or “Why are you home so late?”
  • Be there at the wrong time. e.g. Chaperone at the school dance, turn up at school as a substitute teacher, observe the PCs doing something unusual or overhear a fraught conversation.

I always ask my players, especially the people playing the human characters, to tell me a bit about their character’s family life. Do they have both parents, are their parents supportive, etc. Using their answers will give you the skeleton of a character that you can then stick into the game at an inappropriate time. Last week Sam mentioned that her parents were often out of town. I had her Dad be home when she got back after meeting her True Love. I didn’t know what it was he did, but Sam asked in character “How was the conference?” Due to slow thinking on my part I flubbed my answer “There was lots of…keynote speaker…action.”

One of the other players laughed and said it was a cover up because he was really a spy, so I ran with that. From that moment on, Sam’s character was daughter to two world class spies who just wanted her to follow in their footsteps. It was comedy Gold, but meant I could play the guilt card about her going out when her father was in town for such a short time.

As a GM it’s important to remember that the story isn’t about the parents, it’s just the way that they can ruin what’s happening for the PCs. Sometimes you may invent an incredibly cool parent NPC such as a version of Zeus, who likes to flood towns when things get tricky with the girl you just slept with, or a Were-Jaguar pack leader who just wants the teenage boy to learn some responsibilty, but it’s important to keep the focus on the players.

If you want to check out some actual plays, here you go (in reverse chronological order): Kapcon 2011 day 1, Day of Games, Kapcon 2010 day 2, Kapcon 2010 day 1.

If you’ve played in this game, have run something similar or have an example from TV or movies I’d love to hear from you. How else can parent characters create conflict for teenage protagonists?

Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon

My Silver Kiss game is now available for sale online! .PDF download is US$5 or you can get a physical book for US$10

It’s up on Lulu, and you can purchase here.

I’d really love some reviews, so if you’ve read or played it, please go out and spread the word! OMG I am so excited!

If you want to check out some actual plays, here you go (in reverse chronological order): Kapcon 2011 day 1, Day of Games, Kapcon 2010 day 2, Kapcon 2010 day 1.

The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon

I’m selling something!

yummy cover image

It’s my roleplaying game: The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon, in which four players play teenage best friends. Two human, two supernatural…somethings. One human falls in love with one supernatural and it’s basically a hilarious emo pastiche of Twilight and similar books/movies/TV shows.

I’ve been running it a few years at conventions and stuff, Margie did the art, Sunit tidied up the art and Tanya made it super pretty. I’ve got a bunch of copies in hard copy from and I’m selling them for $15. Let me know if you want one and can meet me somewhere in Wellington for an exchange, or you can direct credit me the money + postage and I can send it out to you. Use the author info and contact to email me direct. And do it now! Copies are going fast…

There is a minor issue with the cover image, it’s cut a line of text in half and obscured my name, but it’s all repeated just inside the cover and my name’s on the spine so that’s okay for this run. Really, it just makes them more rare and valuable.

Once I’ve got the cover image sorted out I’ll put the link for up and you can order direct from there, the .pdf file or the hard copy.

Now for sale on Lulu! Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

If you want to check out some actual plays, here you go (in reverse chronological order): Kapcon 2011 day 1, Day of Games, Kapcon 2010 day 2, Kapcon 2010 day 1.

Kapcon 2011 day one

I started the convention with Anna’s mini-LARP Dead Man’s Chest. It was a pre-generated ‘murder mystery’ evening style game but much more LARPish and the level of costuming was pretty darn high. I was cast as Elizabeth Swann Stanforth, the Governor’s daughter. I went for an anachronistic-but-got-the-idea across costume of a knee length shiny tiered skirt, pink tights, black boots, the top of my Victorian dress and a delicate silver charm necklace. Spoilers for the game follow so don’t read on if you think you might play it some time…

My character had just one secret: she hadn’t been kidnapped by pirates by accident, she had made a deal with Captain “Saucy” Nancy to be kidnapped so she could escape the engagement to the Spanish Don that her father arranged. My character goals were get out of the marriage, figure out if you want to be a pirate and try and get engaged to the naval captain instead.

I had a good time in this game, arguing with Scott who was playing my dad, my sister who had run away as a cabin boy on the other pirate ship, making friends with Captain Jack Sparrow Black, who unfortunately got thrown into a volcano at the end of the game, and arranging things so that I could have my cake and eat it. I got engaged to Captain Overy of the English navy and made an arrangement to meet up with Captain Nancy and go privateering with her when he was out of town. Nice one.

I was actually a little surprised at how much everyone seemed to want to help me, but this was probably helped by the fact that I forgot to play Elizabeth as a complete brat. I could have really ramped that up… There was some trouble with my sister running off with the Spanish to be a pirate and possibly getting blown to pieces but well, I wasn’t going to stop her living her own life.

That’s me, Daddy (without wig) and Captain Hal, my fiance.

We finished a little early and were roped in to being armed cops busting up a drug den very briefly. I’m not actually sure what that was about.

Second round I was running in the Games On Demand room and I got a group together to play Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon. Continue reading

Day of Games

I am hardcore and stayed the whole day for Day of Games this year.

First round: Time and Temp run by Paul.

This is a neat Inspectres-esque game where you play temps at an agency for dealing with time discrepancies. We were sent back to London 1598 to check out something that they said was ‘big’. It turned out that Kenneth Branagh was there, chatting up Will Shakespeare and trying to steal Love’s Labour’s Won, the lost sequel to Love’s Labour’s Lost.

I played Charlie Greene, who had been a librarian, then a stay at home mum and a volunteer at Playcentre before temping. Nasia played a ditzy former hair-dresser/nail technician called Sam. Nick (who played Edgar Allen Poe at Fleet St) was a slightly violent former supermarket worker and Ellen played an ex-journalist.

Sam: This is nothing like Shakespeare in Love!
Charlie: It would have been if you could smell it.

I played up the mothering and even got to tell off Kenneth Branagh when we managed to track him down. This is after we had encouraged the crowd to boo him off stage and Nick’s character had beaned him with a wine bottle.
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Kapcon 19 – Day 2

AKA the funnest day ever.

I had a very good sleep after the LARP except that I woke up at 6.30 buzzing with the day before and excited about the day to come. In first session I played Amphigori’s game American Gothix. I was cast as the Artist, who truly believed that to be the best artistically you needed to suffer. Thus I complained about everything and constantly pointed out how terrible everything was. It was so much fun. The only problem was that we all kept laughing. Of course, this isn’t a problem at all. The game was full of awesome players…

Nikki was the newcomer ‘Wishless Star’, the token girl whose parents’ minivan we were road tripping in.
Bryn played Stevie, Star’s annoying little brother who we were forced to take with us so he could play Commodore 64 with his friend.
Glen was The DJ, Vinyl aka The Reefer
Andy M was playing the Delinquent, Zues, who was both scary and desperate to impress John
Ants played John Smith, the uber-Goth, basically the leader of the crew and oh so Goth, oh so smug. (I hated him, because I was clearly a lot more Goth than him.)
My character’s legal name had been Bryan but he was going by Byron.

Lots of awesome quotes from this game, I’ll try and give them context…

When we were deciding where to sit in the minivan John took the back seat, draping his arms along the back of the seat like he was holding court. I hung back while the delinquent chose the seat directly behind the driver, Vinyl pushed Stevie into the middle front seat so he could control the stereo. I was heading for the middle back seat, so that all of us in the back were seated alone. John Smith said: Byron, why don’t you sit next to me? Speak some poetry.
Byron: Nah man, I’m busy.
(I should have done it, really because my character sheet said to take every chance to read my poetry but I hated him so much I didn’t want to do what he said. It was awesome.) Continue reading

Kapcon 19 – day 1

I didn’t get my A into G to register for first round games before they started filling up. I decided the right way to start the con was with Games on Demand. Once in the room I managed to peer pressure Steve into running Bad Family. Also in the game were Trish playing River, 14 and whiny, Richard playing Randy the grandfather, Mike playing James the stoner twin of my character Jaime, Dylan was Alex, the eldest and Nasia, playing Beth, the mother of the rabble and Randy’s daughter.

My want for the episode was to win the school talent show. After we’d already established that James and River were rebellious and failing school I decided I had better be the good kid and ensure that Nasia didn’t enter a despair spiral. It didn’t really work. It’s tough being the mother of a Bad Family. If it wasn’t for my character’s addiction to amphetamines, I suspect I would have been rather boring compared to the others. This game was hella frenetic because of the high number of players but I managed to get the following Golden quote:

Beth, yanks River out of the bathroom so she won’t be late for school, interrupting her makeup application.
River: But if I go like this, everyone will look at me!
Beth: So clean all that stuff off your face.
River: but then no one will look at me!

In second round I ran my first ‘proper’ session of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon. It’s a game I wrote riffing off supernatural teen romance stories, specifically spoofing Twilight but incorporating a lot of the books I’ve read in the last year. It’s a game for four players, two supernatural beings, two humans. One of each falls in love and the other two are the best friends.
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