I’m all pink with happiness, I just released a book and had it picked up by a very happy and excited woman. “It’s like a butterfly” she said…

It’s magic to share a good book with other people, have them be happy at finding something free to take home.
I got another trademe pony yesterday too, baby noddins with a ‘peek-a-boo’ moving head. She’s very cute, although very played with. Her tail has a bit of rust damage and she’s got marks. I’m pretty happy with her though, and took her out on the town with me last night. My pony collection grows. Lee is unhappy about this, but cannot stop the tide of ponies. No one can. Bwah hah hah hah hah!

This morning I did a storytime that was entirely ‘let’s bang musical instruments and have fun’. Needless to say it was very fun, and I was very impressed with the rythym and imagination of one pre-speaking toddler. He was stringing bells on his arms and hitting a tambourine with a stick of bells for maximum noise.

Having a meeting of the Mary-Kate and Ashley fan club tonight. I’ve got the second DVD of the TV show So Little Time and The Princess Diaries to watch. Big day tomorrow, too with tupperware parties and seeing my family.
I’m in a very good mood now.

Kiddie’s ABC

I just heard a 3-4 year old sing the ABC it went something like this:
A B C D E F G H S T J kaka Meeniooo. Concrete Truck R H J S T.

Maisy mouse, RPGnet

This morning I read a book in storytime called Maisy’s Rainbow Dream. I believe I’ve mentioned Maisy Mouse before, as a rule I find the pictures cute and the stories bland.

Maisy’s rainbow dream on the other hand is fantastic. I like to call it “Maisy takes drugs” because the images in her dream strongly ressemble cartoons from the Beatle’s druggy Yellow Submarine era. Lots of striking colours and weird variations of the norm, like a teapot with legs, or a turtle whose shell is a slice of watermelon.

The other thing I’ve done today is join Central RPG net, after Morgue linked to me there. I have since been obsessively reading and posting there. It is extremely active right now in the Post kapcon excitement. I’m really enjoying it.
I have been inspired to run a couple of games after Kapcon. I want to run a Jane Austen type game where the characters all have the goal of “land a good, rich husband”. I also want to run an Engel game, but not before I’ve actually read the book!
I have vague ideas in my head, one based on a Studio Ghibli short I watched called “On your Mark”. It’s very beautiful and made me cry. Because I’m a big sook. Just lovely.

I also want to play in some of the games I missed out on at kapcon. RPG net is full of this! I especially want to play Tomb of Horrors and Donna’s Little Fears game. I like Little Fears. I might want to buy it.
I wish I didn’t want to buy things, it makes saving so hard!

Finished reading: The Other Madonna which is a fantastic Young woman novel, set in Australia where the main character is extremely human, emotional and irrational and seems to be able to heal with her hands when she wants to.
Very cool.

bloop bloop

It’s a lovely sunny day, and I’m stuck at work. When I’m finished I might go to the Gardens or Oriental Bay and enjoy the evening sun.

Since we finally have a working fridge again, and Lee’s sister is coming over for tea tomorrow, I’m going to do some grocery shopping tonight too. Then I’ll scrapbook a bit.

Until then I’m at work. A grumpy old lady just got me to turn off the music (Crowded House, Recurring Dream. Not offensive in the least, but there you have it.) I’m doing a class in about 40 minutes, we’re doing Sophisticated Picture Books at the moment, which means pop-ups and books without words and suchlike. It’s a good fun topic that the kids enjoy.

We have a very impressive dragon pop-up book on loan from Central library. That’s my favourite one, but it’s getting a bit old and worn out.

Round Trip by Ann Jonas is also a classic. It’s all in black and white, featuring a very straightforward story about a family’s day outing. The kicker comes when you reach the end of the book (high up a skyscraper in the city) turn the book around and follow the family back home. All the pictures upside down show the journey back. A marsh with big plants on the way in is a fireworks display on the way home. It’s an amazing book, and one that probably has to be seen to be believed.

I’m a librarian showing it to classes now, and I remember being at a class visit being shown it by a librarian. Talk about a round trip.

In my head, what’s in my head

Would you believe that I am *still* humming “This is how you remind me” by Nickelback??
I got rid of it on Friday night and then Lee started singing it on Saturday morning. It was relatively quiet yesterday, but now it’s back with a vengeance. I must put some music on to drown it out…..
Oh woe, woe is me.

This morning in storytime I used two “Sole!” books, which are written by a Wellingtonian and fully multicultural and wonderful. It is so hard to get picture books that are actually set in Wellington. I read “Sole! goes to the stadium” and “Sole! learns karate”.
I was a bit worried about the karate one since it uses Japanese words, but one girl watching asked to take it home, so there you go.