All of The Winding City

Conan has decided to release The Winding City as it is, with not all the special FX done. So, now’s your chance to get in there and watch the whole series. The FX which are done look awesome and I’m in it, and I think I do okay.

Episode one: Arrivals

Episode two: The Party

Episode three: Masques

Episode four: Departures

I’m in a TV show

well, a web series. A web series that is slowly being uploaded online in the hopes that people will like it and we can get some money together to do a feature length movie.

The Winding City is a story about some friends in Wellington who stumble onto something supernatural.

You can tell it was a while ago that we shot this because my hair is so super short. (And Nick’s is so long.) I come in around the 2 minutes, 35 seconds mark, in case you were wondering.

Conan McKegg is the driving force, being the creator, the writer and director/producer. All credit to him for the words and stuff. I’m happy to take credit for my acting and my costumes, I was in total control of what I wore ;p

Please share this around if you liked it, put it on your blog or share the link back here, tell your friends, show it at parties and send it around work. We want to get a fan base!

More info including my blog posts about the shooting can be found by using The Winding City tag below. The next episodes will be online in the next few weeks (I think) and you can follow The Winding City on Twitter for more info.

The Winding City – Filming Day 3

I had a late start on Sunday, since they were filming stuff in the morning that didn’t involve my character. I had been half considering going along anyway and helping out with shot logging, etc but I slept badly on Saturday night and was quite happy to turn over and go back to sleep when Lee left.

I managed to catch up with Giffy and Erik before filming and then turned up to find Nick and Nasia’s even more packed than it had been on previous shoots. There was a green screen in the dining room, gear boxes on the floor in the lounge, extras on the chairs and crew running around looking panicked. I got myself out of the way.

There was some chilling out with the extras outside (nice and out of the way, plus fresh air is good) and I made a new friend there. Then there was lunch, and then there was chilling out in Nasia’s room (out of the way again) and then I go to to do a scene. It pretty much was us all running in and looking panicked. I did some non-verbal eye acting with Rowan and Norman. Then I had two lines, which I think I made sound good…at least I hope I did.

Then there was some more waiting while other characters did stuff and then we did the final scene from the last episode, and the rehearsals were bad and I kept messing up my lines and we had some issues with positions and stuff…then we filmed it and I realised that I didn’t have the prop that I was supposed to have and referred to in my speech! I think it’ll make a good blooper anyway…Anyway, I only had a couple of lines in that scene too, so I felt like I got off easy, especially considering Nick and Elliot had a huge amount of talky scenes and dramatic acting to do.

I did some behind the scenes filming with Conan’s mini camera and I also helped out with a couple of scenes and carried equipment down the stairs to Dan’s van. It’s funny, that’s all I did but it was exhausting.

Oh in one of my down time moments I got some writing done on a short story. So that was neat, and last night I started writing a new novel! I’ve only done the prologue, but it’s started….

Conan’s write up again with exclusive behind the scenes photographs.
Nick’s thoughts on the shoot and playing Bram.
And the facebook group. Subscribe for news as it becomes available, it finally has an avatar too, thanks to Conan.

Filming Day Two, The Winding City

Yesterday was spent at Nick and Nasia’s house, filming scenes for Conan’s web TV project The Winding City. It went really well, with the shots being set up and filmed quickly and ahead of schedule.

I have been in a shockingly bad mood since Thursday, so I wasn’t quite in the frame of mind I was in last time, but being reunited with the people on this project got me right back in the swing of things. The other actors are just so much fun to work with. Especially my girls and the bathroom improv songfest while waiting for the director to call action so we could come in the front door (bathroom door).

I was involved in three scenes, two of which I had to speak in. Those two scenes were long, like five pages each and we shot them in one take. The first one, where the girls are introduced for the first time has a lot of people coming and going and a lot of movement which should look awesome on camera. Unfortunately this meant it was complex to film and if you missed a cue or called someone by the wrong name then we had to do the whole thing again…plus I had extra *spoilerish* things to worry about, although I managed to pull it off each time. Oh so secretive! Hee hee.

I was pleased with my most-of-the-time remembering my lines (studying them beforehand actually does help! Crazy.) And I think I was able to follow direction from both the director and the cameraman (Lee again). Especially the direction “think Gilmore Girls”, which was helpful for the pacing of my lines. My character is a chatterer and most of the time my lines end with me being cut off, interrupted or otherwise distracted, so if someone else misses a cue I get to improv how I think the rest of the line will go. The other actors are all such professionals it can be a little intimidating, but they’re so easy to work with, and they give so much that I relax pretty fast. I missed Rowan though!

It was also really fun getting a scene with Norm, as in the Kapcon LARP we know each other well enough, and there’s enough trust that we can be physical with each other and it’s fine.

I made ginger crunch and afghans for the day and they were much appreciated as well. Must think of some healthier snacks though, there’s so much sugar in those things and you just crash out after a while. I find it hard to get hungry during a film shoot. I notice it at the 48 but also in these one-day shoots, I don’t get hungry. It could be because there is fairly constant snacking happening, or it could be because you’re just so focussed on the job at hand that you forget. I ate a double meat and salad sandwich at lunch but only little snacks during the afternoon. About an hour after we came home I suddenly got really hungry. It was pretty weird.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that the shoot went well and I’m feeling really good about the project. Looking forward to seeing the finished product for sure…

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Conan’s wrap up with exclusive never before seen pictures of the cast and crew of The Winding City!
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Facebook group….still a little quiet but it’s there.

The Winding City

We shot the first bunch of stuff today for Conan’s The Winding City web TV project. We got heaps done, literally heaps and an extra scene as well. We had no camera person so Lee did it. I taught Nick how to log shots. I held the boom for one shot. It was awesome fun.

I had some awesome down time with the other actors running lines (learning my long confusing line of evile), joking, looking through the Prado museum book that Giffy sent me and generally making new friends. It was awesome. There should be some good behind the scenes footage of three of us on the bed together. (ooh err)

I think I did pretty well in my scenes, but it’s very cool and humbling to watch real professionals (or near professionals) working. The way they can just inhabit the role and make you really believe in their motivations. I have it pretty easy since Conan more or less wrote my role for me and I have no emotional motivations or romance plotlines I don’t have as much to sell. The others do and from what I could see, watching the shooting, they did it.

We had an awesome crew and Nick and Nasia were very kind to let us invade their house in such a thorough way for an entire Sunday. It’s a fantastic location, lots of big rooms and great flow.

So, I’m pretty tired out now. Feet sore and head sleepy. I always forget how draining filming is.

PoF: relaxation
CO: 80s movies


Weekends go fast when you’re busy. Here’s what my weekend looked like:

Friday night: get home and bake batch of cupcakes and chocolate cake.

Saturday: fail to sleep in, then get up and vote (take two stickers), sing the Making Fiends voting song, buy Batgirl tee shirt. Hang out at home briefly then go to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen for delicious breakfast burrito with old friends, come home, ice chocolate cake while showing off 48 hour film to said old friends.

Rush to The Winding City rehearsal and get there way late, rehearse. Lounge about in the sun with friends and talk about rehearsal, go to Jville for delicious Burger Fuel dinner, come back, eat dinner, partay. At partay, catch up with a bunch of people in between drinking summer ale and playing Rock Band. (Bliss to have a drum set that works.) Oovle homewards circa 11.15.

Sunday: Fail to sleep in, update blog with small sad political post, have shower, let Steve in to borrow stuff, say goodbye to husband, get in car. Drive to Kapiti while recognising that you are a smidge hung over and consider stopping for tasty baking in Jville, decide just to sing at top of lungs all the way instead. Collect parents, give mother birthday money to buy herself a painting, do the Kapiti Arts trail and purchase a willow basket off the Irishman who made it, several little things from an Otaki arts collective called Zambarta (where mum bought her birthday painting) and meet Tasty_fish for lunch. Lunch is pleasant but the cafe is very slow to deliver food. Pan fried fish and exotic cheese salad is so good you can’t complain about the wait. Get back in car, swelter and finish off the stuff you had to see in the arts trail, find out that sister is being kept in hospital overnight for tests, see brother in law and niece. Have icecream, drive home, talk to husband, check interwebs, go to visit sister in hospital. Sister is absent. Turns out she’s been let out for dinner. Got to Mexican cafe in Newtown for dinner (too much cheese) and then visit sister and she is there. Hang out with sister til visitor’s hours over and then come home and watch Supernatural til bed time.

Sister is fine, by the way and back at Mum’s house today. Phew.
Steve sent me this nice little advice column about the Query query which is about query letters to publishers. Nice to add to my writing advice collection.

In other er….areas of writing advice, I got this amazing article off Zephfi called How to Write Smokin’ Hot Smut which is very helpful for my current project. It’s specifically written for fanfic, but the advice is actually pretty universal.

PoF: brown
CO: dumb ear

Unreasonably busy weekend.

All week I just wanted to spend the two weekend days asleep in bed, or lying in bed doing very little. Fate was not to allow this to happen.

Saturday morning we skyped with Giffy and Erik and Tia! It was awesome, but we had to cut the conversation short because we then had to go to Svend and Star’s house to see Michaela, which was awesome also. I borrowed DVDs.

Lee and I took Michaela into town for her lunch date and took ourselves to Molly Malone’s for pub food lunch. I had a very satisfying chicken pie. Then I made scones and Nick came over and we all headed up to Norm’s for Winding City stuff. Caught up with Sok and Steph and Amphigori and other Winding City people and met some cool new people who were trying out for parts too.

Norm and Lee and Nick and I went to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Brooklyn with Svend and Star and then Nick went into town and the rest of us saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day which is very very good. It was funny but with genuine drama and depth as well. Frances McDormand and Amy Adams are very good and the rest of the characters were all played by familiar faces (Septimus, the pie maker from Pushing Daisies, Moaning Myrtle….). Lee enjoyed it too, which was a nice surprise, and means it was well paced. Great music, gorgeous 1939 clothes (want Amy’s blue outfit and the gold dress, thanks.).

Today dawned bright and sunny and we went to brunch at Roxy with Lee’s parents and it was tasty good and then Lee and I went to the zoo because we had free tickets to use. Highlights: red pandas, lions, cotton top tamarins coming right near the fence, warning signs and seeing the baby chimp. Glorious sunshine was also much appreciated.

Grocery shopping on the way home, followed by some housework and then lots of typing of WtWtc? (word count now at 60,091 typed up) and I feel I have had a very productive and social weekend. Hopefully can get some Rock Band in tonight.

PoF: comfy
CO: what now?