Things I Love Thursday

America! La Brea tar pits were amazing, seeing real famous art, squirrels, shopping in Santa Monica, DISNEYLAND, Seatle, Portland, food carts, Target, Powell’s City of Books, diners and chilling with Sophie. It was a great time!

jennitalula santa monica

XOXO was amazing. I met a whole lot of amazing people, I had my head exploded, expanded, pieced together and wrung out in all the best ways. I’m stuffed full of motivation and sparking with ideas for new ways to create and get my stuff out. Pretty great actually.

Spring! Okay so it turns out I was really ready to come home and that the sight of all the blossoms, daffodils, and pretty sunshiney weather has made me feel really happy about the seasons changing. Really looking forward to Summer.

Being home with Anna is also the absolutely best thing. I missed her like crazy and it’s great being back home.

I saw Akilah speak at xoxo and she was great, check out her youtube channel, starting with this cover of Cups 🙂

Honourable Mentions: blankets, dolls, books, new T shirts, hot ribena, hot chocolate, aeroplanes and weird dreams.

Things I Love Thursday

My amazing Anna who gets me better than almost anyone else I’ve ever known, who listens and understands and is kind, clever, caring, gorgeous and sweet and I adore her.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam]

Staying in a haunted hotel last week was pretty brill, as was seeing the glow worm caves at Waitomo. it’s pretty breathtaking down there…


Remembering that I have a whole tonne of minutes on my phone plan and my phone is actually capable of making calls and talking with my mum 🙂

I found lots of neat videos on the interwebs this week, such as:

The coming out song!

or stuff like this guy dancing all over Chicago (really love that song)

Or my workmate trying to organise a robot sumo league, inspired by this video:

Mindfulness lesson from Daily Zen

Eat My Lunch has been getting a lot of press this week, and rightfully so. A brand new venture where you can order a packed lunch for yourself, and on the day they deliver it they also deliver one to a child who has turned up to school without a lunch. Brilliant stuff. Our free lunch this week at work was this, and it was really tasty, so I’ve signed up to get a delivered lunch every Friday from now on, meaning every Friday there’s one kid who won’t go hungry because of me. It’s a good feeling 🙂

Honourable Mentions: Monster High (tv show and dolls), snuggles, Moustache cookies, slowly getting the hang of spotify, sleeping through a day to keep off a head cold, soft pjs and laughing.

Things I Love Thursday

I don’t love the lack of watching 500 movies/blogging reviews I’ve been doing lately, but plans are to improve my watching this weekend while Anna is busy with singing convention stuff… And the craft I’ve been doing is a bit secret so I can’t blog those…. but hey, positivity!

Hamilton gardens! Anna and I took a road trip to Hamilton for a goodbye party and stayed the night at a nice wee motor inn, it was sunny weather on Sunday so we took a wander through the gardens before leaving. They’re just so pretty and I especially loved the Indian and English Tudor gardens, which I hadn’t seen before.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
It’s hard to tell but there are a lot of happy bees in this picture.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The chess board esque tudor gardens has neat little mythic animals on poles guarding it. Loved them.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Turtle dragon dude in the Chinese scholar’s garden, which is another favourite of mine. It’s just so lovely and Anna was particularly taken with the names of the different garden sections.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Italian Rennaissance garden is just so freaking lovely looking.

My car! It’s just a pleasure to drive short or long distances. It looks great, shiny and blue, the air con and the heaters work like a dream. It’s a beautiful car and I adore it.

My Dentist is cheaper than I am used to having to pay, and she’s so freaking good. She’s not just funny and informative when it comes to what she’s doing, she works delicately with a minimum of pain inducing stuff and she’s done quick. I’m so happy, she’s fixed up my face and I’m no longer in pain.

❤ postcards from friends, or rather a series of postcards from one friend 🙂

Betty and Veronica!

Honourable Mentions: warm raccoon hat, soft fluffy hair on the back of my head, my players enjoying the Monsterhearts game I’m running, Cake Wrecks, My Chemical Romance loud in the car and Lindt chocolate

Things I Love Thursday

❤ Road trip! Sophie and I had an epic drive on Sunday, through rain and wind and sunshine and clouds and various small towns. I had very disappointing Burger King in Turangi, and we sang along to epic music at the top of our lungs. Plus I was able to move some shelves in with Anna 🙂

❤ Will's made a neat list of mood enhancing movies

❤ Jaden and Willow Smith … look, they might be horribly spoiled with a really skewed world view but come on, look at the depth of their thoughts in this interview. It’s super deep!

Willow: I mean, time for me, I can make it go slow or fast, however I please, and that’s how I know it doesn’t exist.

Jaden: That’s another thing: What’s your job, what’s your career? Nah, I am. I’m going to imprint myself on everything in this world.

❤ Crafting – getting stuff prepped for Christmas – decorations and merit badges. It's good fun!

This squirrel gopro thief

Honourable Mentions: snuggles, Monster Hearts dolls, ticking movies off my 500 list, delicious meat, ice cream, Lego, speaking my mind and ridiculous adventures in roleplaying a kelpie.

Stop with goodbye, start with hello ~ Eliza Rickman

Things I Love Thursday

I had a really truly wonderful holiday in the Gold Coast with Anna. We went to so many theme parks, and it was so hot and we ate awesome food. It’s always good to be travelling with someone who’s bravery in the face of extreme roller coasters is of a similar level to your own, too 🙂

jennitalula hall of justice


Rides are one thing but stories are quite another, while I was away in the States I read The Shining and really enjoyed it and now I’m reading Dr Sleep which is the sequel and holy crow but I am loving it. Like, LOVING. I can’t wait to find out what happens, so I want to get this blog post finished…

Call me a glutton for freak outs but I do enjoy the No sleep reddit for creeptastic stories which *may* be true, as well.

Honourable Mentions: Lovely friends, funny stories from roleplaying games past, delicious dinners at Hummingbird, amazing cocktails at Hummingbird, snuggles, souvenir photos, soaks in hot spas after a long day of walking, laughing, crashing out and lovely wonderful friends.

Look at this amazing spinning chocolate cake !

I adore the angry resistance of the cat in this cat vs harness video

And for tunes, Hazard, a lovely 90s flashback for you from Richard Marx

and because Halloween is coming..

Things I Love Thursday

❤ Travel! I am in America right now. It's only my second time visiting and I was pleased with how much I remembered about San Fran, but disappointed in how poor my sense of direction is. My phone's GPS has been very handy, and I have been buying all the things. It's great.

jennitalula cable car selfie

❤ My best friend Sophie. Look, it's not that I was getting weird after a few days on my own in a big foreign city, it's just that it's good to have someone else to talk to. And she motivates me to do a bit more than I might otherwise. And she has brilliant ideas such as 'let's go to Baskin Robbins' or 'let's go to that Whiskey bar'.

❤ Postcards! I really love finding awesome postcards and buying them but then I don't always want to let them go to people back home. Because the postcards suddenly become mine. It's a bit of a problem, but on the up side I have bought lots of awesome postcards and people will receive some of them.

❤ Food. I've had remarkably good luck on this trip with food, yesterday I had a fantastic beef and cheese taco and some Texas BBQ pork ribs, in San Fran I was staying in Japantown and got some exceptional ramen. It's been delicious and for the most part, not fast foody.

❤ Books! I have located many a fine bookstore on this trip and managed to buy a book or two at most of them. This is less than ideal when it comes to repacking and travelling to another city but whatever, books are awesome and I'm excited about my purchases. Powell's City of Books is an exceptional place and I love it there. It was in fact, overwhelming with its size and selection, but I loved that about it. I may have to go back and buy the tote bag with the 'Perks of being a wallflower' quote on it.

Honourable Mentions: skype so I can keep in touch with my lovely while I'm over here, getting IDed nearly every time I buy alcohol, comfy T shirts, new socks, being horizontal in a comfy bed after a long haul flight, deep talks over rye and bourbon, lovely friendly Americans and looking forward to XOXO starting tonight!

Things I Love Thursday

Using Social media for good things = such as = being brave, open and honest about your mental health or using it to broadcast what you’re thankful for. Memes which encourage people to not complain or be judgemental are to be encouraged in my opinions.

Weddings. On the weekend I went to Hastings to watch my friends Jay and Sophie get married. It was a small, simple ceremony and they had Lord of the Rings vows which was super cute and appropriate for the couple. I love these two, they went around Japan with me and it was awesome to share the day with them.

Plus photo booth!

jennitalula photo booth

Travel, driving up to Hastings and back was a bit of an adventure. Anna and I had an awesome shopping spree at the Hastings KMart of all places, we had some excellent food at Mister D in Napier and explored the National Aquarium. he sea turtle came out to say hi to us!

sea turtle jennitalula

Talking about love and long distance with Dagger, we just understand each other.

Honourable Mentions: chocolate cookie dough pretzels from Frozen and Hungry, Sailor Moon manga, hot baths, spa baths in the middle of the motel room, Instax camera, ordering things online, packages in the mail, my fancy phone, PJs (PJs forever) and writing.

I just can’t stop listening to My Chem…

The Sharpest Lives ~ My Chemical Romance