Things I Love Thursday

This week I am thankful for…

Kapcon is this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it! Lots of gaming, trying out my new game, seeing so very many friends and playing what looks like a very fun LARP. Woo!

Field Notes and in particular the gorgeous ‘snow blind’ editions that are white but turn pale blue in direct sunlight. Just beautiful design and lovely notebooks to use.

Postcards: I really love writing, sending and receiving postcards! It’s just really appealing to me. I need a couple more penpals to do this with…

Rainbow's End

Rainbow’s End

Rainbow’s End may not be the fanciest or flashest theme park, but it is also the only one we can drive to. It’s also really fun! A group of us went on Saturday and had a lot of fun shouting FLUUUME! going on the Pirate Ship, the roller coaster, the gold rush and of course, the log flume. So much fun.

Netflix allowing us to watch Most Haunted, and Anna to watch How to Train Your Dragon serieses and me to watch Jessica Jones. Very convenient way to access TV, unless you’re not sure what you want to watch and then it’s a wealth of endless nothingness. But it also has a new season of New Girl so the endless nothingness is at bay.

Healing, I have been pathetically pathetic about getting surgery last week but there are some good things about it: Anna looking after me, painkillers, waterproof bandage tape stuff and sleep. Sleep has been very important to me in this last week.

Honourable Mentions: hot summer sunshine, tiny shorts, taking off the bra on the return home, people asking me for advice, watching 500 movies again, home made pizza, fresh baby carrots, growing things and sleeping.

Things I Love Thursday

Love! The marriage equality bill was passed last night in New Zealand last night, which means that any two people in love can take that next step and get married. It makes me so happy, less discrimination and more opportunities for happiness, celebration and devotion.

Getting things done. I finished up the characters for Paul and my new LARP Kirby High Golden Jubilee, which we will be running on Sunday afternoon at Hydra LARP convention.

Anticipation. I got excited for the new post-apocalyptic ongoing LARP that Sophie is running, World That Is. I have an awesome character concept, an instantly interesting situation she’s caught in, and some kick ass connections on top of that. I even tried out my costume the other night. And it’s going to be way cooler than that when I’m done…

No Land by Delta Rae

Supernatural. The other LARP I’m involved in this weekend, I get to play Sam Winchester. My Dean for the game had never actually seen the show before so we watched three episodes yesterday: Tall Tales, Bad Day at Black Rock and Mystery Spot, good fun episodes.

Honourable Mentions: My brother, my sister, people saying awesome things to me, lunch with my favourite friends, listening to the rain fall while I’m snuggled in bed, flannelette sheets, finishing books, Easter chocolate and compliments.

The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit (one of my character songs for World That Is)

Things I Love Thursday

I met a red panda, actually two of them. Seriously, red pandas.

jennitalula red panda

Wellington zoo’s animal encounters are amazing, I would recommend them to anyone. The red pandas climbed all over us, ate from our hands and made cute little snuffly noises. It was adorable. And the zoo keeper was awesome and informative and he got an electric shock… which, well it wasn’t planned, but it saved us from one? Oh dear.

extreme close up

extreme close up

Ellen and I made a timey wimey wall.. well, it’s just started but it does look good. Four clocks and a Dr Who poster.

Jennitalula timey wimey

Kids retelling Star Wars and then adults lip synching the scene. So good

The New Normal – I just, I think I have to say I love Ryan Murphy. Popular, Glee and now this show. Maybe I need to check out American Horror Story. Anyway, this is an adorable show, like Modern Family but with just the gay couple. It’s cute and funny and I love it.

Crafting. There’s nothing quite like getting a project done, or to the next stage (which is a significant step towards done), especially when the project is pretty.

Honourable Mentions: warm blankets, dehumidifiers, the Game Masters exhibition was great fun – I went to it alone and played on whatever game caught my eye as I wandered about, getting bookcases put together and then up in the craft room, new flannelette sheets, running the dehumidifier in my room and cuddling a pillow all night long.

In the hipster music slot of songs that make me happy this week we have Emmylou by First Aid Kit, a country song by a very talented Swedish folk duo:

…and Be from Jonathan Livingston Seagull. So much nostalgia from this one, remembering dad playing it on vinyl and then on CD later on. It’s so soothing, so relaxing.

look, just one more..

jennitalula red panda

Things I love Thursday

Writing mornings – they’ve been a bit on again off again, but I have achieved polishing the first three chapters of Rain and most of a synopsis.

Roleplaying. I had a great time on the weekend at Luke and Sam’s, I only played two games, but the quality of the games was excellent. A game of Monsterhearts where I was a barista dating a witch, with a selkie as my ex and then an epic game of Grace with Steve, Sophie, Sam, Ellen and me. I adore Grace. I just want to play it all the time.

Movies – old and new, watching Moulin Rouge for the 17 millionth time, tracking down copies of Hook, Mallrats and Priceless, thinking about the the film festival coming up in a few months… and seeing Beautiful Creatures with Ellen last night. It was very pretty, lovely costumes and pretty faithful to the spirit of the book.

Trash Palace: they have so much stuff there. Ellen got a big stack of books which I want to paw through and we took a look at shelves and things but the section for home decor… that’s where I started picking things up. I came away with two massive woollen checked blankets (many crafts including hipster cushions), a flannel sheet (backing for a T shirt quilt), several kid’s pillow cases and duvet covers (backing for baby quilts) and an awesome Mondrian print double duvet cover (may just stuff it with batting and quilt it into a blanket).

Honourable Mentions: New Supernatural T shirt, new TV (Loving Smash!), hanging with my flatmates, skype, hanging out washing and Easter chocolate.

I’m gonna say it. I think Lonely Island are a bit hit and miss. But I liked this enough to want to share it.

In the hipster music section, this week I’m enjoying Unknown Mortal Orchestra:

Please do add your own list of thankfulness below 🙂

Things I Love Thursday

Writing! After sternly telling myself off for not making space for writing and instead complaining I have no time for it, I have started waking up at 6am to get some down before my morning shower. I am prepping my YA novel Rain for submission and at this rate I should be able to send the first three chapters next week. Wish my baby luck!

New Music week! Ellen is a darling and has been sending me daily links of joy, just random fun things she finds on the interwebs that she thinks I’ll like. Earlier this week she sent me this list of 30 hot new artists from SXSW and I’ve been exploring the list. Much hipster music that makes me sing along to follow…

So Good at Being in Trouble by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Gaming! Looking forward to the gaming at Sam’s house on the weekend and I definitely enjoyed playing Left Coast on Tuesday. I play Dante the excitable and paranoid fanzine editor who came over for an interview with the writer Sally and just never left. He’s very edgy for the 70s, and onto it, but easily underestimated because he can’t seem to leave the house… me and Svend had a lot of time zinging off it.

Let Me Go by Hiam

King of the Geeks! We’re watching a new reality competition show called King of the Geeks where various geeky types compete in geeky challenges. So far it’s pretty much awesome. That and Face Off are my reality show addictions.

Tokyo City! I have a fashion rule, which I mostly try and adhere to: don’t wear the shirt advertising a place that you have no connection to. I fail at this, I have a California top because of RP reasons and then I got an Indiana hoodie because I like the colours, BUT anyway, I was looking at the T shirts in the men’s section of Cotton On and I realised that I could wear any of the ones that mentioned Tokyo. So I am the proud owner of a pale mint green Tokyo City 1/4 mile racing T shirt, and today I paired it with the hoodie I got in Harajuku and it’s making me feel awesome.

Taro by Alt-J

Honourable Mentions: Skype dates, making your name magical (another link from Ellen), Unicorns, craft, colour, the marriage equality bill passing the second vote, awesome stuff on pinterest which inspires me to make crafts, visiting people, sleeping well and of course, hanging washing on the line.

Trippy So Destroyed by Prince Rama

Giggling Angel

So I always have something…unconventional on top of my Christmas tree. This year I was a bit stumped for what to put up there. I considered somehow making a Christmas Troy (can’t find a video of O Christmas Troy, but this is good…)

but my growing obsession with Dr Who cannot be denied so I decided to make a Weeping Angel instead.

The Lovely Ellen had the brilliant idea of having it covering its mouth instead of its eyes, and the effect was much cuter, and then she suggested I make it a wee Christmas hat as well, and lo, the Giggling Angel was created.

I think it looks rather good…

I might do a tutorial on making this, if I can find the time over the weekend.

Please vote for Urban Numina

Urban Numina is entered into the Make My Movie competition and it’s hit 140 votes, we’re in the top 26 but we really do need more votes. Please help me blog readers, you’re my only hope!

Vote here!

And once you’re voted please share it around to your friends so we can get the votes further up there. I really loved filming the show and I would love to be involved in a Feature Film version.

All of The Winding City

Conan has decided to release The Winding City as it is, with not all the special FX done. So, now’s your chance to get in there and watch the whole series. The FX which are done look awesome and I’m in it, and I think I do okay.

Episode one: Arrivals

Episode two: The Party

Episode three: Masques

Episode four: Departures