Things I Love Thursday

Spring cleaning. It’s therapeutic, it leaves you with a tidier and decluttered house and things look pretty when they’re clean.

Lovely wonderful friends who give hugs and show you things you’ll like, make jokes, make dinner. My friends are good people. I love them.

I will forever enjoy this:

In part because of how very accurate and faithful Noel is being…

I like that my friends are getting into Welcome to Night Vale so that I can share the wonder with them. Re-listening to it in the car commute is pretty damn fun too.

Honourable Mentions: rewatching Community and X-Files, tacos Thursday, tacos from the wee hole in the wall place on the waterfront, crafts, new t shirts, skinny jeans, going to the cinema to watch movies and playing with my kaiju.

This is hilarious

and my song for you this week… Instant Karma