One year today

This time last year I think we were in the Botanic Gardens, playing with parasols in the hot sun and having our photos taken.

I remember so much of my wedding day as if it were last week and then whole hours are just kinda gone. I wrote it all out in my diary on the plane to Gold Coast, so it’s not gone for ever, but I’ve been thinking about the day today and feeling happy.

I celebrated by reading my blog posts of a year ago, here and on lj, reading all the planning stuff and then the relief of afterwards and the honeymoon.

I want to go away again. I want to fly somewhere.
The sun is so hot today that when I went outside to read in the sun I had to come back in after ten minutes. I shouldn’t have worn black today I guess. It bodes well for wearing my strapless white dress out for dinner!

I am nearly finished reading the new Tamora Pierce novel Beka Cooper: Terrier, which is set in Olde Tyme Corus, and Beka is George’s like, great-great-great-grandmother or something and she’s a kind of cop. It took me a while to get over some of the cheesiness but I’m really enjoying it now.

There’s a new Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants book out called Forever in Blue. I have it on reserve.

PoF: l337 librarian
CO: I want my wedding again XD

more from the wedding

Oddments from Giffy’s wedding that I neglected to mention in my previous post.

The adorable wee badges commemorating the wedding which are all blue and cute and nice. I am wearing one now. I totally stole like, five, because I knew there would be too many.

Meeting Xander for the first time (although I recognised him straight off from photos) and having him want to climb up on my lap pretty much as soon as I talked to him about Thomas the Tank Engine. He had fun playing with my bracelet which I chatted with Donelle and Michael.

Tiny Thai fishcake nibbles. OMG so good.
The speeches which were all lovely, were almost all tear-jerkers as well. Erik got my crying, and Muggle and Giffy herself. I told Erik off afterwards, but I really did enjoy them. There is something so wonderful about people being sincere about loving in front of so many people.

Dancing. I always forget somehow, that I enjoy dancing. The band was awesome, so very jazz cool and slinkster funk. Dancing while holding the hand of a girl feels almost magical somehow, like it makes both of us more beautiful.

When the back tables started queuing for dessert, I headed out the other door for another glass of sparkling rose (OMG yum) and the table of Frank, Jackie, etc made fun of me for trying to cut into the queue out of turn. I laughed and said ‘I’m in the Bridal party!’ After getting my drink, I was invited into the queue for dessert by a very obliging Ant and so got my dessert early all the same. On my way back past the hecklers I was able to say ‘I told you so! I am in the Bridal party!’

Giffy’s wedding

Friday morning was pretty bad. Lee had some sort of weird illness and couldn’t stand up for any length of time without getting dizzy. He couldn’t eat anything and just dozed miserably. It was the first day of my period which I find getting more and more instense as I approach thirty so I was sore and grumpy. It began to look like Lee wouldn’t make it to Giffy’s wedding which would be pretty awful, and I was worried about finding the place on my own.

However, at one o’clock, just an hour before we should really think about leaving Lee got up, and walked around and said he thought he was alright. He ate two ham and cheese toasted sandwiches and said he could make it out. I was feeling so crappy I didn’t bother with make-up, nail polish or alternate shoes for the reception. I just relied on the prettiness of my sister’s wedding bridesmaid dress and my bridal shoes, which worked out alright. Damn, I wish I’d drought my brocade jandles though. I really wish I had, stupid wedding shoes are hurty.

Giffy’s wedding took place at the Buddhist temple in Stokes Valley. It was a blend of Thai, Catholic, buddhist and Maori traditions and perfectly reflected the personalities of both Erik and Giffy.
The ceremony started with three challenges to Erik, with the first gate he has to pass through made of up friends. Giffy asked me to be one of the people to challenge Erik verbally at this gate along with Zephfi and Tash.

I was the first person to speak at the first gate of challenge to Erik. I said “We are here to protect Giffy, and to ensure that you care for her. Why should we let you through?” and he said something about how he loves and respects Giffy and it was lovely.

Then Zephfi said “do you promise to always respect, challenge, encourage and
support her?” and he said that he did.

Then Tash said “and do you promise to keep her smiling and love her forever?” and he said he would and we took the (gold) chain out of his way and he gave us money (I got $8!) and then he went to the extended family gate.
At the final gate the kids thing was all Erik, Giffy’s mum said something like “what are your intentions with my daughter?” and Erik said that he’d love her and keep her well and so on, and then he said “Oh yeah, and we’ll have kids. Lots of kids! Maybe nine!” and he got a big laugh for saying what she wanted to hear.

Some of the other questions at the last gate (the close family) were “what will you do if she gets sick?” from an uncle and “Will you take care of Giffy?” from one of the tux wearing tiny boys. Tux wearing tiny boys are awesome, and the one with the mohawk is totally my new hero.

Inside the temple courtyard the Catholic wedding ceremony took place, with Giffy looking so very happy and so very bridey (“the Bridiest Bride in Bridetown” I think was her description…) but really, she just couldn’t stop grinning. It was very lovely. Plus, when the wind made her veil go vertical it was pretty cool.

After that ceremony there was a buddhist wedding ceremony inside the temple. Man, my legs got numb sitting there, but it was still very lovely. I liked the idea of everyone present being joined with string, even if there was a bit of a tug of war with the last bit of the string so that it started to break in front of me and Zephfi! We grabbed hold of it and it held together, so no bad omens there.

Then there was mingling and I tried to get pictures of everyone, battling the stupid batteries in my tempramental camera. I hope the big group photo comes out well, there were lots of different levels of people so hopefully everyone will be visible.
The reception was delightfully bubbly-soaked and full of wonderful friends. I caught up with lots and lots of people and got advice on how to be a lazy bum. Then I gave slightly drunken advice to Giffy and Erik via Matt’s wedding video….we’ll see how that turns out…
The ceremony preceding dinner was lovely. Giffy and Erik sat at a table and held their hands over some flowers. Everyone present was invited to pour blessed water over their hands from a conch shell. I didn’t think of anything in particular to say to them as I did it, although I wish I had, I just asked how they were holding up. There were so very many people present I theorised I could have gone round again and poured water a second time to see if Giffy noticed or not, but I didn’t.

The quilt was handed over for use in a bed-blessing ceremony and it seemed like Giffy liked it. She really liked my idea of using Canteen bandannas for the backing, and although I didn’t see Erik’s reaction I am sure he likes it too. He’d better! *shakes fist at sky*

Seriously though, I had a wonderful time and I have some very beautiful photos. Not really enough of the bride and groom though, since it was so hard to see them for any length of time. With over 200 guests I didn’t really feel I could steal very much time. I did get some lovely first dance pictures though, and I shall scrapbook some today.

Gastronomic tour of the Gold Coast

Here’s what I ate while I was on holiday, more or less. Special highlights are given more explanation.

We stayed at Santorini which is a holiday apartment complex up a level from the street. Underneath the apartments are four restaurants: Barchino, Buono Sera, Chiang Mai Thai and Bistro Cheers Japanese. Five if you count the cafe in the cycle shop, which I do not.

On our first night we had pizza from Buono Sera, the friendly Italian place. I had a corona with lime in it and we shared garlic bread and a really very good pizza with olives, meat, mushrooms, etc. Basically a supreme, but a proper Italian wood fired oven gourmet pizza. Lee didn’t like it as much as I did, but then you know how I feel about pizza.

On the second night we tried out Barchino, which is a flash cafe open all day for breakfast, lunch and tea. The waiting staff were very friendly and we made friends with one in particular over the course of our stay because we really liked the food there. We shared a big seafood antipasto platter. I loved the breadsticks wrapped in smoked salmon, the calamari and the pickled fillets of fishy the most. It was all good, although I don’t like mussels unless they’re smoked and I can’t stand oysters from the shell so I didn’t eat those. The king prawns of course, were the best.

On Friday we checked out the Thai place and were quite disappointed. Lee’s pad Thai was made with a lot of tomato and didn’t taste right at all. My food was about 15 minutes later to the table than his, which was annoying and although the beef was good, it was spicier than advertised. We didn’t go back there.

Nick’s seafood cafe was always busy. We walked past it in the evenings after dinner on our way to the beach a couple of times and although the smell was somewhat off putting (think fish’n’chip shop) and the sign rather inelegantly advertised the “great barramundi burger”, but after seeing be so full so often we decided to give them a try.

Oh. My. God. Instead of deep fried you could ask for grilled fish with a variety of sauces. I chose a garlic butter grilled barramundi fillet and it was completely divine. Just so fresh and delicious. We went back there twice over the course of our stay, although the second time they messed up out order and the fried fish they gave me upset my tummy.

Barchino did wonderful breakfasts, and once we ran out of cereal we ate there pretty frequently. I especially liked the thick raisin toast with maple butter, pancakes with pistachios, carmelized bananas and butterscotch sauce and best of all, they had a juicer so you could order all sorts of smoothies and juice mixes. My favourite was a Great Barrier Reef with watermelon, apple, pineapple and fresh mint. *bliss*

At Sea World we weren’t impressed with the range of fried takeaways that seemed the same at every different ‘cafe’ so we tried out the $18 all you can eat buffet at the Paradise Room. It was the right choice. The day we went to Sea World it was swelteringly hot and the sun was quite relentless so the air conditioning was much blessed by the both of us. The buffet was good. A giant plate of King Prawns started it off and there was a huge variety of hot food, salads, cold meats, asian goodies like fried rice and bits of fish and a huge table of little desserty treats. We sat inside for about an hour gorging on the grub and watched the waterski show right in the lagoon in front of us.

I also liked a little chocolate shop in Pacific Fair called Chocolicious which had lovely lemon truffles, Red Rooster in the airport just before we came home and another chicken place in Pacific Fair called Otropo. Or something like that.

Hopefully you’re hungry now.

Point of Fashion: tokidoki bunny tshirt
Current Obsession: getting printed photos from my wedding


I really hate the word wife. Chelle’s right, fiance is such a better word. Husband is not so bad, but over the course of the honeymoon I’m getting used to both.

I made some entries over at livejournal, two while I was away and one having just got back. I’m not gonna recount the whole honeymoon because uhm. Gross? So here’s the potted highlights as they come to me in my slightly startled and out-there frame of mind.

We went to two theme parks: Movie World and Sea World. I much preferred Sea World although I did get to be a ginormous fangirl at Movie World and got pictures of myself with Batgirl and Robin, outside the Daily Planet, opening the door of the Gotham City Hall building and sitting on the fountain like I own the movie lot. Lee got a very sunburned neck.

Sea World is an amazing place where you can see Polar Bears (omgwtf!), giant sharks, many rays, lots of rather large dolphins, a dugong (I kept singing ‘dugong, duuuuugoooonnnnnnng!’ but was disappointed with the relatively small size of it) some scruffy penguins, pelicans and lots of fish. They had a dolphin show with lots of high jumping and dolphin surfing and suchlike and a waterski show which was pretty impressive, if inherently lame. I got some neat pictures of polar bears and sharks. Too many of sharks. I love them but I don’t think anyone else will be terribly interested.

Shopping was awesome. I am in love with the following shops: Valley girl (thanks Chelle!), Sex Kitten (everything in that shop was made for me, I swear it) and Dotti. If someone could organise them all to open in Wellington I’d be much obliged. Valley Girl is opening in Queen’s Gate so fingers crossed it has the same stuff. I also discovered a wonderful little brand called tokidoki which is all gothic anime cool, so I suspect a few of my readers will also appreciate 🙂 I bought a tshirt with the bunny on it and a collection of badges. Soo cool.

I’m on the phone to my Mum so I’ll finish up, more later.

We did.

The wedding is over. I can’t believe the wedding is over. All the organisation, all the stress, hassles, everything.
Quick highlights because I don’t want to blog it all:

A very flattering make-up artist (“Your skin is fantastic, you eyes are stunning, you look good in pink, you are beautiful”).
Photographs in the botanic gardens with parasols in the hot hot sun.
Of all the girls in the bridal party I was ready first. I was also the only one without a form of complicated underwear. Coincidence?
Being photographed from every angle by many different cameras, like I’m Nicole Kidman or something.
The ceremony, and trying not to cry so I can say my words. And the ring that Lee had bought on the sly, sweetheart.
Everyone hugging me and saying flattering things about the ceremony.
Everyone telling me how beautiful I looked/the dress looked/the tiara looked, etc.
My dad’s speech, which I didn’t cry during although it was a very near thing, in which he said how proud he is and was mildly embarrassing.
Lee’s dad’s speech in which he humiliated me and Lee. (Lee more).
My sister’s speech in which I very nearly cried at the end.
Lee’s speech during which I totally broke down. (I hope no one got photos of me weeping and pinching my arm to stop myself!)
It was really special that my brother, his wife and daughter could be there, as well as Lee’s sister, husband and daughter. The little toddlers apparently weren’t impressed with each other but they charmed the entire female side of the bridal party completely!

Seeing all our guests looking so fantastic and having fun! As expected it was hard trying to see everyone and people did get neglected but well, there were something like 90 people there.

I’m really looking forward to reading the guest book and seeing the photos the professional photographer took. Hopefully he’ll be at the BBQ this morning with a DVD for us (fingers crossed).

I woke up at 5am all hyped and dozed for a couple of hours. At 7 I got up and looked through the photos Svend, Matt and Debs had taken. Some of them require explanations. On the whole a wonderful crop of pictures with some really very charming shots, It made me happy to see the whole timeline of the day again.

Point of Fashion: Fin pants, stylishly messy hair
Current Obsession: when will people blog about my wedding????

Enjoy it while I’m still updating.

* Charge camera batteries
* Clean up a little (washing in machine)
* New hayfever meds
* Deliver dress, parasols, guest book and insects on sticks to Parents in Law. (scheduled for late afternoon)
* Sort out the vans

* Music list
* Meet Morgue at midday
* Return library books

I also started packing for the holiday (easy since a lot of what I wanted had just been through the wash), bought myself a soothing face masque and special foot treatment moisturiser, maybe got a little too much sun and remembered to charge Lee’s nomad which we’re using for music.

Still to do: drop keys of van to Will, have dinner.
I am feeling remarkably relaxed, I think due to the fact I can soon pass the buck on basically everything because I’ll be the bride. Tomorrow I just have to look pretty, talk to people and be bubbly and happy. I can totally do that.

Point of Fashion: new blue trapeze breast cancer t
Current Obsession: when is dinner?

One day to go

Make up trial was good. The girl is very friendly and I felt quite relaxed. I’m not good with eye stuff, maybe because my eyebrows were still a little inflamed.

Town was crazy with sevens costumed groups.
I had a mango smoothie and a chocolate caramel slice for lunch.
I bought two pairs of fancy jandles from Number 1 shoe warehouse because my regular sandles are giving me pinky toe blisters. One pair is chinese brocade silver with pink dragonflies, one pair is bright aqua blue suede with beaded straps. Together they cost $22.

I skim read the new Empire magazine.
Manicures are really nice. I especially like the wrap-the-hands-in-warm-towel followed by moisturising massage portion.
Bought myself the Karen Walker breast cancer t from Glassons in blue. (It’s the one with two girls on a trapeze). My sister has the same one in pink.

Conference with bridesmaids. Good stuff.
Had a lovely relaxed dinner with Chelle and Jase of gourmet pizza from Leos. We all lost to the pizzas.
Got very sleepy last night and was able to drop off even with the noise of crowds leaving the sevens (who gave that guy a whistle? Why won’t they take it off him?) and the Pauline Gillespie/Grant Kireama rules of the stadium announcement on loop. Woke up again at 4am and didn’t manage proper sleep again til 6ish. Got a couple of good hours then woke to find Lee staring at me. Most unnerving. he was just checking to see if I was awake, nothing deep or spooky about it.

Now I am upright, with my hair washed for the last time before the wedding and a number of little things to get done today.

  • Charge camera batteries
  • Clean up a little (washing in machine)
  • New hayfever meds
  • Deliver dress, parasols, guest book and insects on sticks to Parents in Law. (scheduled for late afternoon)
  • Sort out the vans
  • Music list
  • Meet Morgue at midday
  • Return library books

stuff went good

I cannot sleep in.

I rather prefer this to the not being able to sleep possibility and it means I’m excited rather than nervous now. I haven’t had an anxiety dream since Monday so that’s good too.

* go out and but gel superglue and cardboard for poster, “buy” some Australian money
* glue butterflies and dragonflies to wire
* glue seating arrangement to poster – gave it to the caterer to do.
* stick pretty paper into guest book
* lunch with parents
* visit castle
* do washing
* tidy up some

well, I tidied up a teeny bit. Yesterday I also helped out MC gangsta with what he has to say and do, was mucho soothed by the caterer and even managed to get to the beach for a soothing half hour. Of course Oriental Bay was packed but y’know.
I also took stuff to Hannah’s to look after until Sunday (shoes, brooch, tiara, necklace, flowers, bridesmaid dresses x 2) and photographed all my accessories so I can scrapbook later.* The guest book is looking quite sweet.
Today I’m roaming town and getting my makeup trial.

  • Australian Money
  • Joy cam film
  • Petrol for car (maybe give Lee money for this as he will have the car)

then it’s off to the North mall and nails time.
My belly is doing its usual pre-event stressfest. Not nice.

I’m gonna try and go back to bed. I think I’ve spewed everything in my head out into the blog now. Maybe I can sleep…
*It is tempting to post pictures of my shoes, tiara etc so I can torment the girly readers with a kind of bridal porn. Tempted.

A little history, baby.

I’m putting off going out.


  • go out and but gel superglue and cardboard for poster, “buy” some Australian money
  • glue butterflies and dragonflies to wire
  • glue seating arrangement to poster
  • stick pretty paper into guest book
  • lunch with parents
  • visit castle
  • do washing
  • tidy up some

I had my eyebrows threaded last night and it really really hurt. It was likes a sort of torture. On the upside they look really good. The leg waxing was fine but I’ve found lots of hairs on my legs this morning that got missed. That’s because to get all the hairs you really have to go once and then again a couple of weeks later to get all the different growth cycles. It’s annoying, but not very obvious so I don’t think I’ll bother to go back or anything.
Ok. I’m gonna go do that stuff.

Point of Fashion: girly pirate mini skirt
Current Obsession: procrastination