One day to go

Make up trial was good. The girl is very friendly and I felt quite relaxed. I’m not good with eye stuff, maybe because my eyebrows were still a little inflamed.

Town was crazy with sevens costumed groups.
I had a mango smoothie and a chocolate caramel slice for lunch.
I bought two pairs of fancy jandles from Number 1 shoe warehouse because my regular sandles are giving me pinky toe blisters. One pair is chinese brocade silver with pink dragonflies, one pair is bright aqua blue suede with beaded straps. Together they cost $22.

I skim read the new Empire magazine.
Manicures are really nice. I especially like the wrap-the-hands-in-warm-towel followed by moisturising massage portion.
Bought myself the Karen Walker breast cancer t from Glassons in blue. (It’s the one with two girls on a trapeze). My sister has the same one in pink.

Conference with bridesmaids. Good stuff.
Had a lovely relaxed dinner with Chelle and Jase of gourmet pizza from Leos. We all lost to the pizzas.
Got very sleepy last night and was able to drop off even with the noise of crowds leaving the sevens (who gave that guy a whistle? Why won’t they take it off him?) and the Pauline Gillespie/Grant Kireama rules of the stadium announcement on loop. Woke up again at 4am and didn’t manage proper sleep again til 6ish. Got a couple of good hours then woke to find Lee staring at me. Most unnerving. he was just checking to see if I was awake, nothing deep or spooky about it.

Now I am upright, with my hair washed for the last time before the wedding and a number of little things to get done today.

  • Charge camera batteries
  • Clean up a little (washing in machine)
  • New hayfever meds
  • Deliver dress, parasols, guest book and insects on sticks to Parents in Law. (scheduled for late afternoon)
  • Sort out the vans
  • Music list
  • Meet Morgue at midday
  • Return library books

stuff went good

I cannot sleep in.

I rather prefer this to the not being able to sleep possibility and it means I’m excited rather than nervous now. I haven’t had an anxiety dream since Monday so that’s good too.

* go out and but gel superglue and cardboard for poster, “buy” some Australian money
* glue butterflies and dragonflies to wire
* glue seating arrangement to poster – gave it to the caterer to do.
* stick pretty paper into guest book
* lunch with parents
* visit castle
* do washing
* tidy up some

well, I tidied up a teeny bit. Yesterday I also helped out MC gangsta with what he has to say and do, was mucho soothed by the caterer and even managed to get to the beach for a soothing half hour. Of course Oriental Bay was packed but y’know.
I also took stuff to Hannah’s to look after until Sunday (shoes, brooch, tiara, necklace, flowers, bridesmaid dresses x 2) and photographed all my accessories so I can scrapbook later.* The guest book is looking quite sweet.
Today I’m roaming town and getting my makeup trial.

  • Australian Money
  • Joy cam film
  • Petrol for car (maybe give Lee money for this as he will have the car)

then it’s off to the North mall and nails time.
My belly is doing its usual pre-event stressfest. Not nice.

I’m gonna try and go back to bed. I think I’ve spewed everything in my head out into the blog now. Maybe I can sleep…
*It is tempting to post pictures of my shoes, tiara etc so I can torment the girly readers with a kind of bridal porn. Tempted.

A little history, baby.

I’m putting off going out.


  • go out and but gel superglue and cardboard for poster, “buy” some Australian money
  • glue butterflies and dragonflies to wire
  • glue seating arrangement to poster
  • stick pretty paper into guest book
  • lunch with parents
  • visit castle
  • do washing
  • tidy up some

I had my eyebrows threaded last night and it really really hurt. It was likes a sort of torture. On the upside they look really good. The leg waxing was fine but I’ve found lots of hairs on my legs this morning that got missed. That’s because to get all the hairs you really have to go once and then again a couple of weeks later to get all the different growth cycles. It’s annoying, but not very obvious so I don’t think I’ll bother to go back or anything.
Ok. I’m gonna go do that stuff.

Point of Fashion: girly pirate mini skirt
Current Obsession: procrastination


Yeah, I’m feeling pretty chillaxed today. A number of factors: beer in the evening, company of friends, dinner cooked for me, favour boxes off my hands, sleep deprivation, belly.

The tension knot is being banished from my body in a not pleasant, but better than the knot kind of way. I blame the staying up til 1.30am talking. It’s all good though, I’m feeling chill.

Today’s my last day at work, then it’s off to Giffy’s for chicken and then we’re leg waxing and eyebrow shaping. When I get home Lee will be there. Sweet.

It’s a bit cold today. My knees are chilly.

Big decisions.

I’ve decided to change my name. I’m going to add Lee’s name to my own, so my current one will be my middle name and his will be my last name.

I’m not going to do it straight away though, as it costs $150 to change your name and get a new birth certificate and then I’ll have to get new bank cards, driver’s license and everything. What a headache.
My belly has been a tension knot all day and I’m sleepy! I relaxed a lot at lunchtime and now I’m hanging out for afternoon tea because I just want to sit down and zone out.

Got the MC sorted out (sister’s fiance) he offered us several different MC variations: gangsta MC, stand up comic, incomprehensible….we’ll see what happens with that on the day!
I’m very tempted to drink beer these evenings, because the alchohol is relaxing and I can have one without getting very buzzed. I just am leery of medicating stress with alchohol! It seems like a terrible reason to drink! Also I read in some bridal mag that you should avoid alcohol in the time leading up to the wedding because…some beauty reason…body functions less well? Skin might break out? Something?

I am eating a little more sugar this week than I’ve been having. Today I had half a kitkat and yesterday I had half a kitkat and three mallowpuffs. Then at dinner two glasses of lemonade and an icecream for dessert. There’s another icecream waiting for me at home. Yessssss choc bar, you will be mine. (I actually like choc bars, but I choose strawberry rocky road first knowing the choc bar will be left behind for me :p)

POF: pirate ninja
CO: vv3DD1n9

More organisey

Right. Lee is doing final fiddles with the seating plan and then it’s done. More people who had to seated separately when we came to think about it. We’ve kept all the partners together side by side so that’s nice and we’ve put all the single people at their own table up on a pedastal so everyone else can point and laugh at them.
No, I’m totally kidding.

Wedding rehearsal is on Thursday at 2.30 so beach if it happens will be morning and not too far away. Favour boxes will need to be filled before then so we can give them to the caterers to lay the tables. Lee’s going to check if we can fill them later, maybe and drop them off on Saturday.

Ok, he’s yelling at me to come take a look, so I’ll see ya later.
Breathe deeply.

Holding out

  • seating plan: check for forgotten people and seperate aunts
  • make poster of seating plan
  • Guest book, decorate
  • Fill favour boxes with candies – Thursday or Friday
  • Collect polaroid from Lee’s sister – waiting until she’s found it.
  • Rehearsal?

Whew. List is slowly being conquered. My Mum called yesterday and fired off a bunch of questions. This in addition to the bourbon and coke slushy I had on Saturday gave me a very unhappy belly.
Saturday: editing with Norm and Steve = awesome.

Housewarming of Sok and Jase = really nice. I wore my wedding shoes and I think they’ll be fine on the day. I will wear them every evening this week also. Lots of compliments! Delicious coke and bourbon slushy disagreed with my belly quite a lot. Not good. Sass played with my hair, very promising indeed.

Home earlyish.
Sunday: Sass came over and played with my hair for proper. It looks awesome with the tiara, really cute and very different to anything I’ve done with my hair before. That makes it awesome special.
Hung out with Rachel all afternoon and talked. I remembered to work on baby quilts.

Nightwatch with Dagger, Rachel and Lee = awesome. I love this movie. It wasn’t as horror-ific as I’d thought it might be and that was good.
More later.