Writing what?

Brain no worky. Still frazzled from the 48 hour film competition. Tried to do some editing yesterday, tried to do some short story writing today. Time to admit it just ain’t happening. I simply need more time to recover from being head writer, helping out with filming and then having a massive (low key) crisis at 4am Monday about how I was terrible at being head writer. (Obviously 4am freak outs are not to be taken all that seriously, but until I catch up on sleep I’m not going to be able to look at anything with perspective or reason.)

Anyway, I have one little linky which is a good linky, so here you go:

Learning about chapter endings from The Hunger Games.

Now I’m gonna close the blinds and watch some TV. Maybe Buffy. Maybe The Secret of Kells on repeat which I have just purchased.


2 thoughts on “Writing what?

  1. I shall scold the 4am freak out on your behalf:

    ‘Bad 4am freak out! Such naughtiness shall not be tolerated. Jenni was a great head writer and how dare you say otherwise.’

  2. You were a great head writer! I can attest to you skill at keeping us focused, and being ruthless on the unnecessary stuff.

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