Things I Love Thursday

Once again I ask my friends what crochet if they’d be willing to make something awesome. Check out these completely adorable Cthulu babies! I really want the Christmas one. “I have a little present for you.” So cute!

Hilarious gif is hilarious.

That cat really loves his string.

Getting a bit more serious now, I’ve read two articles online this week that really resonated with me. I think you guys should read them too.
A disease called perfection from the Single Dad Laughing blog is an excellent wake up call. A kind of ‘Hey, we’re all real people and we have flaws’ call to action. Then he has a proposal for curing it.

Straight up this is me starting the honesty and the realness: I am completely wishy washy and frequently grumpy. Mostly Lee gets the brunt of this, which isn’t really okay. He doesn’t deserve me being grumpy at him because of stuff other people (or life) did!
– Actually I think with a lot of my friends we’re quite good about being honest and real about ourselves and that’s why my friends are so important to me. But I am aware I am lucky in this respect, not everyone has the friends I do.

The Simple Marriage manifesto. Related to the above, ways in which you can fully commit to making yourself and your marriage a success. Lee and I have been together over ten years, only married for four-ish but still. Long relationships is hard, yo. They need work to stay good.

Honourable Mentions: Dry roasted peanuts (so much more delicious than ordinary peanuts), doctors who sympathise, workmates who give you odd little post it doodles, books arriving in the mail, Brittany/Britney-gasm in the new Glee episode, burger fuel and the return of beer battered fries.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love the Simple Marriage manifesto… in retrospect, this is kind of what has happened with my marriage “By growing up and taking the lead in your intimate relationship, it will both grow and become more than you ever imagined, or it will crumble into dust and be swept away. Either way, the question of whether to stay or leave becomes a no-brainer.” Although at the time I was only brave because Ruth was pretty much holding ME up… certainly having stayed no longer seems like an option… I think that the relationship I am really growing up in is parenting my wee boys, and that THIS is true for me now…”Growing up is the most courageous action you can take in any relationship situation. It challenges you to act with integrity and love. It forces you to grow, and to become your best self.”

    I hope that one day I have the opportunity… and the courage… to try the with-an-adult kind of intimate relationship again! And that when I do I’m better at it than I used to be!

    The perfection disease one bothers me… I’m not sure why because I think being real and emotionally honest is important… and it is something I have been really bad at and am only patchily(?) good at now… I dunno… will need to read it again in a couple of days and think about it, I guess…

  2. Oh sorry… epic comment!

    I love:
    -Friends who give me thinky-links
    -T’s cute take on the world
    -Gaming generally! Particularly promise of playtests (Alaska and other people’s games)…
    -Expanded on-line community following Superhero LARP
    -1/2 my scary audits being successfully dealt to
    -flamboyant flaming flowers… poppies inside and 4 magnificent flowers outside
    -The Atrocity Archives

  3. Zephfi: Reborn baby doll! Kill it with fire!

    Karen: Epic comment is excellent. The perfection thing is interesting because I think it is genuinely challenging. Of course, it’s not going to be true for everyone. Or maybe you just don’t like the writer?

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