Wind makes kids crazy

Watched an episode of Teen Titans last night and loved it. Lee got bored after about five minutes but was told firmly to shoosh. After that we watched a very funny bit with that rude dog puppet off late night TV. He was making fun of the people queuing outside to see Star Wars episode two.

I feel guilty about laughing at other people’s geekiness, but then I know plenty of people laugh at *my* brand of geekiness. Also, when you are performing in costume on the street the scenes from Episode one while it plays on a TV nearby you are setting yourself up for a bit of ridicule.

Uhm. Might write up Metal Opera on the weekend, since Morgue is so keen. I can’t be bothered yet though. Nearly at the end of Speaker for the Dead. I know a bunch of the piggies’ secrets and I feel happy about that. (Just wish they were called something nicer than piggies.)
My throat feels sore, like I’m coming down with something. Giffy’s hayfever comment yesterday probably explains the sneezing though.