Pukeko time

Following Craft 2.0 I am inspired. There are lots and lots of awesome crafts there that I could never make, and then there are some which seem like something I have the skillz for. I haven’t really got my writing mojo back just yet so yesterday I hauled my ass off the couch and made a pukeko.

I started drafting the pattern at 3pm and by 9pm I had a pukeko. I also went out for dinner in there, so it didn’t actually take 6 hours. I used leftover flannelette from the sheet I used to back my T shirt quilt. It’s a perfect blue. Red from my Trade Me T shirt, also used in T shirt quilt, made the bill and the lining of his wings. The legs is one old knee high sock sewn down the middle and rounded off. Finally some quilting cotton for the top of the wings, a couple scraps for the eyes and voila.

Jennitalula pukeko

As you can see, he’s hilarious. Something about the legs and the expression just cracks me up. You can see that I placed his legs one in front of the other. This is because it’s easier to sew them into the body seam that way and I like the way it looks. It kind of upset Lee though.

But who needs side by side legs? Pukekos can straddle with front to back legs no problems at all. Blankies Owl feigned indifference.

artsy shot

The hero the world has been searching for?


I attended Craft 2.0 yesterday with Star, Rachel and Sally. It was a good one, although it turns out that Star and I are bad influences on each other and we egged each other on. I bought two badges made of teeny versions of old books (Titled fabulously Supernatural stories for boys and Monster book for girls.) I got a little zippered purse made of a vintage vegetable print tea towel and some lovely hand made soaps. But the best thing, the thing we had to go back for was the velveteen rabbit.

He has a lovely realistic rabbit shape, all big round butt and weeny feet. The fabric is an incredibly soft piled fur of that lovely colour in between grey and blue. His feet and ears are lined with soft satin and he has a fluffy white tail.

The eyes are small, just french knots really, but I like the way it looks. The woman who sold him to me had run out of big bags, so we put him into a bit too small paper bag with his head and ears poking out. Star laughed because I was carrying him around under my arm and absently petting his head like he was a real pet. He’s just so soft!

The lovely lady’s business is called The Grin Factory. Check out the rest of the range from The Grin Factory here. It looks like she’s just getting started selling stuff on felt, at the moment there’s just a few little squirrels and mice available. I quite want one of those big dogs and a giraffe with a scarf. So cute!

Look at the way his ears stand! So adorable!

I had three envious comments on the way out of the fair “Oh, you bought the velveteen rabbit!” Apparently I wasn’t the only one who coveted him. I was a little worried that Lee would complain about me bringing home yet another soft toy but he greeted velveteen rabbit with a smile and hasn’t complained once. Thank goodness.

So yeah Fizzgig, Gizmo, Blankies Owl and Trogdor have a new sibling. Also today I found my tiger hat again. Yay tiger hat!

Things I Love Thursday

I’ve been sick with a stupid, awful cold and last week’s Things I Love Thursday was meant to be twice as long. I wrote it all out and I had all this awesome stuff in there and then my cold-infected brain published an older draft of the entry and deleted the nice one. I couldn’t cope with rewriting it *at all* but I’ll try and remember the best things that didn’t make it last week and put them in this week’s.

Leonard Cohen OMG. So Leonard Cohen is coming back to New Zealand and we got tickets and I’m totally going to see him perform again. You cannot believe how happy this makes me. Very happy.

Lovely new friends. Day of Games wasn’t just awesome for the games aspects, it was awesome for the new friends thing too. It’s awesomely happy making to transform acquaintances into proper friends.

I appreciate these new Sheldon shirts, but I am v sad that they have the Penny before the knock knock knocks. That’s incorrect. Sheldon would be shocked. I quite want the ball pit bazinga one.

It’s been fantastically cold in Wellington this last week. It has also been raining an awful lot and the combination of these two conditions tends to make me (and a number of people I have spoken with) want to hibernate. On Sunday I got a text from a lovely friend asking Lee and I to join them at Joe’s Garage for lunch/late brunch. Once there I ordered an ‘autobahn’ which is not a road but a schnitzel served with gravy fries. It was hands down, honest to blog the best ever comfort food. The schnitzel tasted exactly how I wanted it to. The gravy was delish, the fries perfectly crisp and not too salty. I have in fact been craving it again ever since. Yum.

My new hat. I indulged in a little retail therapy yesterday and bought myself a sweet little pink cloche from Glassons. It’s slightly too big, but entirely adorable and I like the way it works with my new glasses.

Hat and glasses

When I put up a blog post I then link to it on my facebook, my twitter account and my livejournal. I like it when I then click on the stats page and see that some people have already clicked through to my new post. It makes me feel popular and interesting.

Honourable Mentions:
This. Frozen coke when you have a sore throat, Glee (I am addicted, I just keep rewatching it), Ashes to Ashes (I ❤ Gene Hunt, I can't help it), Rocky Road flavour Memphis Meltdowns they are amazing you have no idea; chocolate with nuts for the shell and then a layer of marshmallow and then inside is chocolate ice cream with jelly-tip ice cream rippled all through it oh my god it's amazing. New starry PJ pants, warm snuggly merino tops, SURPRISE ROBOT SHIRT FROM AMPHIGORI OMG AWESOME, hot drinks and aloe vera tissues. Oh and quote from Dr Who: “There’s something here that doesn’t make sense.Let’s go poke it with a stick.”

And you my dear, darling friend? What is it that you are thankful for this week?


I’m not sure where the n in the title came from, but I think it looks nice. I’ma let it stay.

I’m sorry I’ve been so blog-absent. It’s all Things I Love Thursday and roleplaying at the moment. The reason for this is quite simple: I’ve been sick. It’s just a cold, but it’s a very bad cold. Lee got it first and then I got it three days later. It’s been a coughing, sneezing, mucus-y, feverish cold and it really fried my brain. So I haven’t been able to write anything other than roleplaying fic and blog posts about roleplaying.

I am getting better, but very slowly. I know I am still sick because I have an ugly patch under my nose and absolutely no attention span. This is a problem when you want to write, let me tell you. But I do have the linky, and I have the ideas to write in the future.

Oh the future, that’s right. Some stuff is going to change in my life that will mean that writing Wednesdays don’t happen, at least for a while. I’m very happy about these changes, but I’m going to need to adjust the time and space I give myself for writing and look at rescheduling some life. I’ll tell you more about this when it’s all settled anyway.

One cool thing this week is that I had a surprise training course wherein we went over grammar and tone and suchlike. It was very helpful. It also gave me a short story idea so that’s neat.

The linky:

Pippi with the dragon tattoo. I’ve never read any Pippi Longstocking (I was scared of her as a kid) and I haven’t read the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but this article is neato.

(stop saying neat and neato, Jenni.)

Pearce has set himself a daunting task over on his blog. He’s going to read or watch every incarnation he can track down of Dracula and review them for us to read. Awesome sauce. I love me some Dracula and the project sounds neat FUN.

If you don’t achieve your writing goal, what do you stand to lose?

I enjoyed this article about the importance of a good critique group. It makes me thankful for my little email circle of readers. Sure, we’re all friends, but we’re also nice and constructive of each other’s work. Having different perspectives helps too.

Writing When you’re weary. I’m gonna watch that TED talk now.


Fall ep 202 – ‘Troubled Waters’

First thing, the morning after last episode. Megan wakes up cheerful and secure in the knowledge that she is loved. She immediately logs into facebook to chat with Ash. She is then late for school. Calvin doesn’t turn up til Midday, Alex doesn’t come in at all.

Alex is riding her bike through town, trying to locate a big black truck. She finds it at the motel Ash and Yuki are staying in, and spends her day creepily stalking them, waiting to see if they do anything. The only thing that seems to happen is they have an IKEA delivery.

At lunchtime Megan and Darius sit together and awkwardly talk about Ash. Calvin comes in, sits down with them.
Darius: Where’ve you been all day?
Calvin: sleep.

Darius: So Ash seems a bit abrupt, like, he’s a bit off hand. Kind of rude. It’s like, he isn’t treating you as well as you deserve.
Megan: I’m confused.
Calvin: Hey, where’s Alex?
D: I dunno, I haven’t seen her all day.
Darius texts Alex but doesn’t get an answer. Calvin texts and the reply is: “Dude, stop texting me.” He calls the phone again and the person who answers is clearly immature and putting on a fake high voice.
Calvin: Jared?
Jared *hangs up*.

Darius texts Alex again asking why she punched Yuki and gets into a text argument with Jared.
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Day of Games

I am hardcore and stayed the whole day for Day of Games this year.

First round: Time and Temp run by Paul.

This is a neat Inspectres-esque game where you play temps at an agency for dealing with time discrepancies. We were sent back to London 1598 to check out something that they said was ‘big’. It turned out that Kenneth Branagh was there, chatting up Will Shakespeare and trying to steal Love’s Labour’s Won, the lost sequel to Love’s Labour’s Lost.

I played Charlie Greene, who had been a librarian, then a stay at home mum and a volunteer at Playcentre before temping. Nasia played a ditzy former hair-dresser/nail technician called Sam. Nick (who played Edgar Allen Poe at Fleet St) was a slightly violent former supermarket worker and Ellen played an ex-journalist.

Sam: This is nothing like Shakespeare in Love!
Charlie: It would have been if you could smell it.

I played up the mothering and even got to tell off Kenneth Branagh when we managed to track him down. This is after we had encouraged the crowd to boo him off stage and Nick’s character had beaned him with a wine bottle.
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